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Excellent (or should that be eggcellent?) egg buddies! Anyone having IVF/ICSI in April/May/June 2013 come and join us!

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EuroShaggleton Sun 31-Mar-13 15:35:07

We've almost filled the second thread so here is a new one, so we can carry on chatting! Threads #1 and #2 saw some stunning successes and some sad outcomes. We'll have more of the former and less of the latter on thread #3 please!

All comers welcome. I found it very useful to be with people going through the same thing when I did my first cycle, so if you would like to join us, please come on in!

EuroShaggleton Sun 07-Apr-13 21:11:11

Hi choco. Glad you had a good weekend away and are feeling refreshed.

I'm at Create. There are only a couple of places that really focus on natural. If the clinic okays us for May, I'll be heading for EC at the end of the month, assuming the mc hasn't messed things up too much.

chocoloco1 Sun 07-Apr-13 21:17:45

Sounds good euro. I think I've read about create during my endless hours googling Depending on what AF does between now and then I'm hoping for July, the wait's killing me already!

Pipbin Sun 07-Apr-13 22:19:26

Thanks for the help guys. I really don't know how a feel about it all. Part of me wants a baby no matter what but I just don't want to have to do all of this.

I remember ages ago, before we even started TTCing seeing a thing on the TV about IVF and DH and I looked at each other and said 'we will need that', no reason to suspect anything was wrong but I always knew that this would end up happening.

The other problem with taking time of is that DH and I work at the same school. And having to take time of soon to move too..........

twinklestar2 Sun 07-Apr-13 22:31:02

I'm the same pip, I wish I didn't have to do all this. I remember going to the docs after TTC for a year and feeling like such a failure.

It's my 2nd wedding anniversary this week! How did this happen to me? I should be planning on when to have my 2nd, not still wondering whether I'll ever even get my first.

I know that people around me are wondering why we havent had babies yet, esp as I have always been so into children. It makes me sad.

choco glad you had a nice break.

Thx everyone for listening. My mind is in bits, feel like I want a break from my OWN HEAD.

buzzybee123 Sun 07-Apr-13 23:09:25

choco I was advised by my GP to take mini aspirin after my first miscarriage, it is also part of Shehatas nk cell regime, I take it every day 22 months and counting.
It is only one injection, I had a few headaches and ovary twinges but that is all. I looked on FF and read up on a few clinics, this one seems to have a good reputation and they are very quick with responding to emails etc and are happy to answer any questions. I was planning on just doing IVF at this clinic but they suggested DE, I was a bit freaked out but then had a fertility MOT and an AHM of 1.1 so decided as money is limited we would stand a better chance with DE., Its alot cheaper overseas even with flights and accommodation, we are making it into a bit of a holiday too smile I work on the theory that I just want to be a mum and after two years of trying and miscarriages etc I don't care how it happens, I just want it to happen, I don't believe my DNA would make me love a child more or be a better mum.

twinkle they are totally normal feelings, ones I have myself, I too thought I would be planning my second by now hmm

euro hope you get some down time from work soon

hope everyone had a good weekend, mine was spent doing DIY, Its a great distraction grin

keepitgoing Mon 08-Apr-13 02:29:45

pip I agree yoou should try and do these admin-y appointments asap so that you can cycle in the summer. Maybe tell the head that? And see if fertility friends has any info on your clinic's waiting times. Technically dh could probably only go on EC day...and you never know some appointments/EC/ET might fall at the weekend.

choco glad you're ready for your next cycle, the summer hold will be here soon!

crisps I only stimmed for 8 days, but it's just individual and ten sounds like a great number. How long did you stim on previous cycles? I hope you can trigger tonight!

twinks there is lots of ivf mentalling, totally normal smile I guess no one wants to have to get pregnant like this, but 'eyes on the prize' and if it works you won't care.

buzzy you sound so great. When do you go abroad?

euro I hope your cycle behaves so you can go again asap.

EuroShaggleton Mon 08-Apr-13 09:46:14

Twinks it took me ages to get my head around IVF. I think it was partly because we are unplained. Having a fairly unpleasant treatment without any problem being diagnosed is pretty counterintuitive. But it worked, so it must have overcome whatever problem we have. I think every person going for IVF would rather have had a blissful sh@g and two weeks later have a BFP, but we've all tried that way quite a bit and it just ain't working! TBH, I didn't get completely comfortable with having IVF until we got our BFP.

keep I hope I'll get back on track quickly, but I've read a lot of stories about wacky cycles after an mc. I oved just 2 days later than I would have expected to on pre-mc, so hopefully that is a good sign. I'm just waiting to discover what my luteal phase will do now.

pip Mr euro came to one of the early appointments (where we both had to have the HIV, etc blood tests), came to one of my scans which fell on a Saturday, EC (which he is pretty essential for!) and ET (he wasn't going to come to the latter but I became convinced our embie would have died before I got to the clinic and so made him come to hold my hand). Their involvement can be pretty limited.

choco I really wanted to go again in April but can't fit it in (if the clinic would have allowed it) because of work travel. Now I'm actually kind of glad. With the mc and the crazy working, I am eating rubbish and haven't seen the inside of a gym in far too long. Those extra weeks will give me a chance to try to knock myself back into shape and health before we go again.

EuroShaggleton Tue 09-Apr-13 11:34:20

Just giving this a bump as we had dropped over to page 2!

keepitgoing Tue 09-Apr-13 12:42:25

crisps, any news?

chocoloco1 Tue 09-Apr-13 12:48:49

It has all gone a bit quiet on here! Nothing new from me really, off to see GP this afternoon on the off chance anything can be done after 2 mcs. Any news from anyone else?

twinklestar2 Tue 09-Apr-13 12:55:48

No news from me really. I'm going for one last try naturally so am in my fertile period.

keepitgoing Tue 09-Apr-13 13:07:26

Go for it twinkle. Do a shaz (she'd even started down regging!)

Pipbin Tue 09-Apr-13 15:04:59

Hi ladies. So we arrived at the clinic and they had Radio 2 playing in the waiting room, and the track was Boney M's Daddy Cool, the irony was not lost on us.

Today was just a blood test and they let us reschedule the second of our next two appointments.

So really, no news.

chocoloco1 Tue 09-Apr-13 21:28:09


buzzy your clinic sounds good and you sound very sorted. I have struggled to get my head around DE, but I really want a child, so can't be choosy!

pip glad you have started with blood tests, clinic waiting rooms are funny places aren't they?

euro I know what you mean about the fitness thing, before IVF I had managed to stay at around the same weight for months and now I have gone up by half a stone, having lost it when I got the bfp and the 10 days after. Am trying to eat healthily as of Sunday and am back on the supplements now.

noks how was your appointment today?

keep are you still feeling sick?

<waves to everyone else>

Appointment at docs today was fairly pointless as I thought it would be. Am starting the countdown now to the 29th when we go back to see the consultant and hopefully get the ball rolling with tests etc then. It brought everything back today by going to the gp as this would have been my appointment to tell her I was pg sad

Onwards and upwards!

putthecrispsDOWN Tue 09-Apr-13 21:28:15

Hi all...thanks for the reminder keep, have been daft going for a new world record for longest stimming ever I think..this is currently day 13! Have another scan tmw morning, keeping fingers crossed that I'll get the nod. Still have about ten follies, which are growing steadily but on their own timescale. If we trigger tomorrow, EC would be on Friday, ET Sun-Tues depending. Our IVF miracle Dds birthday party is on Sat (23 three year olds!) and her birthday is on Sun so it will be an interesting weekend I think! Thought it would be all sorted by then...we always make a big deal of her birthday as it was a huge journey to end up having her and something that should be celebrated.

twinkle baby dust is being sent your way. I really really hope you end p as one of those stories ("I had this friend...she was just about to start IVF and then...) - this did happen to my friend so hope you will have the same! And don't worry about the mentalling...all completely normal. I always dread IVF but then we cope fine, I think the waiting and unknowing is the worst but iykwim.

euro hope everything settles and cycles for you soon.

pipbin every time we have treatment there is some ridiculous song playing, let's hope it is a sign!

chocoloco1 Tue 09-Apr-13 21:29:51

Good news that you are still on track crisps. I think mine was 13 days in the end!

putthecrispsDOWN Tue 09-Apr-13 21:54:36

Good good chocoloco... My DD is a (lovely) stubborn one and was even through mynpregnancy so am hoping this is just genetic and the way that a lovely stubborn baby will be created!

EuroShaggleton Tue 09-Apr-13 22:38:30

Twink good luck for your last natural go! I'm just awaiting AF (due later this week) and then we'll be on to what I hope will be our last natural cycle before going again (although I'll probably be away for ov so I don't hold out great hopes for doing a shazz). We have our clinic appointment in a week to hopfully confirm timing.

choco milestones like that are sad. I think I'd be hitting 12 weeks around now. I'm trying not to count the weeks any more but I seem to remembering calculating that I should have reached 12 weeks in mid-April.

Mission "get euro in shape" start next week, after my deadline. I need to start eating better and getting back to the gym. I'm kind of looking forward to it.

ScarlettInSpace Wed 10-Apr-13 09:04:37

Hi everyone, I'm after a bit of advice from you all!

Ive pretty much given up on the possibility of natural conception, but I am continuing to take all my supplements so my system is topped up and ready when we do the IUI, and also in case we find £5k down the sofa to have another crack at IVF. Plus I've started taking DHEA and that needs 2-3 months to get into your ststem apparently. I'm due on next weekend so should be starting the IUI then but I think I'm going to put it off until June, I just think I need a break. BUT I also feel like my chances decrease with every passing month they goes by though, so maybe i should just get started as planned? OH is useless, he says it's up to me hmm I don't think it helps that I feel like IUI is a bit of a waste of time...


EuroShaggleton Wed 10-Apr-13 10:21:12

Scarlett that's a tricky one. I feel the same about the passing months and definitely feel a real urgency to get on with things.

I didn't get anywhere with my 2 goes at IUI and my clinic bascially said it was a waste of time. I'm glad I gave it a go though, because I needed to work up to IVF via baby steps.

Given your circs, have you considered natural/mild IVF? It's still spenny (£3-3.5k at my clinic) but less so than full and you wouldn't be pumped full of high drug doses. Could you have a bit of a break while you save for that?

buzzybee123 Wed 10-Apr-13 19:11:24

evening ladies

I have been stupidly busy with work and DIY which keeps me occupied, had a bi of a freak out this morning when speaking to one of the nurses about my depot injection, I emailed them thinking I ha made a right royal cock up but they have assured me its all ok.

keep we leave on the 4th May and plan to make a bit of a holiday of it all. I'm still not really sure how I feel about it all but I am very supported where I work which is great as I feel tearful a bit, not sure if its the drugs or just me.

choco I am pleased with the clinic, they are great communicators so far. I have to admit I was upset when they said I should consider DE with my history/age/test results hmm It felt like a massive slap in the face, the doctor I was emailing was apologetic (she could tell from my response that it was a shock suggestion) but I really only have one shot at it so want to give ourselves the best chance, it did take time to come round to DE and to reconcile that any child I have will not biologically be mine.

crisps well done on stimming, you eggs will get there when they are ready smile

twink good luck with the miracle BFP before starting IVF, it does happen

euro I don't really think you need to lose weight, I'd kill for youir figure, I was going to start my get rid of my lard arse tonight but sadly lard arse is now sitting down hmm we did have some equipment delivered to work, no one told me it was coming so spent alot of time arguing with the delivery guy about it but there are some hand weights in there which I plan to use each morning at work to try and get rid of my bingo wings grin also not seeing our elderly patients actually being able to lift some of them hmm

scarlett it is a tough decision I had one go at IUI and though it should work, I mean why not, the sperm is being dropped off at the door I had 4 eggs, surely it couldn't fail hmm it is hard to take a break as you do think of it as a wasted cycle but you also need to think about yourself and maybe a break is what you need, it is just one month, can I ask if you have been prescribed DHEA??

choco you said I sound sorted, thank you I have to say that it is mainly down to 3 things
1/ changing where I was working with in my team to lower my stress levels
2/ Got a cat who is treated like a baby
3/ had life coaching, this what really turned me around, I was so low and depressed, she helped learn about who I really am and gave me a totally different outlook on life, she has helped me realise that I just want to be a mum and that if I couldn't do it naturally then DE IVF and adoption would still get me the same result.

well I better go and sort out dinner

ScarlettInSpace Wed 10-Apr-13 19:42:11

euro I think we'd kind of thought we would do the IUI while we got the cash together for a mild IVF - I have said I want to try a mild cycle & a natural cycle, so that then I've tried all 4 protocols and I know I've given each one a fair shot! Because I only have 1 tube they will abandon the IUI on the cycles my R ovary dominates so I feel like in letting myself in for 6 months of drugs and scans. I don't know, I think perhaps I will get the drugs this week [before my pre-paid script card runs out in May] and see how I feel the day I come on, fuck it, who doesn't enjoy a lastminute game changing decision grin

buzz my consultant said she can't prescribe DHEA because it's not sanctioned in the UK, but if I did decide to try it <nudge nudge wink wink> and she was allowed to prescribe, she would suggest a daily dose of 75mg and make sure I use a trustworthy website to buy from USA grin

buzzybee123 Wed 10-Apr-13 21:07:27

scarlett grin at your last minute decision making, I did buy DHEA online here in the UK, sadly it didn't make any difference to me but did for a friend of mine

ScarlettInSpace Wed 10-Apr-13 21:51:02

Well I haven't grown a handlebar moustache or started talking like Barry White yet so I figure it can't do any harm grin

buzzybee123 Wed 10-Apr-13 22:41:22

scarlett grin grin grin I did end up like some spotty greasy teenager

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