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Hysteroscopy- any personal experiences?

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flyingsprocket Thu 18-Apr-13 16:58:47

Having discovered a polyp by ultrasound I'm scheduled to have a hysteroscopy next week. It could be RPOC as I had a late miscarriage 8 weeks ago but the sonographer reckoned it more likely to be a polyp.

I'm not apprehensive about the procedure & I'm relieved there seems to be a reason for all the bleeding I've experienced.

Can anyone share their own experience? How long did you have to wait to TTC again? What was the recovery like?

Thanks ladies

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Thu 18-Apr-13 18:02:39

Hi, I had a couple of Hysteroscopys 2 years ago. It was day surgery but I stayed in both times as I'm slow to recover from GAs.
It was fine. I was advised that it would take a week to 10 days to recover but it was more like 3 weeks recovery time.
I was pregnant within about 6 weeks both times.
Sorry to hear about your late miscarriage, how awful for you.

flyingsprocket Thu 18-Apr-13 20:26:10

Thanks, just what I wanted to hear smile

helenlouisey Fri 19-Apr-13 13:57:59

Hi, are you having a lap or just a hyst? When I had a lap & hyst together I was out of hospital the same day and I was fully recovered within a week. I conceived 3 weeks later. When I had my hyst a few years later I was recovered within about 2-3 days, and conceived 3 months later.

Best of luck

flyingsprocket Sat 20-Apr-13 13:40:09

Thanks for the reply helen just the hysteroscopy to remove whatever's there! Glad to know the recovery is so quick although I think out mini cycling weekend 2 days later is out of the question - boo!

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