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Cyclogest Progesterone pessaries... Anyone any experience? First time user here - Possibly TMI

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Katnisscupcake Tue 23-Apr-13 10:42:19

I am very pleased to have been prescribed Cyclogest (fairly easily via GP and his subsequent phone call with the fertility clinic) due to my reducing LP (last month 10 days but spotting from 8, previous month 13 days but spotting from 10 - you get the picture).

The GP has said that I need to take them from CD14, but as I don't OV on CD14, I'm assuming that he means from the day I OV. Had EWCM yesterday and the day before and had a VERY +ive OPK today (darkest I've ever seen it shock) and so I guess will OV any time from tonight through to Thursday am.

Normally I will see quite a temp dip on OV day followed by the above-coverline rise for several days. But the last few days my temp has been quite low (cold nights sometimes give me a dip and the nights have been cold) so I guess I will just need to start taking them as soon as I think I have OVd?

Also, what have people found is the best way to use them? I'm thinking anally... blush

willitbe Tue 23-Apr-13 15:02:17

I took cyclogest for a few of my cycles/pregnancies. So in answer to your question of best way to use them, I found that anally was less messy (sorry for TMI!)

Yes you need to take them once you have ovulated, and continue to take them til confirmed no pregnancy.

It made my normal LP lengthen by a day or so, but for some people they don't get their af until they stop the cyclogest, so it makes if difficult to know when to stop taking them (unless pregnant ofcourse then you continue til 12 weeks.)

Hope you get on ok with them.

EuroShaggleton Tue 23-Apr-13 15:17:57

I preferred front door - more messy but v easy. I had trouble inserting them the other way, but I agree there was less mess.

Katnisscupcake Tue 23-Apr-13 16:06:31

Thank you willitbe and Euro.

I'm thinking that I will try anally as unfortunately I always suffer with loads of CM, so I'd be worried that they might fall out... eek... TMI.

willitbe, my problem has been the spotting before AF and it seems to coincide with the drop in temps, so I knew that when my temp dropped, the spotting would follow. So I'm hoping that it clears up the spotting. They've given me 3 months worth for now and to be honest I was thrilled that they have given it to me without referring me. My GP just called the clinic, told them what I told him, that I've OVd every month, but just seem to start spotting too early for any implantation to work and they accepted what he said and prescribed the Cyclogest. Fingers crossed it works...

Thanks again.

yadiyadiya Fri 24-May-13 14:40:46

How are you getting on with the pessaries katnisscupcake?

What dose did the Dr prescribe?

I am also using cyclogest for a lpd (spotting from 8 dpo through to af on 14dpo).

I have had terrible thrush from using the pessaries but just cannot bring myself to use the back door!!!

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