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First time ever ttc

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Dandelion79 Fri 05-Apr-13 18:54:12

Hi to everybody in the same boat!!
I never thought I would actually ever see the day when I would be able to say 'we are trying for our first baby.'
All the years of being a teenager and through out early to middle twenties when the last thing imaginable was ever getting pregnant. Then dealing with late twenties when a nugget of broodiness starts to grow but you realise that your partner doesn't nor ever will want children, and then hitting your early thirties, suddenly finding your forever partner whom asks if you would like to marry you, and then one night a month or so before our wedding day, he says those life changing words, 'let's start trying.'
So, I have stopped the pill last month have had my first proper period and now we are trying. Part of me is so excited about the whole journey to come and part of me is hoping that I don't have morning sickness on our wedding day..
Will be testing for the first time ever around the 21/04 !!!
Good luck to others !

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