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If this isn't implantation bleeding, what the hell is it?!

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Shnook Wed 10-Apr-13 23:14:45

Right - with 1st baby, cycle was always exactly 27 days. Had few pink dots of spotting a few days before period due and that was that -pregnant -great!

TTC again now and periods are less consistent - every 26-29 days. Did ovulation test on day 8 and it was +ve although I was sceptical as period only ended 2 days before and although the lines matched they were quite pale. Did the deed though and next day OT was -ve.

Now on day 12, I have been bleeding all day. Started only when I wipe - first red, then watery red. have put a pad on tonight and thats got brown staining but again when I wipe, its watery red. Surely this is all too early too be an implantation bleed?? So what is it? Should I be concerned??

Shnook Mon 27-May-13 17:57:21

Thank you,BNmum!

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