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Anyone been to Whipps Cross Hospital (London) for infertility treatment/referral?

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MarieMar Tue 23-Apr-13 16:11:38

I know this is an ancient MumsNet thread (well, 2009), but I was hoping I could get some advice.

I'm 31, my DH (40) and I have been trying for 1.5 years, have had all the tests necessary (we had them all through our GP apart from the HSG, which I just got) and all looks fine, but I just got our follow-up appointment sheet in the mail - for 7 MONTHS FROM NOW! shock

Surely that's absolutely bonkers if we've had results for all the tests but one, and the Whipps Cross specialist recommended that we'll probably need IVF... That's not even for the initial IVF appointment, it's just to discuss results (almost all of which we know about) and to be referred (which could take months after in itself!)! ANY advice would be very much appreciated - right now our baby journey is looking depressingly long...

handcream Tue 23-Apr-13 16:14:55

Are you paying or under the NHS. If paying try the Lister Hospital.

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