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Anyone feel like they were going to start period and find out they were pregnant??

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Lizson Tue 23-Apr-13 17:16:52

I normally have a period between days 32 and 38 and am currently on day 35. Since day 32 I have had increasing menstrual cramping like pains which were awful yesterday and overnight needing lots of paraceptmol. I stil have not had any bleeding yet though. Tired, nipples itchy and slightly sore and have a heavy bloated feeling (kinda period like).

Normally I have cramps and then a fews hours to a day later I get af but nothing. Anyone find out they were pregnant after this???

missmakesstuff Wed 24-Apr-13 21:19:01

Hi, I feel I must join cause my body is sending me crazy..I have had very sore boobs and other small things have made me think this month might be the one, we have only been trying 4 months and it took much longer last time so I am trying not to symptom spot constantly. However period due tomorrow, I have since Sunday been feeling horrific nausea in the mornings and on some days all day. I nearly had to stop the car on the way in this morning as I felt so sick. Have been shattered since about 5DPO, which is ridiculous because I couldn't even have a symptom at that stage. Have had cramps though this evening, very low down, quite sharp pains, so am assuming this is it - although obviously getting my hopes up that it is just my body kdding me and will get a BFP. I did pee on one of my OPKs just to see as it didn't feel as serious as peeing on an OPK (I know! Crazy!) and it was a very dark line, nearly as dark as the test line yesterday.

Don't want to POAS tomorrow as I would have to do it in the morning and then be at work all day as am there till the evening, really need to wait till Sat morning when I can take it in if it is BFP and get chance to chat to DH about it....but expecting flo to arrive overnight or tomorrow...
Why can't we just have some really obvious sign that we are/are not up the duff, I hate this, turns me into a crazy lady..

Lizson Wed 24-Apr-13 21:19:29

Not noticed the need to wee much cos I am drinking a lot so need to wee from that but am very thirsty. Boobs are bigger defo though and still no sign of period. Just keep feeling a bit wet down now and rushing to toilet to find watery lotion type discharge and getting occasional cramping which make me feel a bit sick and sweaty. Got one last preg strip fro tommorrow morn and then gonna leave it until I have well and truly missed my period. Mind you by then I will prob know one way or another.

Lizson Wed 24-Apr-13 21:20:54

If I am really honest right now from the way my boobs are feeling and looking I could put money on me being pregnant....I hope I wont fall flat on my face from saying that!! LOL!!

missmakesstuff Wed 24-Apr-13 21:52:27

Good luck - I think it is entirely possible that you are, I have had the weeing tons thing, like a bloody racehorse! I do seem to remember that I constantly felt my period was going to arrive but it never did with DD.

Lizson Wed 24-Apr-13 22:00:00

Hi missmakestuff. Sorry didnt see your post last time I posted. Really hoping you get your BFPs hunny. Its bloody horrid all this waiting around. I am still getting BFNs but just feel very pregnant now. My boobs are like giant sponges lol!!! What are your thoughts on an xmas baby. I am quite excited at the thought now. I would prefer him/her to arrive outside of xmas day but I think december is a lovely time for a baby to arrive. Magical!!

Kimmy1986 Wed 24-Apr-13 22:37:38

Sorry this is me just back on, can't believe there's still no sign, I feel like I'm almost positive you are too. I'll go to sleep with all my fingers and limbs crossed for you!

I'm quite excited for a Xmas baby now too, it'll be nice to dress it up like a wee reindeer (they're gonna love me, ha ha!)

My sister has ordered me a wee journal called from bump to birthday as my first present, she's wildly excited! I can't wait to get it so I can start sticking things in it, I've kept all my appointment cards and stuff for the midwife.

Think im going to get an earlyish night as I've had a little wobble tonight, think it's just cos I'm knackered, I just feel really scared something bad is going to happen, I'm actually driving myself crazy!

Report back in the morning! I really really hope you get your BFP!! X

Lizson Thu 25-Apr-13 21:30:18

I'm out guys. AF arrived last night. Booooooooooo!! Good luck everyone else!!! Heres hoping for next month!!

Kimmy1986 Thu 25-Apr-13 21:57:11

Booooooooo!! ��

Lizson Thu 25-Apr-13 22:10:04

smile I'm ok actually. Not quite ready this month. Go go at it all guns blazing next month with ovulation sticks and rigid temp charting. Wish me luck!!

Kimmy1986 Thu 25-Apr-13 23:07:59

Oh I will! I'll be keeping a look out for you! Good luck! X

Dusty27 Fri 26-Apr-13 03:13:15

oh bugger Lizson! Sorry it didn't happen for you either this month.

I've prepared the hubby that he'll be getting no peace as soon as my period is over! I had a random missed call the day I did my neg test and the next day it turned out to be for a study that Clearblue are doing on one of their feritility monitors. I think I filled out something on their website months ago. Anyway had a lovely chat with the lady when they called back and they've sent me some paperwork out and once they get a consent form back from me, they'll send me the kit for one cycle. Can't do any harm and will save me buying one!

cupcake78 Fri 26-Apr-13 03:25:15

Yes every time! I'm now 31 wks with dc2grin. Fingers crossedwink

missmakesstuff Fri 26-Apr-13 21:03:23

Sorry it didn't happen this time Lizson - if you want a pack of cheapie OPKs for nowt, let me have your address - might be counting my chickens before they hatch but got BFP last night! Now sat here with a hot water bottle as I have had stretching cramping all day and I am shattered...still feeling sick, pinched a mint from someones desk today and had to just smell it for ages as eating it would make me feel sick...sure they thought I was mad! Excited but trying not to get ahead of myself as early days yet - due Jan 3rd if all goes well! Good luck to you all - it took us nearly a year last time but this time only three months and the first one with OPKs.

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