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Trying again

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Bridget14 Wed 24-Apr-13 11:48:56

Hello, sorry to hear about your losses, I just had a m/c on the 17.04.2013 at 6 weeks pregnant, although I should of been closer to 10 weeks but baby didn't developed correctly, I have a beautiful 3 year old little boy so when I found out we were having another one I didn't expect anything like this to happen to us, because the first one went perfectly and then when the bleeding started I knew right away that it wasn't going to work out, an when I had an early scan and she said I was only measuring at 5 weeks I knew right there and then this is what was happening sadly. However everything came away by itself and I didn't need a d/c and the bleeding has stopped since Sunday, and I feel fine within myself and we are ready to try again I was just wondering if trying before the 7 weeks increased the risk of having a second m/c because the thought of having another one terrifies me! We have spoke a lot over the last 2 weeks and we both agree that we really want to try as soon as possible. Just wanted to know if anyone had fallen pregnant before the recommended time to start trying? Any advice would be great thanks xxx

KirstyoffEastenders Wed 24-Apr-13 17:18:17

Where does the 7 weeks come from? I'd be interested to know too. I mc'd 13/04 at 5 weeks and I'm going to treat the first day of bleeding as if it were my normal period and carry on trying straight away.

Bridget14 Wed 24-Apr-13 20:39:28

I'm not sure where the 7 weeks come from I think it's for waiting for period to date pregnancy but I don't want to wait that long, I'll speak to my doctor tomorrow and if it doesn't put me a risk of another m/c I will be trying right away xxx

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