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Need some messages of hope/encouragement

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Bex1116 Thu 25-Apr-13 22:26:50

Hello ladies!! I've been ttc now for sometime and need so hope or encouragement feeling very down about the whole thing tbh. Why is it everybody else I know is pregnant or has kids? Why me?

Dusty27 Fri 26-Apr-13 03:24:38

I know exactly how you feel. I always felt deep down that it wouldn't be easy for me to conceive & it's been 10months so far.

It is hard, on you and your partner but don't give up. I really thought I was pregnant this month and so I've been quite down for the past few days. But just gotta pick myself up, dust myself off and get back on it (pun intented!)

For me Facebook is hard, because it's not just friends that you can see getting pregnant and talking about it, but people you barely know or went to school with, and it's all the time. If you get this too, maybe delete a few from your friends list, even if you explain that you can't cope with it. I've done it before and gonna do again.

Try and be kind to yourself and relax as much as you can. It's not easy at all but that's the best I can offer you and myself.


PuppyMummy Fri 26-Apr-13 06:56:07

Grit your teeth and keep going! were on cycle 16, so know how you feel!

I'm not on facebook but I do have two close work friends who got pregnant on the first time of trying, and one was over 40!

as soon as you can, I would suggest starting tests and getting fertility referrals, its a long process but has made us feel like we are 'doing' something!

good luck

HadALittleFaithBaby Fri 26-Apr-13 08:39:46

I think it's natural to do the why me/us but after a while I concluded it wasn't helping...there's no rhyme or reason why some people get pregnant when others can't. Especially tough when someone gets pregnant who doesn't want to be when you're desparate for a baby...

Here's our story: we decided to TTC from Christmas 2009. After a year, no joy so we saw our GP and started tests. My cycles were erratic so they did wonder if I had PCOS. I had fanjo cam (pelvic ultrasound) and a HSG along with lots of bloods. He had several sperm analysis, bloods and a brain MRI (to look for a growth). In the December 2010 we finally had a reason I wasn't getting pregnant - he had a growth on his pituitary affecting his hormones resulting in a poor sperm count. They treated this with medication. 8 months later I got pregnant. DD is now 12 days old and asleep on my chest smile

The journey was really tough and I feel for anyone struggling with TTC but honestly, it's worth it in the end. Hang in there thanks

Beamae Fri 26-Apr-13 11:12:16

It's such a tough situation to be in. When I was in your position I didn't find other people's success stories helpful, they just made me sadder because I really believed it would never be my chance. I got to the point where it was all consuming and exhausting, all the trying and waiting and failing. My sister had a surprise pregnancy while still on the pill and I had spent 3 years trying every trick in the book with no success. I could barely speak to her I was so furious. We finally had a positive result but that ended at 11 weeks after which I just couldn't fall pregnant again. I had people telling me they understood how I felt because it had taken them 6 months to conceive and it would fill me with rage! As hard as it is, you need to keep going and exhaust all of your options, because there is always hope. I now have beautiful 19 month old twins through IVF and even more surprisingly, a third naturally conceived baby on the way. Some people just take longer to get off the starting block. There is every chance that it could be you!

BlindKitty Fri 26-Apr-13 22:12:48

Please keep em coming guys, this is really helpful to me too x

wrighty2010 Sat 27-Apr-13 19:01:36

I know it is stating the obvious but try not to get too stressed about it all as that will only cause more problems and anxiety for you. I know its easy for me to say but I have been in your shoes and it can take over your life in a bad way f you are not careful, I speak from experience!! I hope you are ok, try and reax, spend time together dong the things you enjoy, make each other laugh and keep strong! You will get there in the end. take care, hugs xxx

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