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Excellent (or should that be eggcellent?) egg buddies! Anyone having IVF/ICSI in April/May/June 2013 come and join us!

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EuroShaggleton Sun 31-Mar-13 15:35:07

We've almost filled the second thread so here is a new one, so we can carry on chatting! Threads #1 and #2 saw some stunning successes and some sad outcomes. We'll have more of the former and less of the latter on thread #3 please!

All comers welcome. I found it very useful to be with people going through the same thing when I did my first cycle, so if you would like to join us, please come on in!

MotorcycleMama Wed 17-Apr-13 21:30:44

Gosh, buzzy, in some ways I am glad the the whole reality and process of this business only reveals itself bit by bit! I refused to take the pill anymore at the age of 30 as I hated messing about with my hormones - now look what I'm letting myself in for! Hope you are feeling a bit better soon. I'm enjoying a large red wine to block out the emotional upheavals with DH and the pain and indignity of today's scan. Any excuse wink.

buzzybee123 Wed 17-Apr-13 21:35:03

motor sounds like a good plan, sadly I have no booze in the house right now shock

EuroShaggleton Wed 17-Apr-13 21:35:05

buzz I was like that. Unable to concentrate, depressed and anxious. Injecting myself each night knowing it was going to make me feel worse was really, really hard. It's why I am doing natural now. I just couldn't hack it. Scarlett had a bad experience too. <Hand holds>

buzzybee123 Wed 17-Apr-13 21:54:18

euro I remember when you were DR, I have only had one injection, it really does make me feel sick, sadly this is my only choice for deivf, I could give up

MotorcycleMama Wed 17-Apr-13 22:21:10

Hang on in there buzzy Hormones can play havoc, as we all know. We're right there with you.

EuroShaggleton Wed 17-Apr-13 22:46:22

Hang on in there - you've just got to get through to Monday. Adding oestogen into the mix should help. x

ScarlettInSpace Thu 18-Apr-13 10:34:30

buzzy I feel your pain, the oestrogen will make a difference, try to think of it in terms of a few days out of your whole life to try and make it feel a bit smaller if that helps.

crisps it's always nice to hear of any AC miracle, expecially IUI as the odds seem so small really - although probably better than the odds the first twunty consultant gave me for IVF ["less than 10%, don't expect to get to EC, do the free NHS go but don't waste money doing IVF with your own eggs." Twat]

Well my body has fallen in line with something thankfully, CD1 has to fall Fri-Sun [love the flexibility of the NHS hmm ] and I have started with some beautifully ummmm dirty CM [for want of a better word grin ] which means it is imminent in the next 2-4 days. Whoop.

Can't remember if I told you guys, after my wobble a couple of weeks ago OH & I have decided to go ahead with the IUI from this month as planned but not to modify our lifestyle or plans basically I can still drink wine so it doesn't take over, it basically has to fit in.

Then we will try mild IVF in the Autumn. If that doesn't work we'll try a Natural next spring, then I think I'll officially give up and get another puppy.

I am applying for new jobs too, I've put too much on hold for this shit!

putthecrispsDOWN Thu 18-Apr-13 11:12:00

Good for you Scarlett. Glad your body is falling in line, it's nice when they behave for once!! Sounds like a plan. Very important to have a life alongside AC, we feel like we've lost a lot of time waiting for/doing/recovering from IVF and operations over the past few years. In fact I have a two day long job interview at the start of next week...but I'd rather be trying than not (it's a long shot but would be a huge promotion).

EuroShaggleton Thu 18-Apr-13 14:01:42

That's rather unhelpfully rigid, scarlett but I'm glad your body is playing along.

crisps how are you feeling?

putthecrispsDOWN Thu 18-Apr-13 14:19:11

To be frank, I'm doing my own head in! Supposedly at home to rest but very bored, have tidied wardrobes and watched rubbish tv but am not good at sitting still! Getting a few twinges and aches and shooting pains which seems right for this stage but trying not to get my hopes up as had AF pains on my unsuccessful cycle. Off until Monday and then have huge two day long interview which will take my mind off things nicely! Going to stick my head in a book for a bit and see how that helps.

Have you been to see the clinic yet Euro, anything to report?

EuroShaggleton Thu 18-Apr-13 14:51:29

The appointment was a joke. Mr euro was two minutes late and didn't even make it into the room. I sat down, asked if I could start next cycle (told her we had tried to ask on the phone but couldn't get an answer). She said yes and that was it! Luckily she didn't charge us for that.

putthecrispsDOWN Thu 18-Apr-13 15:01:16

Oh bless you Euro how frustrating! In my experience my clinic have always been fab but sometimes I don't think they realise how stressful even appointments can be....for ET we were there a good 20 minutes before finding out if we had any embryos left. Felt like standing up and shouting "will somebody PLEASE just tell me if we have any Sodding EMBRYOS LEFT FFS!" but was trying to be all calm and earth motherly and lovely blush

Very very pleased that you got the go ahead though. Now everything is back in your control and you can make decisions about what you do and when. If they seemed like that was very normal and that previous events wouldn't have an impact then that sounds positive to me!

putthecrispsDOWN Thu 18-Apr-13 15:04:41

scarlett have just scrolled up and seen your post about what the clinic said about doesn't sound like you got a very positive approach there. Are you happy to carry on with the clinic? I love the staff at mine...even when I went in for EC about four different nurses who I'd seen just a handful of times 'popped in' to give me a hug and a 'well done' on the egg front...makes a huge deal to my positivity when the clinic is supportive. Hope you told twunty doc where to get off, they should know better.

keepitgoing Thu 18-Apr-13 15:54:51

Argh euro, I'm pleased at the answer, but ffs its not like we all love trekking to and waiting at clinics...

crisps, I think cramps are good... Keep busy, maybe go for a walk? (Gentle)

Scarlett wtf about af starting on those days. Some people might have a 28 (or 35) day cycle and never get seen. That is quite ridiculous, but yay for your body falling in line smile

EuroShaggleton Thu 18-Apr-13 16:12:48

Indeed keep. At my and Mr euro's combined chargeout rates, that little go around probably cost about a grand... But we know what the plan is now, and that always helps me. I like to have a plan. smile

crisps they would have been happy for us to go ahead this cycle if we wanted, but we can't as I am away over what would be EC time. I'm glad they were not difficult about it.

How stressful to be kept waiting without any news! I found that I "missed" my emby. I really didn't like it being in a petri dish on the other side of London.

putthecrispsDOWN Thu 18-Apr-13 17:05:22

Euro I totally get it...I'm lucky in that I don't really think of them as 'babies' until a BFP, but when my embies are 20 miles away from me it's the only time it feels a bit odd and unnatural for me. Having a cycle off will give you a nice break to prepare for the next one, I feel much more positive this time after having a bit of a 'run up'..and you can have the odd wine for a bit too!

buzzybee123 Fri 19-Apr-13 18:45:09

evening ladies,

euro that a bit crap of the clinic, I am always amazed at how quickly they could make decisions, at least she didn't have the cheek to charge you.

scarlett good job your body is stepping into line with the totally inflexible NHS hmm

crisps hows it all going

I have again been stupidly busy hmm with fricking annoyingly stubborn old people who will not do as they are told with patients who think they know best, i'm shattered but now have lots of time in lieu and the sun is shining grin

waves to motor and cuckoo and anyone else

tametortie Sun 21-Apr-13 10:49:41

Can I join you? I have been lurking for a while smile

I am a long term TTC'er (6 years sad ) and am currently downregging for a 3rd cycle.
Our 2 previous cycles were disasters (failed fertilisation and slow growing embies) which has left his wondering if we will ever acheive a genetic pg together. But we are giving it another go at a different clinic with EVERYTHING thrown in- DHEA, scratch, pred, fairy spells (!), prayer cards, supplements, acupuncture- just to see if we really are out of the running with my eggs/his sperm.

I am very nervy and anxious so bear with my meltdowns. grin

I've been downregging for 10 days now and waiting for the bleed but no sign. Feel distinctly unbleeding hmm

Hello anyway smile

Nokkie73 Sun 21-Apr-13 21:17:42

tams welcome. You can unburden, go a bit mental or just hang out here. Whatever you like. How are you finding down regging ? I found it a pain in the arse, mainly because I couldn't regulate my own sodding body temperature. Oh yeah, and the hormones.....they were interesting !

How is everyone else ?


tametortie Sun 21-Apr-13 21:39:00

Im also finding it a bit tricky. Feel very achey in my hips and side. Really want af to come so I can book a baseline scan. But after 6 years of relentless, on-time periods suddenly im 3 days late. Couldn't f**king make it up!!

Nokkie73 Sun 21-Apr-13 22:20:09

Hmmm, yeah. None of this goes to plan ever, does it ? I had convinced myself that I had ovulated early after my ivf bfn and we had done it in time, and the pains I felt could perhaps be the miracle post-ivf conception. Nope, just your goddam period, you dopey mare.

Have they popped you onto a different protocol this time, tams ? I hope they are doing something a bit different to make it work. May I ask what 'pred' is ? What supplements are you taking too (sorry - being v nosey !).


buzzybee123 Sun 21-Apr-13 22:23:55

what was kate middleton wearing hmm that has to be the worst looking coat ever.


tametortie welcome to the group, I can sympathise with the down regging thankfully tomorrow I start on the estrogen

tametortie Sun 21-Apr-13 22:33:57

Same protocol, different clinic. However I shared before, not this time. So the main difference will be I keep all my eggs. My response previously has been good with good eggs I think? Just not sure me and dh match sad

Pred is prednisolone. I have high nk cells and low amh- 4.5.

Currently im taking lamberts a-z (cheap but very good multivit), selenium 200mg, co-enzyme 600mg, l'arginine 1000mg, dhea 75mg, chromium 200mcg, inositol 4g, paradox omega 3 liquid.

Also had a scratch done last month.

Plus fairy spell...god, dont forget the fairy spell!! Its on a money back guarantee!! grin

Nokkie73 Sun 21-Apr-13 22:54:10

buzz what ? Where ? Was it truly horrid ? I shall express link the daily mail and investigate forthwith.

tams us low amh-ers need to do anything we can to make the eggs more viable ! We're did you get your dhea from ? What is the chromium and inositol for ? I apologise for plugging you for information but I have gone a bit supplement crazy and had to be reigned in by my acupuncturist yesterday who talked a bit of sense into me. Trouble is, you'll do anything to have a success story at the end of this, won't we ?

buzzybee123 Sun 21-Apr-13 22:55:54

grin at the money back guarantee I too have high nk cells, I'm going for DE IVF as my AMH was 1.1, can I ask did they use icsi for you

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