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So how important really is diet when you're TTC - 38 nearly 39...

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Katnisscupcake Thu 04-Apr-13 13:27:21

I'm just curious really. I know you're supposed to eat healthily and all that, but WHY??

My diet isn't great and I don't really do any exercise. My BMI has always been in the healthy range and I do a job from home where I sit at a laptop all day, from 7am until 5-6pm. I do run up and down the stairs getting cups of tea, going to the loo and getting breakfast/lunch but by the time I finish work, I just get an hour to spend with DD before she goes to bed and then it's housework, a bit of TV and bed.

We've been TTC since last May, but when you take out all the months that we didn't actually TTC, only for about 8 months. Had an MC last July (also had an MC prior to DD). With DD fell PG 6 weeks after the MC. The first PG I had was first month of TTC.

I'm having a Progesterone test tomorrow (and Monday as tomorrow is only DPO6 and the surgery isn't open on a Saturday!) because over the last few months I've started spotting from about 9-10 DPO. Always OV on either CD15-CD16 and don't get full-flow AF until 14DPO.

So how important is diet and exercise really?

I (normally) have my 5 a day, in various forms but I do eat crisps (well plain tortilla chips mostly) every day, a handful with my lunch and I also eat sweets. Trouble is when you're on your own all day, boredom sets in, even when I'm busy working I pick...

So today, I had 2 scrambled eggs on one slice of wholemeal toast (no butter or milk in egg and no butter on toast) and a glass of orange juice. Lunch has been a white roll with a scraping (don't like too much) of low fat mayo with ham, lettuce and cucumber, a handful of tortilla chips, some grapes and some slices of pineapple.

But mid-morning I had a handful of choc toffees and a cream cake blush. Tonight is fish and chips (chips sprayed with fry-light and cooked in the oven), with salad.

Sorry this is so long, just trying to get an idea of how badly my diet/exercise (or lack of) could be impacting TTC...

EuroShaggleton Thu 04-Apr-13 13:42:45

That diet sounds ok to me. There's room for improvement of course, but that's the case for most people! Exercise is supposed to help, but I've exercised most of the way through 2+ years of ttc and I'm not pregnant!

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