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CD32 (normally 29days), temp 37.2, light red bleed today. Def not pregnant?

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loveclouds Sun 07-Apr-13 20:17:58


I'm normally 29 days but last month I was 31 days. This month I did not come on day 29 so tested and got a negative result.

I then start seeing watery brown on tissue day 30 when wiping, my temp has been consistently high. Today is day 18 after ovulation and still around 37.2. I read if pregnancy does not happen it drops 10-14 days later.

My tummy has been swollen for the last week and I have not had any of the usual pmt or the spots.

I thought maybe because my last cycle was 31 days then that is why I may have tested neg on day 29 and I should have waited until day 31 or does one out of sync cycle not count?

Going to bed last night I was convinced I was pregnant but then I start getting cramps, this morning when I wiped there was light red blood, I could feel my tummy churning into action. All today I have had a very light period, definitely new blood so guessing not an implantation bleed. It has not got any heavier. I was going to buy a test but now I think I am just wasting my time because I'm obviously not pregnant.

I had sharp pain above my belly button for awhile today and thought that maybe I was pregnant which explains the high temp and bloated tummy but it obviously did not stick.

Or maybe I am? Someone on mumsnet last night said if my temp was still high today then I must be pregnant. Anyone else experienced something similar?

Thanks x

PuppyMummy Sun 07-Apr-13 20:44:28

I have no idea about temps and things, I would just poas again!

loveclouds Sun 07-Apr-13 20:53:57

I will go buy one tomorrow but kind of feel I am not anyway. Many web searches I have looked at say if temp is high 18 days after ovulation you are most likely pregnant but also just found this which could also explain it:

"Very rarely, the corpus luteum may form a cyst. A corpus luteum cyst will cause BBTs to stay elevated and prevent menstruation from occurring until it resolves, which could take weeks or months."

The pain I had earlier could have been the cyst bursting.

Or maybe I am pregnant and just one of those women who bleed lightly early in pregnancy. I wonder though if their tummy feels like they are having a period too which is how mine feels.

TheNewShmoo Mon 08-Apr-13 08:28:41

Think POAS is the only way to know... best of luck

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