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Headaches during ovulation

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MrsHugh Sun 21-Apr-13 08:45:09


I'm new on here so not good on the terms etc! I came off my pill in Feb (after 16 years of being on contraception) as I want to get into a regular cycle before we start trying for a little one next month!!! Only thing is that I keep on getting fairly bad headaches at the point in the month my iphone app tells me I'm ovulating.

Does anyone else experience this? I was expecting the 'I want to eat an entire tub of ben and jerry's' but not the headaches!



wrighty2010 Sun 21-Apr-13 16:59:47

Hi, I also get headaches at ovulation and just prior to my period, dont know why just do. Have you mentioned this to your doctor? I have had them as long as I can remember but that doesnt mean its right? Also as you are only just trying you may be interesed in a post that I read on another site from a natural fertility expert, it was on how to tell when you are fertile and about understanding your bodies signs leading up too and during fertilty. It was quite interseting so may be worth a read? I will put link at the end in case you want to have a read. Good luck anyway and hope it goes well, happy trying!!

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