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Periods not right since M/C in July..HELP...

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pucca Sun 14-May-06 22:07:10

I am posting this for my cousin, she had a m/c last July(no D&C just came away naturally) and since then her periods have been all over the place, very erratic, she has been TTC since the M/C as doctors gave her the all clear to try again but nothing has happened, also TMI she passes quite big clots when she does bleed.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? or what it could be? they are going to investigate but just thought someone on here might have a clue about what it could be.

TIA xx

bramblina Sun 14-May-06 22:11:26

I don't know what it is though suffered 4 mc's. Is she very stressed by the situation? It could be a lot to do with that. It had allsorts of effects on me but mostly phsycological. Good luck anyway.

beatie Tue 16-May-06 13:54:47

Hi Pucca ~ I had similar following a m/c. My cycles were erratic and shortening and I bled heavily and passed clots.

I assumed it to be a hormonal imbalance and took measures to sort it out myself. I took vitamin B6 (a dose higher than 50mg), Evening Primrose oil 150mg up to ovulation and Agnus Castus Vitex (can't remember the dosage). Oh yes, and folic acid, of course.

Such things should be taken with care though. A high dosage of B6 shouldn't be taken for a prolonged period and you shouldn't take Agnus Castus Vitex whilst pregnant, so she'd need to be sure to take a hpt as soon as her period is due.

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