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BBT question

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omama Wed 10-Apr-13 08:03:56

I started temping yesterday, cd6 & got a reading of 35.79ºC & today cd7 got a reading of 35.13ºC.

Does that sound like too big a drop at this point in my cycle? I dont usually ovulate til around cd18.

Yesterday i took temp immediately upon waking at 6.45am. Last night i woke in the night at 1.25am & went to the loo (unusual for me) & i woke at 6.30 this morn. Wasnt sure if to temp right away or wait til same time as yesterday. Decided to wait, so dozed til 6.45 before taking reading. Could this have messed it up?

omama Thu 11-Apr-13 09:10:54

Bump. Today's reading on waking was 36.08 so another big fluctuation. Maybe new thermometer is faulty? Though i did wake 30mins earlier than usual. I checked with regular digital thermometer & that said 36.7 so who knows.

I suppose what i really want to know is if you wake earlier than normal do you temp right away or do you take it at the same time as usual, even if it means you have laid awake for 30mins beforehand?

happylass Thu 11-Apr-13 19:58:52

They do sound like very big fluctuations. For me taking my temperature 30 mins or even an hour earlier/later than usual doesn't make a lot of difference, maybe 0.05 degrees but nowhere near the figures you have quoted, but everyone is different. It is important to temp as soon as you wake as it is movements that will cause your temperature to change. Are you also placing the BBT in the exact same spot under your tongue? I would persevere though as its the bigger picture that is important for pinpointing OV and not individual temperatures. Some random fluctuations can normally be discarded. Good luck!

Katnisscupcake Thu 11-Apr-13 20:06:54

Hi there,

Try not to worry too much about the dips in temperature. Last month I panicked when my temp went from 36.56 to 36.11, thinking that I had ovulated early, but I hadn't, it was just a random dip. I went on to ovulation on cd15, 7 days later.

Keep an eye on it and monitor your cm and use opks aswell for all round coverage!

Good luck.

omama Fri 12-Apr-13 20:50:59

thanks ladies. Yes am placing it in the same place each day. Am beginning to wonder if the thermometer may be faulty. :-/ Bit gutted as GP has told me to chart ahead of my referral to fertility clinic & I don't want anything to hold us up any further as we're already on our 14th cycle ttc :-(

I will persevere for the month & see what happens. Am already using opk's so hopefully I'll see a clear shift in temp if/when I ovulate. FX'd!

Solaia Sat 13-Apr-13 15:34:25

I haven't chatted for a while but when I was I used the Fertility Friend app on my phone (there is also a website) which was brilliant for keeping track.

They are big fluctuations but looking back at my charts I seemed to have a few dips in the first half of the month, so would vary between 36.1-36.4 ish, and then would have two readings at 36.0 or 36.1 before shooting up to 36.7 or 36.8 following Ov.

Remember all of the other signs to mark down to be read in conjunction with the temps, particularly CM. There is space on Fertility Friend to include this other data if you like.

Also, I think disturbed sleep can slightly affect temperature, as can other factors including alcohol.

Solaia Sat 13-Apr-13 15:35:07

Charted* not chatted. I'm always chatting grin

omama Sun 14-Apr-13 20:25:54

Thanks, am using fertility friend too & i agree its brill. It also says the fluctuations seem very big but says it can be a sign of not ovulating hmm or late ovulation. Hopefully its the latter not the former.

Am sticking at it for another week or so, if it is still erratic i will send it back as faulty. My regular digital thermometer showed 36.7 the last 2 mornings whereas the BBT said 35.43 & 35.97. I don't trust it.

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