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What is going on??!!

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RaspberrysAndIcecream Sun 14-Apr-13 18:40:38

I've been ttc for 9mths, no sign on a BFP yet, had 21 day test & dh has had sperm tested - all ok.

My periods have been anywhere from 28days - 35 days, usually between 33 and 35 days.

I'm in the middle of the 2ww, and I've just gone to the loo & found a tiny bit of blood?
AF not due until next Sunday (day 35)

Why can't I catch a break? Is it AF or dare I hope for an implantation bleed?

Why is ttc so heartbreaking? And it takes so much head space no matter how hard I try not to think about it!

lj123 Sun 14-Apr-13 19:44:25

Hey Hun, could be implantation, sounds that way but never get too excited, pregnancy and TTC does strange things to your mind, I've been TTC for 2 years with 4 miscarriages and an ectopic nov 2012 resulting in right tube removed,
Generally people are luckier than me, sometimes it can take the average person with no issues 12 months to conceive.
Keep enjoying the trying smile

PipsWife Sun 14-Apr-13 20:46:19

It does make you crazy, similar here x2 MC and an ectopic.
But live in hope I'll give my dd a brother or sister one day.
Fx for you.

RaspberrysAndIcecream Mon 15-Apr-13 12:27:04

Thanku for answering, I'm so sorry for both of your loses.

It's very tricky for it not to be all consuming, when everyone around is getting their bfp!!! I've had 10 announcements since we started trying, some of those babies are now being born. Sometimes I feel sad, and sometimes angry that its not us. But strangely not jealous - I don't want their baby - I just want one if my own. sad blush
Wishing you both much luck on ur ttc journey. Xx

PipsWife Mon 15-Apr-13 12:40:51

How's the bleeding? Is it AF?

RaspberrysAndIcecream Mon 15-Apr-13 19:13:07

No, still not proper AF!
Slight bleeding this morning - sorry for tmi, enough to mark a panty liner but none this afternoon. Who knows?!!

PipsWife Mon 15-Apr-13 22:49:47

Have you done a test?

RaspberrysAndIcecream Tue 16-Apr-13 15:38:36

No, not yet. Don't think ill test until Sunday, when AF is late.

I find AF arriving much less depressing than the BFN, looking for the imaginary line or the even worse Not Pregnant from clear blue digital!! They could at least put a sorry before it. grin lol!!

PipsWife Tue 16-Apr-13 19:51:17

Make sure you report back, it maybe implantation grin

I'm not just a nosey Parker

RaspberrysAndIcecream Wed 17-Apr-13 07:57:43

Promise I will!! grin fingers crossed!!

PipsWife Wed 17-Apr-13 19:10:26


RaspberrysAndIcecream Thu 18-Apr-13 17:52:36

AF turned up today hmm

Gutted. sad

lj123 Thu 18-Apr-13 20:12:37

Oh no hmm that's a shame!
Are you using anything or any techniques to help? Xx

RaspberrysAndIcecream Fri 19-Apr-13 07:47:12

I was using a cbfm. However I stopped using it last month after having had my bloods tested by the doctor. My bloods showed I'd ovulated, the monitor didn't pick it up.
So at £20 a month to not pick up a peak, I decided to stop using it.

I know more or less when I ovulate in my cycle, so just having lots of sex!! Dh has also had sperm analysis done and all good so hopefully it's just a matter of time before I get my bfp.

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