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Confusing clearblue OPKs

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Shoegal30 Wed 24-Apr-13 07:20:51

Hi ladies just looking for a bit of advice please.

I am using both the cbfm and cb digital OPK. Second month of using cbfm which identified my peak 3 days after first high.

This month with Cbfm I got my first high on Sunday and it advises you usually get your peak 3 days after which makes it today but it was still high this morning.

Although the digital OPK showed a smiley.

So am I ovulating - should I DTD today?

I did have to get up to pee at 5am this morning and then used my 7am urine to monitor ovulation so not sure if that's thrown it out?

Anybody else had this?

Thanks xx

Maybeoneday77 Wed 24-Apr-13 07:33:24

Hi, i always get this. I usually get a pos opk, then the following day a peak. This month i got the pos opk 3 days before a peak! It must be a good time to get dtd though so crack on smile

Shoegal30 Mon 29-Apr-13 14:44:18

Hi all

Just wanted a little more advice if poss.

I got a smiley on my digital clearblue OPK last Tuesday. We DTD for 3 days missed Saturday and DTD yesterday on Sunday.

However I am confused as I am using the cbfm simultaneously and got a high reading last Sunday and its still high this morning - not had a peak yet.

this is my second month of using cbfm and last month I got a peak after 3 highs.

Why would this be the case? My cm seems to be drying up too so not sure why still getting high on cbfm.

Has anybody else had this or have any advice?

Thanks xx

Shoegal30 Mon 29-Apr-13 22:20:40


Maybeoneday77 Tue 30-Apr-13 16:12:54

The cbfm may have just missed your peak. I use an opk in the evening as well as cbfm in the morning as i guess if the lh surge is less than 24 hrs the cmfb can miss it. It sounds like you prob oved last weds and the cbfm missed it. I think it will now stay on high as it has confused itself. If it were me i would prob abandon the cbfm this cycle now as you are basically wasting money on the tests. It sounds like you bd on the right days so good luck.

greenlizard Tue 30-Apr-13 20:22:37

This happened to me. Two months in a row i got my +ve OPK but a high on CBFM, my two peaks the following two days and ovulated the day after my last peak.

I would get DTD as you are clearly in you peak fertility period smile

Shoegal30 Wed 01-May-13 20:27:44

Thanks guys for the advice.

I called the cb care line yesterday and got some good advice.
Basically if you perform the test wrong or miss a day and you have passed ovulation it will stay on high until the next cycle so you are right, there is no point in me testing any further this month as I have clearly ovulated.

Although I didn't miss a day, I think I may have performed the tests slightly wrong so may have thrown the monitor. Here's 2 things to be mindful of when performing tests...

1. Using the fmu. I normally test at 7am but on a number of days last week I had to get up around 4.30am to pee but I was using my 7am pee to monitor and I couldn't test at 4.30 as it wasn't within my 6 hour cbfm test window.
The lady advised that you should always use fmu as the second one can be less concentrated. you can collect your fmu in a pot and then test within 12 hours. So in this instance I should have collected my fmu at 4.30am and tested as normal with that sample at 7am.

2. If collecting urine in a pot don't hold the test stick in the pot for more than 15 secs. I think this month I was holding for up to 30 secs (was waiting for the window to be filled with blue dye) but the lady advised this may flood the test thus giving inaccurate results.

This is just advice for anybody else who may be using cbfm to ensure accurate testing. Hopefully I won't need this advice as fingers crossed I get my BFP next month hee-hee!


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