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Trying for a baby

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zohra34 Sun 28-Apr-13 16:31:33

My partner and I of 8 years decided a month ago to try for a baby together, we both have children from other relationships. My periods are usually regular(every 4 weeks). I'm now just over 4 weeks since my last, me being impatient have taken 3 tests that have all turned out to be negative. Is it too early to tell or am I just not pregnant yet?

RMPM Mon 29-Apr-13 00:16:54

A nurse once said to me that negative tests can be wrong and you can be pregnant but the hormone changes don't necessary show up immediately. She said you can't get it wrong the other way around ie it shows up positive when in fact you're not pregnant. I know you must be excited but either go to the GP and ask for it to be tested or wait 5-7 days. Mind you I am no expert it's just what I was told once! Wishing you all the best-good luck!

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