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late period

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laalaap Sun 07-Apr-13 21:41:08

Hello im new on here, me and the fella have been trying for 5 month for a child, I am now 3/4 days late, my period should have started on thursday morning, ever since coming off the pill in November i have had my period every 28 days on a thursday never ever have i been late.

I have done 3 tests, (thursday, saturday and today) all Negitive

Im really confused, i do have some symptoms but i feel like they are coincidental with other things like.... last week my nipples were stinging, but i had a pyjama day and went a whole day without a bra on so i blame that.

I currently have cramping on and off like my period is going to start

I also have milky white discharge but not alot.

The next day im going to test is Thursday unless my period does start.

I would apriciate any advice smile also i dont understand some of the code words used on here. thanks smile

littlepinkfizz Mon 08-Apr-13 15:19:51

Can't be of much help but sometimes you just get cycles like that out of the blue even if you are always regular.

I had one last moth and was convinced I was preg but no...
Seems very cruel when nature does this.

Hang on in there...

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