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Froggy2013 Sat 27-Apr-13 08:59:29

Hi, really need some input from you experienced POAS-ers!

TTC for a while, charting for 4 months. Usual cycle is 28 days but this month been bleeding since evening of day 24 (Thursday) and don't know if it's early period or implantation bleeding. 10 DPO today.

Been stupid and used up all my pregnancy tests over the last few days and can't get out to buy any more until this afternoon.

Last night tested on an OV stick and nothing (no line at all). This morning tested and there is a line but not as dark as control line.

Could I be pregnant?! Or is it more likely my body might just have started to produce some LH today?

Thanks in advance for any help - going crazy with nerves here!!

Froggy2013 Sat 27-Apr-13 11:05:16

Anyone?! :-)

Just walked for miles to get HPT which was negative. But if this is my period - is 2 days in a "usual" time to start producing LH?

Bleeding seems to have gone right down now and temps still high.

kimblesj Sat 27-Apr-13 11:08:13

You may have just tested too early hun I tested one evening and got a negative but did one first thing the next morning and it was a BFP YAY! you may have diluted any hormone you have xx

willitbe Sat 27-Apr-13 15:47:19

It is normal to get a rise in LH before period, you might just have been detecting this!

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