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When to go to doctors about fertitlity if you've had PID

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Brodicea Fri 05-Apr-13 14:52:58

Hello all,

My DH and I have been trying properly since November (well, did start trying in September but all went wrong thanks to Thrush and terrible work related stress). I've had two cycles when I have been certain something was brewing (sore boobs, sickness) but AF came two days later each time.
I did have a mysterious PID infection when I started being sexually active at 16 (my first boyfriend and we were at it all the time day and night), but no infections aside from thrush since then (am 32).
I did get pregnant at 17, but had a termination at 14 weeks.
I'm worried that there may be some scarring inside, or that my tubes may be damaged, although I had thought as I conceived after the PID I would be okay?
Should we go to the doctors for early tests or would they say I was daft?

Shellywelly1973 Fri 05-Apr-13 16:14:26

The fact you've concieved since having PID is good.

I had PID when i was 18. I was told it was highly unlikely i would concieved without assistance...

I have had 3dc since then, no issues or problem conceiving them.

I would approach my GP if i were you though. Your 32 so you do have time. I would tell my GP i had been trying since September not November...

It won do any harm to have a chat & some preliminary tests. If you do need further assistance, sooner is better rather than later!

Good luck.

Brodicea Sat 06-Apr-13 14:29:25

Thanks Shelly, that gives me hope! I'll go to the doctor next week.

Fingers crossed xx

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