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Late cycle or is vit b6 having an effect

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Frizz1986 Sun 31-Mar-13 09:35:37

I just wanted some thoughts to see if people have had similar experiences.

I came iff the pill in December and ever since have had 24 day cycles without exception. My lp was 8-9 days so I started looking into taking vitamin b6 to extend it for a few days.
Now on cd 14 i started taking vit b6 to see what happened, not expecting much as it was mid cycle and I assume it can take some time to change things if at all.

Anyway this month dp decided we should start ttc but by this point it was cd 21. As he doesnt want to track my cycles etc with me we have just started dtd regardless with me knowing that we have missed this month anyway (he wants to be relaxed about the whole thing).
This month I also didnt track my ov as we get married on Saturday so there has been too much else to think about.
Now cd 24 has been and gone and no sign of af (its now cd 28). I am pretty sure I am not pg as cd 21 must be too late to catch ov, so is this just a weird cycle, or is vit b6 having such an effect already (i was not sure if b6 just changes ov date or if it lengthens the whole cycle)

P.S I know cd 28 isnt really a late af, but wondered what with having 24 day cycles religiously for the past few months if other people have had similar experiences (i know that it will be just my luck for af to arrive on the wedding day)


twentythirteen Sun 31-Mar-13 14:01:57

I don't know op, but I found b vit to have an immediate impact. Good luck!

omama Sun 31-Mar-13 22:06:25

We started ttc just before our wedding last year & my cycles are usually 28-30days max. Our wedding day was cd35 & you guessed it, af arrived on our wedding night. Looking back i think the long cycle was down to stress, & why as soon as we were married & the event over, it arrived with full force. Hopefully you won't be so unlucky!!!

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