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Something to pass the time during the 2ww...

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Springbells Thu 04-Apr-13 18:41:49

Quite random really, although slightly pertinent. Why, when you have a bath, does water not enter the uterus through the cervix?! Fluids can come out, sperm can go in, but apparently, according to google, water doesn't go in when you have a bath but no reason why given? (Admittedly only a cursory look on google!).

See, completely random, but was crossing my mind when I decided not to have a bath (just to clarify, I did wash in other ways grin ) just in case during the dtd week! Ridiculous the things you think of whilst Ttc....

Anyone medically (or more thorough with google) shed any light?

Hope this passes some time for those in the 2ww.

roofio87 Thu 04-Apr-13 22:25:04

I'm no medical expert but thinking about it I'm guessing that as the vagina is a pretty tight contracted muscle when Its not doing anything (ie has nothing/no one in it!!) not much water would get up there by just being submerged in it. it would need to be quite a strong spurt of water to penetrate at all. and then the cervix is way up inside your vagina anyway so it would have to get all the way up there too. sperm easily does as its being "deposited" right up by the cervix. and gravity helps with anything coming out!! any of this made ramblings make sense?!?! hmm

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