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How on earth am I going to tell my ttc friend?

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wonderingifiam2013 Thu 25-Apr-13 16:07:22

That I'm pregnant?

It's very early days for me but I can't stop thinking about her. I probably won't see her for another month, but we have a big event coming up where I will have to come clean as it's a massive drinking sesh ... which I won't be part of (will be there but not drinking) and I can't lie to her as she knows me inside out and will guess straight away with any antibiotics/driving etc excuses.

She's been ttc for around 2 years and is currently going through the test stage - she doesn't know we've been ttc for 6 months and as I so obviously struggled with #1, I really don't think she'll expect me to announce a pregnancy. Plus, during a night out a while ago and after far too many wines told me she doesn't know how she'd cope if another family member/friend announces another pregnancy sad

Do I tell her face-to-face, text her ... or what advice can you give me?

I just feel dreadful and know there is nothing I can say/do that will make it any better for her sad

I'm just praying she's pregnant by the time I have to tell her - that would be just perfect smile

CupcakeFanatic Sun 07-Jul-13 07:39:42

Such lovely news! I am in a similar position of wanting to tell a best friend today who I know will be both happy and saddened by our news. I was going to wait and do it face to face or over the phone but having read through this thread I think I'll send her a text or fb message instead. I don't want her to feel 'put on the spot'. My husband and I haven't had it easy on our journey to make a family...our first daughter was stillborn, then we had a chemical pregnancy, then a failed pregnancy (no hb) with ERPC operation, and now we're 11w+3days pregnant and this time we've seen a heartbeat at two scans so we're really hoping to have a happy, healthy live baby in our arms this time around. It's still very early days but it feels wrong to keep this friend in the dark for much longer. I just know that it will sting her a bit as even though I'm pretty sure it won't be a shock to her (she knows our previous history and so knows we were 'trying') she has wanted to be pregnant for several years now and hasn't 'caught' so is currently undergoing appointments and procedures to try and get the ball rolling.

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