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The BESH Old Skool Gin Palais: if you're name's not down, you're not coming in

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FrankellyMyDearIDontGiveADamn Fri 29-Mar-13 21:19:00

Cream walls? Check
Pit of Doom? Check
Obscene amount of gin in well stocked bar? Check

The BESH Gin Palais is open to those who fit our demanding criteria. Seek out the BESHtionnaire and prove yourselves worthy - under 30s and instadiffers will be escorted from the premises <stern face>

CaptainMoll Fri 19-Apr-13 23:55:01


CaptainMoll Fri 19-Apr-13 23:54:52


CaptainMoll Fri 19-Apr-13 23:54:41


CaptainMoll Fri 19-Apr-13 23:54:27


CaptainMoll Fri 19-Apr-13 23:54:12


CaptainMoll Fri 19-Apr-13 23:54:03


CaptainMoll Fri 19-Apr-13 23:53:53


CaptainMoll Fri 19-Apr-13 23:53:45


FrankellyMyDearIDontGiveADamn Fri 19-Apr-13 22:35:07

Bye fred

HesterShaw Fri 19-Apr-13 22:19:32

Have done it. Here it is

Thengyouverymuch. See you over there.

HesterShaw Fri 19-Apr-13 22:14:16

I'm here. Shall I do it? OK.

evilgiraffe Fri 19-Apr-13 21:48:12

Thanks, Frank! RAWR

(although, much as I love darling Karl, the moustache is not his best look)

FrankellyMyDearIDontGiveADamn Fri 19-Apr-13 21:03:34

I've no idea what is going on with me so I'm going to call the clinic tomorrow. Look at my chart FFS! Like the sodding Alps angry

Northey Fri 19-Apr-13 20:59:26

hesty had roughed it all out, so should be ready to go as soon as she is back.

For our traditional end-of-fred hurried return to feem, I will tell you that I am hovering between Hint of a Tint and Implantation Imaginings. And also lob a few scallops around.

FrankellyMyDearIDontGiveADamn Fri 19-Apr-13 20:10:34

Some pictures for Evil

Number 1

Number 2

Any sign of that new fred? wink

CaptainMoll Fri 19-Apr-13 18:16:32

Link fail. hmm

Once more with feeling:

Just in case anyone needs cheering up

CaptainMoll Fri 19-Apr-13 18:15:34

[ Just in case anyone needs cheering up]

HadALittleFaithBaby Fri 19-Apr-13 16:52:40

All good with checks for the both of us, just waiting on discharge paperwork now. Been nice - my aunt, uncle and cousin visited. Very excited about a little girl - it's all boys that side! Chomping at the bit to go home. Faithlet is chomping at the boob!

Sorry about the absent droid Norf. What a nightmare.

Congratulations Twink! smile hope the next rotation much more enjoyable!

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Fri 19-Apr-13 16:02:34

That is a long while in the hospital faify. I hope all is okay with you and the little girl!

Well done twink, time for a celebratory drink?

Rock&roll norf. Although I would consider drinking cocktails instead, roughly the same price as two sticks and much more fun.

TWinklyLittleStar Fri 19-Apr-13 15:25:31

You do know how to celebrate NorfStar

Hope you're out faif.

hest how are you bearing up?

Today was my last day in my shite horrible department. Yay!

Northey Fri 19-Apr-13 14:09:14

Are you still in hozzy, fifi?

Still spotting. Still no droid. CD48. I might POAF for my burfday next week.

HadALittleFaithBaby Fri 19-Apr-13 11:06:03

Oh hesty I'm so sorry. It's such a horrible diagnosis to try to get your head round and with his history I guess it makes it much worse. I hope he gets the help he needs to stabilise in hospital.

<whispers> we might just get to go home in a bit! Keep you posted.

EuroShaggleton Fri 19-Apr-13 10:23:53

<pours in fish> Sorry to hear that, Hest. How is he today?

How soon does your temp usually drop, moll?

CaptainMoll Fri 19-Apr-13 09:17:31

<whispers> (5 DPO and my BBT is still above the coverline)

<commences menkulling>

lovesLemonDrizzleCake Fri 19-Apr-13 07:18:05

So sorry hes, tis SHIT. For you too twink. Cod and coons of comfort all round.

I am awake an hour later than the rest of the week and working from home today. So I'll be here a bit more today!

I liked the hole you digged, moll. And I SO agree.

Btw what happened to merk's TFP? Could do with a bit of nekkidness.

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