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Possibly PG or just wildly over-optimistic?

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Pilfette Mon 08-Apr-13 11:58:04

Have been TTC for 2 years with no luck, AF now 7 days late, no other signs and 2 negative HPTs (admittedly done in the middle of the afternoon, not 1st thing). No other signs either, but when I had my 2 DDs (now 15 and 17) I had no signs until morning sickness kicked in at about 10 wks. So obviously hoping that this might be it.

Woke up at midnight with massive cramps, the sort that makes you pull your knees up to your chest, but no bleeding. Went away after about half an hour. No bleeding at 6am but about an hour ago I went for a wee and noticed a tiny bit of pinkish blood on the loo roll. Nothing an hour later. Initially thought this might be an implantation bleed then realised that they happen before AF due (d'oh!)

Might I be pregnant or am I just fooling myself...?

HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 08-Apr-13 13:35:01

Implantation usually happens before AF is due...unless you ovulated late this cycle? Do you think that's possible? In your position, I'd get another test and use FMU in the morning. I really hope it's a BFP for you smile

twinkbat Mon 08-Apr-13 14:21:59

could be, or ive heard tales of clots dislodging but not upsetting the fetal pole and so forth. Cramps could even be unrelated to the lack of AF. I've had gut pains that felt like period pains.

I'm with littlefaithbaby, test in the morning.

Pilfette Mon 08-Apr-13 14:38:29

Thanks both, my head is so wrecked that really I just want to know! I have a test so will do first thing tomorrow (unless it turns into AF before then) as it isn't getting any more or less, just still there when I wipe but not enough to stain a pad... Thank you again smile

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