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Thought I might be pregnant..went a bit loopy for a few days. Now feel silly.

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NancyPiecrust Fri 05-Apr-13 21:29:41

Not actively trying for a baby but thought I might be pregnant as was late & 16 dpo & didn't feel any AF symptoms at all. Then today AF reared her ugly head - 4 days late and suddenly really heavy period started all at once (not normal for me) with lots of aches ( normal). Really really hope it wasn't a very early MC. I'm 24 now, and I had a MC at 11 weeks when I was 18 & was planning to keep the devastated me. I guess I will never know. Maybe my cycles are just irregular or something. It's awful when you really start to believe you might be pg and you get really happy at the possibility and go a bit loopy imagining ....I couldn't sleep last night as felt so wired with excitement that my late AF might mean I was was pg. I imagined telling my family, my boyfriend, his family, and how happy everyone would be. I even found myself talking to the potential bean in my head saying "If you're thinking about whether you want to stay or not then maybe I can convince you" and was telling it all the stuff about my life and it's Daddy & how much we'd love it and what good parents we'd be to it. Made myself think maybe it was really happening. Got carried away. Then felt so silly today when AF came. And disappointed. Perhaps I want a baby more than I knew. After having come off the pill 4 months ago (giving my body a break) I feel like my natural broodiness has really been coming through now my natural hormones are controlling my cycle. My body wants to have a baby, I can feel it. And if I'm honest my head & heart do too...I think about it all the time. But because of MC at 18 I am terrified it'll never happen for me and that makes me not want to even admit to my partner or myself that I want to try for a baby in the next year or two. I feel silly for planning a pregnancy in my head when I've only been going out with the guy for 8 months. We're so in love and he's amazing with kids and badly wants kids too (in future). I'm a F/T nanny to a 6 month old baby too (he was newborn when I started) so I know I am ready and this is probably adding to the broodiness !!
Anyone else had this feeling of just being really foolish and feeling guilty to admit that being pregnant and having a baby would make you feel complete & that you're kind of in limbo until then?

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