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From egg to egghausted. The journey part one!

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Meemawandmoonpie Thu 28-Mar-13 07:23:39

Morning everyone,
I thought I'd start a Fred here documenting the first part of the eggs movements. Now, before I actually start I'll just say I'm not even yet pregnant so I'll babble on about every wasted egg too! I'm not obsessed but find writing things down easier than telling my already bored with a glazed over look on his face, husband. Im not asking you to reply but it would be fab if anyone would and welcome added input from everyone, whether you're TTC, already pregnant, or interested in reading about someone else's current efforts to get up duffed!
Right, are we all sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

A little about me. 30, married for 5 years, been together longer than a decade and came off pill jan 1st in anticipation. Taking folic acid amongst other vits and generally doing my very best to entice the swimmers into signing a 9 month tenency agreement. Husband is also 30 and trying not to get too excited as he knows as soon as he does, I'll be! Then it all goes to pot.

Ok, so as I've said jan 1st came off pill expecting to a)either fall pg straight away or b) take a good few months to really get back into the swing of things. I've been on the pill since I was 15 so was pleasantly surprised I went straight back into a 28 day cycle. Thought it may be a fluke, but no, feb saw the same activity! Then came march!! March bloody madness more like.
This month I'm a baby making looney tune! My body has led me down every emotional pathway, tricking me into thinking I'm pg. 2 tests later, both BFN I now imagine its getting me back for 15 years of no PMS symptoms! I've had them all.
It started with a kiss being so bloated that I resembled aunt petunia after Harry blew her up, working its way to wind that would rival the saharan summer nights, boobs are wonky, massive hard and itchy nips. I've felt the ovaries release, the ( in my imagination) implantation pain which was awful, the spotting, could be cataracts and seeing things, the nausea... Cooking mistakes and the crying at the smallest things, thousand hint OBEM last night was not helpful.
I've got the blue veins showing in the boob and so much CM I feel like I'm on a slip'n'slide (tmi)!
I've even got the stuffy nose and (grasping at straws here) its apparently a pg sign...albeit a small one. Who knew?

So AF is due to visit tomorrow should my 28 day cycle carry on, she's coming for 4 days making herself a general PITA but no pain, no gain eh? So for the next 4 days I'll be a sweaty, crampy, moaning harpie and after that expect OH to fancy me again.

Sorry if you've lost interested or I've killed a thread before even starting, but I'll keep at it and hopefully it'll pick up, turn into something more exciting or provide a place for others to say 'hey that happened to me too'.

See you on t'uther side.


BartBaby Wed 07-Aug-13 17:22:07

Oh dear ruby i hope you are ok? What did dh have to say for himself then when he came in? The daft cow obviously has no morals or any consideration for others. Most women wouldnt feel comfortable getting that much attention of another womans husband. I hope you told him what a tool he is being and i hope you are feeling better today flowers

RubySlippers77 Wed 07-Aug-13 20:13:09

Do you know what bart, we didn't even discuss it..... we don't often talk about her as I can't stand her and he (apparently) thinks she's great, so there is no middle ground!! You're right, she has no morals and is possibly the most selfish person I've ever met. Why he thinks she's so bloody lovely I don't know, although cheerily all his friends agree with me, and sometimes he seems to see our point.....

Anyway, he's had an awful first day back at work and is still there. I'm struggling to feel any sympathy..... he wants to go to the cinema later so I'm hoping to persuade him that the Wolverine 3D is a good option, that way I can look at Hugh Jackman all night and not him!!

BartBaby Wed 07-Aug-13 22:10:33

Ha ha yes ruby a but of hugh jackman will make you feel better! wink

Im glad his friends agree with you. I hope he see's sense sooner rather than later flowers

BartBaby Wed 14-Aug-13 17:35:38

How are you doing ruby and notta ?

I've been reeling totally pants this week. Sickness has arrived with a vengence. I got a prescription from the gp but they aren't sure if its safe or not so I didn't even bother getting the tablets. I feel because this was very much planned, I shouldn't be complaining hmm but he'll its not good! Lol. I'm grateful and I wouldn't change it, but I hope it doesn't last too long all the same.

I hope you are both doing ok? Where are you at with your cycles?

RubySlippers77 Sun 18-Aug-13 18:10:44

Hey Bart

No luck for me yet, CD13 and only just had a high on CBFM. To be honest I think it's going to be the same as last month, lots of high days but no peak - when I have the peak it usually starts as high before CD10.

And also to be honest I don't care much at the moment; horrible as that sounds, my OH is really getting on my nerves with his insistence at putting Evil Cow and her needs first. He's planning on taking her and her (horrible) kids for a day out over the bank holiday weekend, but of course the greedy cow isn't satisfied with that, she wants them to go glamping (with him paying). To be fair he did invite me, but I'd rather stay at home and slit my wrists with a rusty spoon than spend any more than 0.5 seconds in her presence. Sooooo, all is not well at home, I am not a happy bunny and he can't/ won't see that she's a horrible person that none of his friends like either.

We did have a talk last night that led on to the subject and I do understand why he's so close to her and the kids - all from events from before I was on the scene - but that doesn't help when she makes snidey comments about me and he takes her side. GRRRRRR.

Rant over for now anyway! How's things with you? Notta, are you any cheerier than I am at the moment?!

BartBaby Tue 27-Aug-13 08:18:09

I hope things are ok with you in the ruby household? How did the bank holiday weekend go? Did you decide to have a month off this month? Maybe that's what you need to have a think about things. And maybe your dh will see that his behaviour is making you consider not actually ttc for a while, and he might buck his ideas up. But he is a man and nothing is ever as easy as that!

Things are ok here with me. 8 weeks today. I can't decide whether the time is passing quickly or slowly! The sickness got really bad and I was totally miserable with it so Have got some tablets off the doctor which have improved things.

How are things with you notta ? Are you still around?

Nottalotta Tue 27-Aug-13 08:29:42

Helloooo!! I thought this thread had vanished! (i only access mn on my phone and can't work out an easy way to find a thread.....)

Still here.......cd23 today and feeling the onset on AF i think....ALREADY!! Had a 25 day cycle last time and was hoping for the same or longer but this morning had a pinky 'wipe' and have achey hips. Rubbish.

Glad your sickness is a little better Bart - have you kept it a secret and if so HOW!!! With so muck sickness?.

Ruby.....i just saw your last post. I honestly don't know how you cope with it. This is some friend of your DP isn't it (trying to remember) I have to say, i will admit i can be jealous and irrational at times but this would be a total deal breaker for me. It would totally consume me!! Its not even so much that i don't trust DH .....i don't know what it is but there would be no way i could continue with him taking yhe evil cow and her kids away. I don't say this to make you feel bad but to maybe your partner should realise how tolerant you are being and how much of an arse he is being?

I think i am probably worse because DH doesn't really have any female friends (has always worked in men type environments!) so i am not used to it.

Hope you managed to have a good weekend despite all that.

BartBaby Sun 01-Sep-13 20:27:42

Hi notta thread still here although not very busy these days. Somewhere near the top there should be a button that says watch. If you click that you can add threads and keep them all together in the 'I'm watching' bit. It comes up ok on my phone but I suppose it depends which phone you have.

I hope af stayed away a few extra days for you. Well I hope she didnt show up at all really! But you get what I mean. I haven't kept it much of a secret to be honest. We've told ds and close family and friends that we see regularly. Easier than trying to make stuff up! Lol

RubySlippers77 Tue 03-Sep-13 20:11:14

Hello all and sorry for the long absence! Hope everything is well smile

Nothing new to report from me really. AF turned up today right on time, I didn't think there was any chance of a BFP due to bad timing this month so I guess that's the best result there could be, no false hopes there. My CBFM has been playing up a bit so I'm hoping that will sort itself out soon, don't want to pay £100 for a new one!

Evil Cow is still on the scene, my new tactic is to say nothing (bad or good) about her until OH starts having little digs at me for not liking her horrible children, and then it's no holds barred - why should I pretend to like them when no-one else does either?! To be honest the OH and I have been so busy at his work that we haven't had time to do much else, which is a good thing in some ways, she can't moan about that as it's all for his benefit.

In other news I'm thinking about returning to fat club to lose a surplus stone - have joined a couple of threads on here too to give me some motivation - tonight was my first night back running for a few weeks and it was hard work!!

Anyway enough about me, how is everyone else??

Nottalotta Tue 03-Sep-13 21:28:21

Hi Ruby! You are a saint with regard to evil cow!! I have just got rid of AF. Hoping to get well into dtd as the week goes on. I'm sooo fed up with work that i am going to put extra effort in as getting preggo means a year off!

I have started doing slimming world this week - not at a class but with the help of an exlerienced friend. What club are you doing and which threads have you found?

What happened to the OP? Will she ever return?

RubySlippers77 Thu 05-Sep-13 20:27:59

Ah notta, I can assure you that I feel very far from saintly as regards Evil Cow, but thank you!! If only she would get some friends and bugger off then all would be well, but no... For some reason (can't think why) she has hardly any female friends and prefers to stay round my OH so he can pay for her to go out drinking and look after her nightmare children when she has a hangover!!

LOL, I am so with you on the getting away from work - I reported to HR that I don't have enough time to do everything I'm supposed to, and sent them a list of 150 items I'm supposed to do as just half of my job - they said that was very useful but could I give them a bit of detail on all of the items?! Even at 2 minutes per description that would be 300 minutes = 5 hours spent completely pointlessly. They don't seem to see the irony in this...

I went to a Rosemary Conley class last night & enjoyed it - of all the fat clubs out there I do prefer RC, mainly because I need to get my arse moving and they include an exercise class. Also I can't get my head round the WW or Slimming World systems 😞 I did WW many years ago but they've changed it all since.

There are many useful threads on here depending on what type of exercise you do (mine is running) and type of diet you follow (mine's low carbing), what do you prefer?

Nottalotta Thu 05-Sep-13 21:50:57

Hi Ruby, i would be having a total shit fit if my DH had the evil cow friend. So really, consider yourself sainted!!

So, Saint Ruby, i have done WW but combined only manage it if i am low carbing. I always lose weight on ww very well but never maintain. I have vowed NEVER to so slimming world, it seems so complicated. But, you can have pasta and spuds and allegedly lose weight so worth a try.

I do a step class and a body pump class, and used to do spin but the class has been cancelled so will be back to running again.. I got into the habit of doing the local parkrun every week - do you have one near you? Free timed 5k. Was soooolk chuffed to get a pb of 26minutes then promptly stopped running.

Oh and ride my horse a couple or three times a week.

Plan more of the bedroom exercise in the next 10 days.

My manager is completely unsupportive. Considering a formal complaint about him. sad

BartBaby Fri 06-Sep-13 23:05:11

All that talk of exercise is making me tired just reading it! grin I had to run a very short distance in the rain today and was surprised how bad I felt! I'm blaming being pregnant though. It didnt help that it jiggled me all up inside and was nearly sick! Even so I've never really been one for exercising. I'd much rather eat less to lose the weight. Maybe the odd bit on my exercise bike but my boobs are too big for running grin

I tried the slimming world and did lose quite a bit on it. It's not too hard once they explain it to you. Its just a points system and its all in the book. I did the mixed one so you can eat different things rather than having to stick to red (meat) or green (veg)

I really need to get off to bed now. I always get distracted when I'm supposed to be going to bed.

I agree saint ruby you are handling the situation better than I would be.

And good luck with dtd notta

RubySlippers77 Sun 08-Sep-13 19:27:18

I'm feeling quite far from saintly today after staying up late last night drinking sad I'm not much of a drinker and didn't think I'd had that much (it probably worked out as a bottle of wine over about 5 hours) but combined with feeling a bit flu-ey the day before and a 2am bedtime, it wiped me out today!! Still, OH is worse as he stayed up till 6am, heh heh heh. I think he forgets that he's 42 not 22 and can't cope with these things any more.....

In better news, he hasn't mentioned Evil Cow for a little while and I don't think she's been in touch since she found out his car's off the road at the moment. Nice eh?! She rang up last weekend clearly fishing for a lift to take her nightmare children to Chessington for a day - she kept asking how long it would take to get the train, how much it would cost etc as she doesn't drive - I'd have said bugger off and use the internet to find out like the rest of us, but he did have a go at helping her before explaining that he was busy at work and doesn't have a car at the moment so couldn't take them. Funnily enough she wasn't on the phone for very long after that.

notta - you do far more exercise than me - I used to be such a gym bunny but I don't seem to find the time nowadays, or have a decent gym nearby! But sadly I need to or it's the elasticated trousers for me by Christmas time sad

How are you feeling now Bart?

Nottalotta Sun 08-Sep-13 21:12:09

Good news about evil cow!! Does he not see it? That shes dropped him now he has no car. I would be having none of it. Seriously would be ultimatum time.

Theexercise prob sounds more than it really is. Have not yet been for a run in light of friday spin class being binned. Have ridden the horse today and yesterday though. I don't like the gym, prefer classes, more fun.

Would you tell the instructor if/when you got preggo?

RubySlippers77 Mon 09-Sep-13 19:33:31

Hey notta

Sadly he doesn't, either that or doesn't want to see it! His car is being fixed this week so I'm sure she'll be back on the scene soon enough trying to wheedle some more time & money out of him..... come to think of it, I think it's one of her nightmare children's birthdays soon, so no doubt she'll be in touch trying to get a decent present and birthday event.....

Blocked her on Facebook though so she can't stalk me, had a horrible thought that she might be looking what I was up to, not any more though ;)

On to happier matters, I went for a run tonight and took almost 2 mins off my previous best time!! Ok it's only for running 3.75K, but we all have to start somewhere right?! And fat club tomorrow night I think, sigh - 15 weeks till Christmas and I have to start some time if I'm not to look like a Teletubby by then.

I guess I'd have to tell the instructor as and when I find myself upduffed - am trying to persuade OH to get a joint gym membership so we can go together, which I think would help. I won't want to run when it's dark when I get home from work, and he's been a member of a 24 hour gym for 18 months now and gone twice. Maybe a bit of treadmill action will get all his little swimmers moving too!

Nottalotta Mon 09-Sep-13 22:16:05

Blimey 15 weeks til christmas?? Its going be slim pickings in the notta household i can tell you.

A week of half hearted effort at eating the SW way (no class) and i lost 2lbs!! So will continue and try to do it a bit more properly.

Well done on the run, 2 minutes off is massive!! I know what you mean about running after work though. I will be going with a friend round the town directly from work but wouldn't do it on my own!

Do you take any ttc vitamins? I've been taking seven seas 'trying for a baby' but they have iron in and i am getting painful side effects! So need to find an alternative.

Good luck at fat club!

Nottalotta Mon 09-Sep-13 22:17:44

Oh and good one for blocking EC on facebook! Will she be pissed off? Hope so. grin

RubySlippers77 Tue 10-Sep-13 22:11:27

The evil moment arrived tonight as I returned to fat club sad the instructor is lovely but I am back to the same weight I was before I did WW many, many years ago and vowed never to be so lardy again. Waaaaah. So, it's back to eating lots of dust for me after I puffed and panted my way through an aerobics class.....

I take a general multivitamin which includes 100% of your folic acid RDA - is that enough? I did take the special ones from Wilkos but as nothing happened in that direction and I had lots of cheapy Superdrug general ones left to take, I thought I might as well use them up!

They also reminded us several times at fat club that it's 15 weeks till Christmas - sigh! Wonder if I'll have the excuse of eating for two by then..... How are you getting on notta?

RubySlippers77 Tue 10-Sep-13 22:12:19

PS I very, very much hope that Evil Cow will be pissed off but unable to say anything - what's her complaint going to be, that she was trying to stalk me but couldn't?!

BartBaby Wed 11-Sep-13 13:14:55

Good luck to both of you on your first and exercise kicks grin I seem to have put on about 2lb ish so far which I'm happy with. All I seem to be able to eat or at least want to eat is total crap. Chips, chocolate, pasta with sauces, pizza. Luckily as I've been feeling so sick I'm not eating loads of it. Just little at a time.

ruby good work blocking the EC. And I'm glad she has been out of the picture for a while, even if it has just been for her own selfish reasons.

RubySlippers77 Thu 12-Sep-13 13:27:41

The exercise kick has come to a grinding halt as today I feel rubbish!! Was going to struggle into work but then I thought, why should I?! They're not exactly supportive of me and that's part of the reason I'm so poorly, hence today is being spent on the sofa wearing jammies and watching Poirot.....

EC's other nightmare child has his birthday soon - typically OH can't remember when apart from "end of September - I think" - unfortunately whatever date it happens to be I shall be very busy indeed and unable to celebrate it with them. What a pity. No doubt she'll be back scrounging soon with that on the horizon and OH's car being fixed this week.

Still not sure if my CBFM is working properly, last month it read High all the time, this month we're on day 10 and it's still Low. Is it really bad that I'm checking it before I decide whether to make an effort to DTD?! As OH and I are both under the weather I'd rather save our energies for a productive time.....!

RubySlippers77 Tue 17-Sep-13 22:30:13

Fume, fume, fume. Evil Cow phoned today whilst I was there (OH is always careful to make a point of saying I'm there since the time she didn't realise and made a snidey comment about me!) and it turns out that she's angling to go with him if he goes to see his friend in India in November. GRRRRR.

Why does he not see that she's a horrible selfish woman who's more than happy to bugger off for two weeks without her kids, spending all the money which was supposed to be for a family holiday in the process?! Why why why??

Fuming quietly to myself whilst OH has a shower. Hope everyone else is well!

BartBaby Thu 19-Sep-13 20:04:17

Oh dear ruby not good at all!! Sorry I've just seen your message I'm away on holiday with patchy Internet.

Has anything happened since the last post? I have to say I would be putting my foot down with dh if I was in your situation. Enough is enough. No married man should be going off for 2 weeks to India (or anywhere else for that matter) with another woman.

RubySlippers77 Sun 22-Sep-13 11:21:31

Hi Bart, hope you enjoyed your holiday!!

Nothing new to report since the last post, he hasn't mentioned India or Evil Cow. So this either means he hasn't got round to doing anything about it, or he's not telling me because he doesn't want to face the ensuing (large) row. Hmmmm.

I've been for another reflexology session, as I was on CD16 at the time I was given some visualisations for that point in my cycle. Not sure I believe in all of that to be honest but hey, it can't hurt and the reflexology is marvellous, I have a great nap.

CD20 today and symptom spotting even though I promised myself I wouldn't! Mainly because we went for dinner and drinks last night and I couldn't face the alcohol, then this morning I felt really nauseous. Think it's more due to the quality of the wine at the curry house than anything else, I'm just being hopeful really!

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