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opinions needed

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Stitely Mon 15-Apr-13 14:20:30

hi all, i am new here, hope you don't mind. i just wanted to get some opinions.

my H and i have been HTC (Hoping, no charting) since coming off bc in december. AF has been 35 days then 36 days and now i'm on cd 43 and still no signs of it coming. On day 27 i had a very slight spotting that lasted an hour at most, followed my severe cramping but nothing. i checked on cd 35 - BFN, and again on cd 40 - BFN. i have had major back aches, and nausea, increased sensitivity to smell and even thinking about certin smells makes me gag. i checked again this morning and still a BFN.

could i still be pregnant with no + yet?

Mythreeknights Mon 15-Apr-13 14:54:03

Sounds to me very much like you must be pg, but might be the time to get to a GP for a blood test to check?

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