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What are anti-E antibodies?

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toadstool Tue 16-May-06 20:31:39

Hello Ladies,

Not sure where to place this query as I've just had a mc and I've now been told to get a blood test to check further for anti-E antibodies. As I'm a Rh negative mum with a Rh+ DH and DD, I'm very familiar with anti-D injections and checks, but anti-E??? I checked online, and there were things about higher risk of mc (which may explain why this is being checked out), and about the father's "phenotype" (?) being checked for risk in "all or half of" subsequent pregnancies - does this mean any future pg would be condemned? Very confused now...

musa Tue 16-May-06 21:58:20

Hope this helps....taken from a website.

"The rhesus gene is made up of three components, C, D, and E. Clinically significant rhesus problems usually only occur with the D antigen. However, if you are E antigen negative, carrying a baby who is E antigen positive and you come into contact with the E antigen positive (either from a bleed in pregnancy, at delivery, or from a transfusion), then you may develop E antibodies. The concern is that there is a risk of these antibodies attacking the red blood cells of the baby. In fact, the risk of this occurring with E antibodies, even when they are present in large amounts, is very low. However, when antibodies are present, blood tests are usually done regularly to check on the levels present. If these levels are rising, the baby would be closely monitored to look for any signs of anaemia or haemolysis (destruction of blood cells). I cannot give you exact figures as regards the possible risks associated with the presence of E antibodies, but I do know that some obstetricians do not even monitor the levels of E antibodies because they do not believe that these pose any risk to the baby."

toadstool Tue 16-May-06 22:07:57

Thank you very much indeed, Musa! This is very reassuring, and I'll stop worrying!

musa Tue 16-May-06 22:19:43

your welcome toadstool.

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