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Could I be pregnant?

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jools70 Tue 23-Apr-13 09:39:41

Its 7 days before af is due, last night had stomach cramps, this morning still cramping and a little pink blood when I wiped (sorry tmi lol).
I have had a headache all morning, unsure if I should take pain relief just in case.
Never had implantation bleeding before and not sure if this is what it
Stomach is gurgling and I feel lightheaded and sick.

changedmynametoomanytimes Tue 23-Apr-13 10:31:06

Hi Jools - I really don't know and it's a little too early to test, but I'm sure you can take paracetamol safely when pregnant (or so my midwife told me!).

jools70 Tue 23-Apr-13 10:40:18

Changedname thank you. I've read about implantation bleeding and cramping early on so I'm really not sure. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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