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Looking for some opinions...

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28313 Wed 24-Apr-13 09:40:31

I'm new to this forum & to trying to conceive.

We lost our son at 38 weeks on 28/3/13, he was conceived "by accident" - we weren't trying at the time. I want ttc asap following our loss and my husband originally said no & then said changed his mind saying "okay but no rush" so we haven't been trying as such just not been careful (plan to be more frequent & timed when my period comes in for the first time post birth).

I do not think I could be pregnant as we haven't dtd loads (not like every other day or anything) but that may be me being a pessimist. Sorry if the next bit is TMI.

I had lochia for just over two weeks & nothing since (now two weeks since lochia stopped). Today I have had a brown discharge for the first time when I wipe & can feel a strong pulsation from extra blood flow (it never does that!) & had a creamy discharge beforehand over the weekend & late last week.

When I was pregnant with my son my breasts were extremely tender at the point I was late, mine have a hint of dark colouration this time but I don't know if that is left overs. I had pills to stop the milk shortly after giving birth which worked and my nipples are back to their old size & predominately their original colour aside from these small speckles.

I have had backpains & slight headaches when I wake up & I randomly threw up a week ago following some bad back pain.

I have no idea when or even if I have ovulated. My period, if I was in my old cycle from before returns, is due at the weekend.

I haven't a clue when to test or if I am symptom spotting or these are all things that could be explained by something else.

I have heard that women are "super fertile" after birth but I just can't see it being me...

I have tried charting my temp since a week last Monday but I can't tell loads from that. My temp seems to have gone up in that time.

Not sure what I expect anyone to say to this as there is only one way to be sure but wanted to hear other experiences of maybe accidental pregnancies following birth or others who have suffered stillbirths like me. I feel quite alone in my experience so far...

Beccadugs Wed 24-Apr-13 10:57:00


I have no experience at all, but didn't want to read and run. So sorry for the rubbish time you've had. I'm sure someone will be along son with some sound advice.

Beccadugs Wed 24-Apr-13 10:57:37

*along soon (fat fingers on phone!)

28313 Thu 25-Apr-13 11:04:16

Sorry to bump bit does anyone have any opinions on any of it? I'm very confused

DisneyDiva87 Thu 25-Apr-13 14:11:05

Similar to Becca I don't have experience but didn't want to read and run. Sorry that you lost your son.

I've also heard that you can be more fertile post birth or miscarriage, have you tried taking a test just to see?

28313 Thu 25-Apr-13 14:17:13

TBH, I am too afraid to. I expect it is too early and a negative would crush me. Think I am just going to wait and see what happens as it got a little heavier today but still brown but more of a darker brown (more like old blood).

I doubt I am lucky enough to catch so quickly.

MrsAVB Thu 25-Apr-13 15:10:06

Hi 28, really sorry for your loss. I don't have anything useful to say, but have you tried posting on the rainbow babies thread? They are all ttcers who have either lost babies very late in their pregnancies or soon after birth and I'm sure would be able to help.

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