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ttc 40 plus for those who normally have period cramps from ovulation through the 2ww

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acheivabledreams Sat 20-Apr-13 12:47:12

hi everyone

just joined mumsnet been searching for older mums ttc who typically cramp on n off through the 2ww I've only read comments from those who cramp early which isn't normal for them which it is for me since I had my little one in 2009

been ttc kind off albeit one or twice here n there or a couple of years husband works long hours! I need to lose weight too but my cycles are regular 29 days I should ovulate cd 15 my other half including myself want baby no 2 on the night I think I ovulated this month I woke up in the early hours with ultra painful cramps similar to a stitch low down in the middle of my bikini line for half an hour never had that before they're normally mild to moderate ovulation pains varying from month to month

with dd it only took one attempt when we conceived that month! I was 39 but had lots of ewcm

now I'm older I'm thinking maybe I don't ovulate every month last month had the tiniest of cm but this month was plentiful we had a bit of passion cd 14 15 including the early hours of cd 17
in the past we've never managed to be intimate on cd 15
I've a 14 day luteal phase

today had the normal off n on pre period cramps not due on til the 29th

I would love to hear from those who normally cramp from ovulation through the 2ww n had the exact typical cramps before their bfp

wow that was a long round the houses question


acheivabledreams Sat 20-Apr-13 12:48:54

excuse typing errors

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