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TTC with problems

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hopetobeamum Wed 17-Apr-13 12:06:42

Hi, this is my story

im 25 years old and DH is 30. We have just started TTC. my background: I have very irregular periods. for the past few years i have had 41 day cycles, to no cycles for months, to spotting for months. I went to the doc and was tested positive for hypothyroid. I am on 75mg of thyroxine and my levels have been back to normal for about 6 months now. Still no change in cycles so i had an ultrasound done in Nov last year that came back with slight thickened endo and cyst on left ovary. They said everything was good nothing to worry about as it was only hormonal and will work itself out. so in Jan i had a Hysteroscopy done. All the nasty things have been ruled out and no polyps found, lush endometrium but they said i have these follicle like things joining from one side of my uterus to the other that they are not sure what it is and if it is contributing to the bleeding. So i finally have had a decent AF on the 19th march to the 2rd of April (15day flow) i have now stopped and it is CD 29 i had a bit of light pink spotting a few days later then dark brown bleeding on the 13th April in the morning but stopped by the afternoon. I have bleed after BD'ing almost every time but it last an hour and only when i wipe on tissue. I have been tracking OPK since 4th april but no sign of surg. I have been having itchy nipples a few bad headaches and cramping. So i guess my question is could i have ovulated on the last days of my period and not know as I dont know what my cycle length is as prior to surgery i was bleeding for 4 months straight and is there a slight possibility i may be preggo. I have taken a test but negative. If i am i would only be 3wk 6 days. will test again on the 28th as this would be CD 41 the longest i've ever had a cycle length.

My conclusion: either preg, not ovulating at all, skipped O this time or have low progesterone

Sorry so long but i need advice. My doc said they can't help until I've tried for a year and this is frustrating. Cause if I'm not ovulating then its a year that i could have done something about it.

Please give ur feedback or positive stories at least I can busk in others positive news smile

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