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ttc #2 pain, spotting (sort of!) & yep ,confusion

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AbiBub Tue 02-Apr-13 01:05:35

Hello ladies! If any typos am on tablet and I hold much static so bear with! So will try and do a quick rundown :0/ came off loestrin 20 jan 1st 2013. Had normal period, next period was heavier, much heavier. My cycle was 28 days, this last cycle was 27 days, af was on 16th march, again very heavy, based on 14days after af started1st day, I worked out that ov date was saturday just gone ( 30th mar) firstly, does that sound about right? My temp on 28th was 36 in one ear and 36.6 in other ear, on 29th my temp was 37 in one ear and 37.4 in other ear, me and dh (to be!) Dtd on 29th and 30th, I think we dtd on either 26th or 27th too but my mind is mush atm! Sorry if tmi next... on friday 29th after dtd I got a few spots on bright red blood then nothing, on 30th, during day I wiped after a widdle and there was dark reddy brown not heavy, but noticeable. Then after dtd on 30th I have been getting brown spotting and also after I have wiped after each wee pretty much! Its still there today, I have cramp and dull pains on the left side of abdomen.and back ache too! Very confusing, and now going quite mad by over reading!!! Is this mid-cycle bleeding? Have we missed the ov boat with our dtd dates? I've never had this type of spotting before ! Is this the start of my af two weeks early?? Has anyone ever had this? Any advice welcome! :0)

AbiBub Tue 02-Apr-13 10:16:18

Bump? :0/ still going on today as well! :0 (

AbiBub Tue 02-Apr-13 10:39:34

Anybody out there? miniture person shouts :0)

BrevilleTron Tue 02-Apr-13 11:37:59

Hmm. Not sure if it could be implantation or if you may have "done something' during sex?
How else do you feel?
I'm on the 2ww and have sore boobs sicky feeling backache etc.
but it's only a 50% chance for me as I just have the one tube.

When is AF due?

AbiBub Tue 02-Apr-13 12:07:27

Hey thanks for the reply! I am hoping yours is good news :0) af for me is due around the 13th of April. I guess as I have never had this before its all new and confusing! If it was implantation bleeding doesnt that only occur from the 6th day onwards, although the spotting and backache and when I wipe bit does make it sound like it, but I keep thinking its too early to be that! I do suffer from cervical erosion, but that's a different type of bleed and pain the what I am having now. Not to be to up front about it, my dp and I were more gentle the last few times, and it certainly didn't hurt. I know we definitely didn't dtd on the saturday following when period started but trying to remember whether we did it on the tuesday or wednesday, but again surely that's too early for implantation bleeding?I read I my pregnancy book that temp goes up slightly around two to three days around ovulation, but what about when ovulating? Im wondering whether I ovulated earlier than expected say tuesday/wednesday dtd then and fridays bleed was irritation and perhaps sat/mainly sundays spotting is implantation?! Ohhhh so confusing, and now I have just under 2ww to see what happens, arrrrrggghhhhh ! Im 32 this oct, so no spring chicken! Our ds is 4 this sunday, starting school sept, so it just seems like the best time to try again! I really do hope you get a BFP after you 2ww!

BrevilleTron Tue 02-Apr-13 12:53:25

Don't worry about being 32 I'm 33 in may and my DD is 13 in Nov!
It's tricky to get your head round! I have an app on my phone where I enter the first date of my period and it gives me my fertile times then the battle of having the energy to DTD starts it's a free ovulation app.

I read these boards to understand all the terminology such as LP (luteal phase) EWCM (egg-white cervical mucus) thin and stretchy showing good time to DTD

If you keep an eye on your cycle and how many days it is you can get into a good rhythm.

I'm desperately hoping this is my month although trying not to put pressure on DH.
With me the boob soreness disappears 1 hour before AF kicks in.

If its not this month then at least AF will give me a clean sheet for next month.
Above all else keep positive


AbiBub Tue 02-Apr-13 13:13:36

Thanks Breville I guess pma is the way forward its just so confusing isnt it! Im trying not to google it too much as there are all sorts of stories about! I hope it is your time again that would be so lovely :0) as you say though if you get af this month at least its a clean slate would love to hear how you're getting on so keep me posted? I had a bit of thick ewcm at the week beginning 25th march about a week and few days after my first day of last af, then 26th arrived and I had thinner ewcm do you know which one is better? Thinking about it that sounds like I may have ov early? Do you get that when ov or is the ewcm just before? Our bods like to remain complex dont they! ! chuckles . Yeah im the same with the boob soreness! My cycle is normally 28 days but who knows now!! :0/ stay positive is key :0)

BrevilleTron Tue 02-Apr-13 13:20:42

Thinner is better. But yes we women are way too complex. Trust me if I get a BFP and you are within a 1000mile radius of Birmingham you will hear the whooping!
Best of luck to both of us.

AbiBub Tue 02-Apr-13 13:26:40

Hee hee, I will keep my ears pricked in the vain hope I hear whoooping! Keeping all pinkies crossed for you here down in the south coast! Whens your af due (although hopefully it doesnt appear for good reasons! ; 0) )

BrevilleTron Tue 02-Apr-13 14:17:31

Thinking next few days. If nothing by 6 April I will POAS.
Have you seen my other thread? The letter one

AbiBub Tue 02-Apr-13 21:06:09

Oooh will hope for good things for you :0) not seen your other thread whats the title? Sorry didn't reply sooner I dont get notification that someones posted :0/

AbiBub Tue 02-Apr-13 21:44:17

Good evening peeps! Still got this brown whatever the hell it is at this stage in my cycle, and still got tummy crampy dull pains :0/ has anyone else had this? :0 (

BrevilleTron Wed 03-Apr-13 19:20:09

Hmm just wondering if its the very last of the loestrin coming out of your system? Are you taking any supplements at all like soy isoflavones or Agnus Castus? They are hormone balancers.

I poas today but bfn.
Will try tomorrow

My other thread is called A letter to myself.

Hope you ok OP.

AbiBub Wed 03-Apr-13 23:35:04

That's what I was wondering too, but it seems to have calmed down now, so not entirely sure? I could be completely out with my timings etc, but I may settle down bod wise soon if the baby thing doesnt happen this month. Im onky taking folic acid atm as dont like taking too many stuffs all at once, if it doesnt settle then they could be things to consider for sure! Thanks for that :0) hmmm boo to the bfn but still hoping you get a bfp this month, keep me posted! Shall have a look at the other thread tomorrow, eyes stinging a bit now, off to beddlington :0) nighty night!

AbiBub Thu 04-Apr-13 23:55:39

Hey brevilletron, I cant seem to locate your thread :0 ( dont suppose you can put a link on here could you please? :0)

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