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Does EWCM appear BEFORE ovulation?

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ZolaBuddleia Sun 14-Apr-13 10:40:16

Conception page 1 I'm sure. Cycle's a bit screwed up so can't go by dates. Have PCOS so not sure about using OPKs.
If I see the first bit of EWCM have I left it too late?

CharmingCats Sun 14-Apr-13 10:44:05

I was wondering the same thing. I think it means that ov is imminent, as it's supposed to make it easier for sperm to get to the egg. If that's the case, why would it occur after the egg has gone? I think as soon as you see it, get dtd!
Hoping someone more certain comes along soon.

BlindKitty Sun 14-Apr-13 10:46:37

My cm never seems to correspond with the OPK or bbt! Perhaps thats why I'm still not pregnant???

ZolaBuddleia Sun 14-Apr-13 11:25:02

Aargh! CBA to DTD last night, last did it 10pm Thurs night. Won't be able to let the dog see the rabbit until tonight, started EWCM this morning. What are my chances?

NotSpartacus Sun 14-Apr-13 11:32:53

Ewcm happens before ovulation. It varies how many days of it/ how much you get from woman to woman. I used to get about 5 days. Now it's a couple.

Zola, just keep having sex every other day until it dries up. If it comes back (as could happen with pcos if your body keeps trying to ovulate) have more sex.

McGilly Sun 14-Apr-13 11:36:34

Yes. It's a sign to get cracking.

McGilly Sun 14-Apr-13 11:40:08

If you can get hold of the Billings Method b

McGilly Sun 14-Apr-13 11:43:04

Sorry - billings method book - it explains it very well. OP kits are not so reliable in my own experience ... also a pest. I think it's correct that EWCM is good for, ahem, preservation and transport of the little wrigglers.

ZolaBuddleia Sun 14-Apr-13 14:30:35

That Billings info is great, thanks. Will get at it!

McGilly Sun 14-Apr-13 14:39:18

Billings method is primarily used as, and described as, a cheap non-chemical form of birth control by recognising signs like EWCM. However it is easy to use the information about "fertile signs" for TTC instead of avoiding pregnancy!

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