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The Elderberry Pavlovas who occasionally sausage wang – a fabulous thread for 30+ ladies TTC #1 (Thread 8)

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Bunnygirlie Sat 06-Apr-13 22:56:04

Newbies very welcome provided they meet the strict entrance criteria (TTC #1, over 30, TTC for 3+months, must have a special pot, NO instadiffers) and bring a bouquet of sausages when they join!

barkingtreefrog Sun 07-Apr-13 11:40:25

Haycorn don't get me started on stupid people who accidentally get pg and don't even want their kids. Even before ttc I got wound up as a teacher when I had kids in my class whose parents didn't seem to be interested. Seen the extreme as well as my parents are foster carers. Makes me so angry when you see a poor baby withdrawing from heroin as the mother kept injecting all the way through pg. Such screams, not normal baby crying at all. Really sad to hear.
And here are all of us ready to protect and support a child from the moment of conception and nada!! No justice in the world!

<steps down from soap box and gets back into bed until DP returns with breakfast>.

I've not seen any upduffment on this thread other than mother, who wasn't actually 30+, and the instadiffer who shall remain nameless who floated in to tell us all she was ttc then floated straight out again having become diffed immediately 1st month of tying angry . So not a berry anyway.

Other berries have drifted off, paddling away on their sausage boats, but they've not announced any BFP's before leaving so I think they're still paddling around and may come back to land at some point.

It's quite depressing really sad. It's one thing to join a thread and everyone else gets BFPs all over the place which is highly annoying good for them. It's another when there are no successful bfps so you can get envy but also a little hopeful for yourself!!

So, I've decided, selflessly, that I will go forward on the sausage shuttle and be that Berry. The one that gets upduffed and leads the way shock . Just give me a few more cycles, let DP recover from his willy op, and the FC give me some clomid. I'll be right with you.....

barkingtreefrog Sun 07-Apr-13 11:43:36

Hello mulberry sounds like you'll fit right in smile . Come get comfy on the sofa. And bring sausage grin .

happylass Sun 07-Apr-13 11:47:03

Lol at Barking "I shall be that berry"
Welcome Mulberry make yourself at home!
Ladies we have made it on to the Most Active list! No wonder I'm still in my PJs and not getting anything done grin

happylass Sun 07-Apr-13 11:50:34

Oh but before I go I can indeed confirm that we did have at least 6 berries get upduffed in one go back in October/November! Tis not an urban myth- honestly!!

barkingtreefrog Sun 07-Apr-13 11:54:10

smoothas sorry, forgot to answer your question. I have a short LP but only realised the significance of this a couple of months ago, which is when I started to despair and jumped on the sausage shuffle to join the berries on the sofa of pity. Until that point (14 cycles in) I'd naively thought I was lucky to only have an 8 dw rather than 2ww! Made perfect sense when I realised it was a problem though, how can an egg stick on the wall of a womb that has already started shedding its lining?! Trouble was I was convinced I was pg as I was 2 days late, but at only 10 dpo I decided that was the reason I was getting BFNs despite clearly being pg. I found out about luteal phase defect when googling for evidence to add to my I'm definitely upduffed stance.

At this point I had already done the tests at the gp and DP had done the SA and we were waiting for our FC appointment, so I didn't bother looking into anything else as I'm hoping the FC will be nice and helpful. Less than 2 weeks to wait for that now!

So <ahem> the short answer is `no, I haven't tried B6'.

Wow, I really can go on blush .

barkingtreefrog Sun 07-Apr-13 11:58:15

happy Six?!?! grin grin grin So which 5 berries would like to come with me then? Seems the BFPs only come in 6's round here grin .

Oh, if we take the helpful advice of the instadiffer we should just have loads of sex angry .

Mulberry123 Sun 07-Apr-13 12:06:40

Don't worry Barking I've tried that approach - every day, every other day, every three days and zilch... I also experimented a bit with morning action v night time action... Maybe I just need to find out if it's the LP thing that's the problem. Like you I assumed having shorter cycles was a helpful thing because you get another "go" quicker. Xx

Thundercatsarego Sun 07-Apr-13 12:09:34

Did I miss this instadiffa who clearly pissed some berries off?! Must have been during one of those times I took my eye off the ball.

barking thank you for selflessly putting yourself forward. I'll come with you <volunteering wave>

happylass Sun 07-Apr-13 12:15:05

At least 6, maybe a few more grin. Count me in Barking!!

Bunnygirlie Sun 07-Apr-13 12:18:48

Me me me barking but not yet though, I obviously don't want a Christmas baby wink

Smoothas Sun 07-Apr-13 12:26:07

Count me in Barking

Mulberry and Barking I also thought I was lucky with the short cycle and shorter 2ww, but following research it would appear I am not as fortunate as I thought.

Thanks Pip for the recommendation <scurries to Holland and Barrett>

I am wondering if I should maybe look to have a chat with my GP about it? I am sure they will send on my way until we reach the +12 month mark but it might be worth a try. Having a short LP does seem to be a common problem with people struggling to conceive.

I felt really positive last month after I clearly Ov last month (lots of EWCM, +opk and ov pain), DTD at the right time and then obviously AF came 9 days later. However, I have felt nothing this month and no + opk yet sad

Pipbin Sun 07-Apr-13 12:31:46

No it wasn't me who was in touch with Gail, it was 2Cats, where did she go?

And the instadiffer didn't piss anyone off, not purposefully anyway.

Bunny not odd being friends with DH's ex. They were together when they were in their early 20s and although it was a couple of years it wasn't like they lived together or anything.
She's had the baby now, he's about 6 months I think. I keep showing DH pictures she posts of the baby of Facebook (he doesn't Facebook) just to remind him what he needs to do.

No we haven't had many BFPs really have we. Need to get that seen to.

haycorn Sun 07-Apr-13 12:34:14

Ooh, pick me, pick me barking! I'll be one of your six!

Pipbin Sun 07-Apr-13 12:34:43

Oh, and welcome Mulberry

Smoothas it can't hurt going to the GP, especially if your cycles are irregular, but from what I hear if you are under 30 and you've been TTCing for less that a year then they tell you to knob off.

happylass Sun 07-Apr-13 12:37:17

Didn't 2cats become Merkin?

Thundercatsarego Sun 07-Apr-13 12:39:09

Yeah I was about to say that happy!


Pipbin Sun 07-Apr-13 12:41:06

Ah, I get confused with name changes. That's why I've never done it.

I've found the original thread where we named ourselves Elderberry Pavlovas:

Pipbin Sun 07-Apr-13 12:41:17 even

Bunnygirlie Sun 07-Apr-13 12:59:45

Such a long long time ago sad

barkingtreefrog Sun 07-Apr-13 13:55:47

Mulberry I don't have shorter cycles, just the short LP. I'm very irregular and although I've had a 24 day cycle it's more recently been somewhere between 31 and 36 days.

Thunder she didn't piss everyone off, just made everyone a bit envy. It was difficult to be really happy for someone who'd not even experienced one heartbreaking AF before getting upduffed! I think that's when the ttc for 3 months + rule came in!!

I've put a photo up of my wedding mice - if I'd not been in such a rush yesterday the bride would have had a veil and a bouquet.....

Cate555 Sun 07-Apr-13 14:24:37

Barking I'll be one of your 6 (well if freakin' AF would show up and I could get a chance at TTC) moan over. Oh and thanks everyone for the temping tips. I've had DH order me the BBT one from Amazon comes with the charts smile can't wait to get charting now.

barkingtreefrog Sun 07-Apr-13 14:29:26

cate555 don't bother with paper charts, use the FF one (Fertility friend) - you can download the app/use the website and enter your info each morning, it does all your predictions and tracking for you. You don't need the paid one, the free app is fine, although I think you get a 3 month trial or something of the paid one.
There are other apps out there as well but I think it's the most widely used among the berries smile

Bunnygirlie Sun 07-Apr-13 15:51:15

barking those mice are awesome!!!

Just been to pub for lunch, packed full of families and babies!

Pipbin Sun 07-Apr-13 16:09:09

I agree with Barking use Fertility Friend. Much easier, I don't temp anymore but I do still use it:

Bajas Sun 07-Apr-13 16:49:22

Hi all. Just back from a lovely weekend away but absolutely exhausted for going back to work tomorrow.

cate I have just ordered the thermometer too so we'll be starting temping together.

barking I think we'll all want to be one of your 6! Love the mice. What a brilliant wedding gift.

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