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am I mad..?????

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SHHHH Wed 17-May-06 14:32:46

DD has just turned 1 and it's got me thinking back to the day she was born...makes me want to do it all again and infact it excites me..! Am I mad..??? DH so wants another baby so no issues there and I am so broody but the only things putting me off are : Wanting to loose last of baby weight and also worry about coping with another baby etc...

Am I mad for desperatly wanting another baby..? I can't help thinking back a year ago with fondness....Whats happening..!!!!

PinkKerPlink Wed 17-May-06 14:33:37

no i fell preg when my first was 12 months old aswell, its a nornmal time to start feeling broody i think

SHHHH Wed 17-May-06 14:37:20

but to think back to the birth with well..?? I know it wasn't a bad birth by some mn's standards but I remember it hurt like hell..Why would I want to do that all again.?!

sparkler1 Wed 17-May-06 14:38:51

Go for it girl! I'd love to be in your position. I have two dds and would love to have another baby - dh says NO!

schneebly Wed 17-May-06 14:39:10

I got pg when ds1 was only 8 months (we were ttc) and it has been great but I think I will wait a while for the next one - 3 under 3 might be a bit much! If you both want it - go for it!

sparkler1 Wed 17-May-06 14:39:41

I said I would never do it again after the birth of dd1 but I did. The pleasure you get from bringing up your children overides the pain of labour.

SHHHH Wed 17-May-06 14:48:37

I suppose you are right sparkler1. I smelt the shampoo the other day that I used when I showered after dd was just gave me good feelings and made me feel like I was back on the delivery suite and ward.
Does you dh never want any more s1..? DH & I would love about 5 but we mc a few times before we had dd so we know things are not always on our side iykwim. I think I just worry about bringing them up and not being able to cope and not to mention the mess caused !!

schneebly, how did you cope with 2 so young.? What makes you want to wait for a 3rd..? Choice or due to exhaustion..!!???

bresha Wed 17-May-06 15:30:39

no way are you mad , if that’s what u wont then you should go for it, there is a 3 and a half year gap between mine and I so wish that they had been closer. My youngest is just about to turn 1 and I would love another one, its only natural to wont more children.

SHHHH Wed 17-May-06 15:40:06

ahh <shhhh breathes a sigh of relief> sounds like I am in good company!!!

So maybe the plans for baby 2 will start..<Mr shhhh's eyes light up..!.>

sparkler1 Wed 17-May-06 18:09:51

dd1 was two and a half when dd2 came along

YummyMummy87 Wed 17-May-06 18:31:01

Message deleted

SHHHH Wed 17-May-06 22:13:34

18 WEEKS..!! A,azing, I couldn't even think about sex then..! Good luck ym. x

mazs81 Thu 18-May-06 19:39:26

My son has just turned 3 and my daughter is 20 months, we have just started trying for our 3rd baby,
There is just 16 months between my son and daughter and they are best of friends and play togther great.
Go for it

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