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Could i be Pregnant?

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SquirrelSpit Sun 21-Apr-13 14:27:03

Had DD five months ago by EMCS, since for three cycles my periods have returned as normal same cycles as before and exact to the year when i last had one.

Now over the past few weeks DH and i have been having some fun quite a lot and just using withdrawal blush as we werenot going to try again till the end of the year. Now however, my period is a week late. I tested the day AF was due with a cheapie co-op test and not even a shadow so have put off doing anymore as it just seems so unlikely especially with the negative test.... but i just feel different. I'm so knackered (may be the five month old) but more so than usual, hungry all the time and cramping occasionally. I had some very midly pinky discharge a couple of days ago but that was it.

I don't know somebody tell me I'm just wishful thinking and am not pregnant ( i know its too soon but cannot wait to be again) it's just niggling at the back of my mind and i don't a don't want to get a test as another negative would just make me feel stupid.

It doesn't help that i had a baby prediction thing from Suzy Rayner you said i would be come pregnant this month [hmmm]

BiscuitMillionaire Sun 21-Apr-13 14:32:23

Of course you could be pregnant. Only one way to find out! grin

Whatever the result, you'll handle it.

SquirrelSpit Sun 21-Apr-13 14:44:08

I suppose i could and i feel a bit of dick really asking the question its just the intial negative that has thrown me a bit.
No matter what even if its not the exact right time i still feel a little bit of gutting dissapointment on seeing a negative blush which has put me off for a bit

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