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From egg to egghausted. The journey part one!

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Meemawandmoonpie Thu 28-Mar-13 07:23:39

Morning everyone,
I thought I'd start a Fred here documenting the first part of the eggs movements. Now, before I actually start I'll just say I'm not even yet pregnant so I'll babble on about every wasted egg too! I'm not obsessed but find writing things down easier than telling my already bored with a glazed over look on his face, husband. Im not asking you to reply but it would be fab if anyone would and welcome added input from everyone, whether you're TTC, already pregnant, or interested in reading about someone else's current efforts to get up duffed!
Right, are we all sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.

A little about me. 30, married for 5 years, been together longer than a decade and came off pill jan 1st in anticipation. Taking folic acid amongst other vits and generally doing my very best to entice the swimmers into signing a 9 month tenency agreement. Husband is also 30 and trying not to get too excited as he knows as soon as he does, I'll be! Then it all goes to pot.

Ok, so as I've said jan 1st came off pill expecting to a)either fall pg straight away or b) take a good few months to really get back into the swing of things. I've been on the pill since I was 15 so was pleasantly surprised I went straight back into a 28 day cycle. Thought it may be a fluke, but no, feb saw the same activity! Then came march!! March bloody madness more like.
This month I'm a baby making looney tune! My body has led me down every emotional pathway, tricking me into thinking I'm pg. 2 tests later, both BFN I now imagine its getting me back for 15 years of no PMS symptoms! I've had them all.
It started with a kiss being so bloated that I resembled aunt petunia after Harry blew her up, working its way to wind that would rival the saharan summer nights, boobs are wonky, massive hard and itchy nips. I've felt the ovaries release, the ( in my imagination) implantation pain which was awful, the spotting, could be cataracts and seeing things, the nausea... Cooking mistakes and the crying at the smallest things, thousand hint OBEM last night was not helpful.
I've got the blue veins showing in the boob and so much CM I feel like I'm on a slip'n'slide (tmi)!
I've even got the stuffy nose and (grasping at straws here) its apparently a pg sign...albeit a small one. Who knew?

So AF is due to visit tomorrow should my 28 day cycle carry on, she's coming for 4 days making herself a general PITA but no pain, no gain eh? So for the next 4 days I'll be a sweaty, crampy, moaning harpie and after that expect OH to fancy me again.

Sorry if you've lost interested or I've killed a thread before even starting, but I'll keep at it and hopefully it'll pick up, turn into something more exciting or provide a place for others to say 'hey that happened to me too'.

See you on t'uther side.


BartBaby Wed 19-Jun-13 18:01:07

How is everyone getting on this month? Cd 15 for me. Ov yesterday. Managed to dtd on cd9, cd11, cd13 and cd14.

Starting the 2ww now so ready for the going mad and all the symptom spotting!

RubySlippers77 Wed 19-Jun-13 22:50:38

Good luck to you Bartbaby!!

I'm on CD6, trying the CBFM again. There'll be no DTD for me until next Wednesday at least as OH is in Ibiza (so there's better be none for him too!!), however after that it'll be back to symptom spotting during the 2ww..... dear oh dear. In the meantime I have a 5K race on Sunday to worry myself about instead, don't think I can quite run 5K yet so we'll see how it goes!

BartBaby Fri 21-Jun-13 12:44:57

Good luck for that ruby even the thought of it makes me feel tired!

RubySlippers77 Sun 23-Jun-13 12:06:35

I did it in 33:14 BartBaby although I am now very tired indeed!! Hope all this getting fit is worth it with a BFP soon!

CD10 at the moment and Medium on the CBFM - I'm hoping that High/ Peak will coincide with CD14 when OH is finally back from his hols.....!

BartBaby Sun 23-Jun-13 12:37:01

Well done ruby grin i think you deserve to put your feet up for the rest of the day now!

I normally ov on cd14 so that sounds about right with the monitor although i normally only use the opk's so unless you have a short cycle you should be fine for when he gets back. My DH works away sometimes during the week so i know awful it is worrying about if they will be back in time.

5dpo for me so nearly half way through the 2ww

RubySlippers77 Sun 23-Jun-13 21:05:38

I filled the rest of the day with cleaning, ironing and washing - not exactly thrilling but needed doing!! In bed already now though.....

Thank you for the advice about the ov'ing, I think we will time it just about right but sod's law he'll be wrecked from a week away so that will be another month to wait before TTC sad still, all I can do is try to stay healthy and positive. The OPKs never worked for me, not sure if that's because I drink lots of water and the instructions say to try not to?

CD21 blood tests are booked for a week on Thursday so will see how they go!

BartBaby Sun 23-Jun-13 21:51:52

I hate the washing and the cleaning and the tidying! Lol. Its the putting all the clean clothes away though that i hate the most. Always seem to be doing it! We had some of DH family round yesterday for his birthday so i had to do my tidying for that. He did take ds out for a couple of hours this afternoon so got a few hours by myself. Bliss! grin

You could be right about the opk's and drinking lots of water. Ive always found them really clear but im terrible for not drinking water! note to self to really try and drink more of it

Good luck for the bloods. Did you ever manage to get your DH to go for the sperm test?

RubySlippers77 Sun 23-Jun-13 22:11:45

Ohhhh I hate that job too!! Decided I hate cleaning the kitchen more though. I do a big batch of cooking to make a few lunches, and then I seem to spend the next two days washing up from it!

The only time I got a positive result on an OPK was when I hadn't drunk much water - I'd get a faint line other times I was expecting it but not the dark line I was supposed to. Now you come to mention it though, it's worth me trying again this week to see if I can get that and the CBFM to match.....

Pah, no, he's being really irritating about it. I think I might have more luck if all my tests come back ok, which I won't know for about a month (after the next lot my last ones are on CD3 of the next cycle). I understand that in a way he'd rather not know, as he thinks that if his sperm count is low then he's missed his chance, but in my opinion IF it is low then at least we know and can hopefully do something about it. Just have to wait for the results of my tests I guess and cross that bridge if I have to!

BartBaby Mon 24-Jun-13 20:22:07

I think with men well a lot of them anyway if they dont know about a problem, then there isnt a problem, and then they dont need to fix it. Where as with us women, or at least where having babies is concerned, the quicker we find out if there is a problem, we can find out what it is, and then we can do something about it to fix it and get on with the ttc again.

I think a lot of the torture with these things is really the just not knowing. Its the same on the 2ww. It kills me that i cant just fond out right now and be done with it and deal with it if its not the answer i was hoping for! Hopefully once you have your tests back he will be a bit more forthcoming with you. Failing that just make his appt and frog march him down there grin

RubySlippers77 Mon 24-Jun-13 22:44:12

Oh how true!! He'd rather not have to think about until I can 'prove' that any problems are on his side. Well, hopefully there won't be any problems, but if all my tests come back ok and still nothing is happening, perhaps he'll take his head out of the sand and agree to have ONE test as opposed to the FOUR blood tests I'll have to have.....

He says that as he did have a sperm test about 5 years ago, he doesn't want to have another as if there was something wrong now (that one was fine) then he'd feel like he missed his chance to have kids - he was desperate to have them with his ex but she lied to him for years and stayed on the Pill. Which I agree is a horrible evil thing to do to someone who trusts you, but doesn't help me now!

Still on Medium on the CBFM so fingers crossed for High/ Peak on Thurs smile

Minion Wed 26-Jun-13 08:12:55

Hi ladies,
Well I'm back from holiday and 10 days worth of trying to get upduffed. It was over my fertile week and we did it every day so now I'm just hoping for the best.
It's a little different this month, don't normally get any symptoms till a week before AF but this started 10 days before.
Different kind of cramping, more like sharp pains to the sides with a feeling of 'fullness' much like when you really need to number 2... Sorry.
Boobwise they're not as itchy as last month but they have got bigger and I am probably kidding myself, a little more veiny?
Also, and this may be tmi for this time of day but in the interest of science, ysterday I had a huge amount of lotion like cm. never noticed it before, and cervix is still high.
Backache has also returned after its 4 month hiatus,
Now I don't think I am pg but there's always that notion of doubt...
Roll on the 2nd x

BartBaby Wed 26-Jun-13 10:31:48

Welcome back minion hope you had a fab time grin thats certainly a lot of dtd so you must be in with a good chance. I also dont think i will be upduffed but as you said there is always that glimmer of hope there.

ruby i hope things are ok with you. Just explain to dh that even if there was something wrong with his little swimmers then that still doesnt mean he has missed his chance. There are all sorts of things that they can do these days. And really the quicker he finds out the better so other options can be looked at sooner and it can be fixed. If he leaves it too long and something is wrong then he may infact miss his chance twice then.

Nothing new here with me really. 8dpo and dying to poas hmm Still have the sore fuller boobs, occasional nausea, bit if backache in bed. All are my pre af symptoms. Ive come to the conclusion that as i only had my coil removed 3 months ago my lining probably isnt thick enough yet for a little eggy to get comfy which would explain why my last 2 af's only lasted 2 days each so i think it will be another few months at least. Its a good job i enjoy the trying part! grin

RubySlippers77 Sun 30-Jun-13 19:30:50

At the risk of TMI - I don't think this will be our month as OH & I have only managed to DTD once over the right time - he's been ill yet again since returning from holiday!! And yet somehow he can't connect boozing all week in Ibiza with now feeling rubbish.....

BartBaby - I have my day 21 blood tests on Thursday, once I've had the day 2 ones (trickier to arrange time off for as of course I'm never sure when CD1 will be!) I'll have had all the tests that I can for now, and (assuming all is ok) everything else is up to him. I don't think there's anything 'wrong' with either of us, but at least the tests would help us know for sure.

Minion - any news??!

BartBaby Sun 30-Jun-13 20:08:17

Ha ha ruby well obviously its nothing that dh has done that has made him poorly.... hmm one advantage of already having my ds is that dh would never get away with going away for a week boozing!

Im sure the bloods will turn out fine. I hope they do. How long have you been ttc now?

I stupidly poas on cd's 9, 10 and 11. Thought i may have ha a v v v faint barely there line on cd9, but nothing on 10 or 11 (although 11 wasnt even with fmu) so now im cd12 and out of tests and waiting for af to arrive. I may have just tested too early but im not really holding out much hope.

RubySlippers77 Fri 05-Jul-13 19:43:35

Ah well of course not!! OH has been working loooong hours this week, but we're going away for the weekend to visit friends, so that will be a nice break. I think I may even have to have a few glasses of wine given that there's only a very small chance of me being upduffed this month.....

We've only been trying since March really, admittedly I did fib to my GP and tell him we'd already been trying 9 months, but then time is not on our side (I'm 36) and as he told me we'd have to wait 18 months for any help on the NHS, I'm glad I did!

First lot of blood tests were yesterday, with my luck days 3 & 4 (when the next lot are due) will fall on a weekend AGAIN though which is the one time I can't have them.....

BartBaby Sat 06-Jul-13 22:57:12

18 months seems like a long time?! Tbh i would have fibbed aswell if i could. Good luck with the next lot of tests. Its sods law isnt it that out of 7 days, it normally falls on the only 2 you cant do?!

Well af showed up for me bang on time. They've only been lasting 2 days each so far and although that does seem like quite a good deal, i was getting a bit concerned that there might not be enough blood in the lining to hold a fertilised little bean, hense them being so short. I went to the doctors though and she didnt seem concerned. She said all the stuff i was expecting like it can take up to 6 months for the hormones to get back to normal and to keep taking the vitamins etc etc etc. she did say to go back though once its been 6 months if they are no different. So at least im half way there.

We're sort of having a couple of months break now until after our holiday in september although i use the word break in the loosest possible sense im not going to use opk's or do any temping. And im trying to be less obsessive about it and counting days all the time (but i already know roughly the day im due to ov so im not sure how well i will be doing with it all nearer the time!) but id quite like a few drinks wine in the sunshine, and to look relatively ok in my bikini if i dare get one! Although were not preventing things either so maybe im hoping a bit of reverse psychology on my body will do the trick and many people do eventually get upduffed when they take a break!

Sorry for the long post! I hope you are having a fab weekend away. The weather has been gorgeous hasnt it?! We took ds to watch the racing at Croft Circuit today and Andy Sugden off Emmerdale was racing grin made my day anyway! Lol

RubySlippers77 Mon 08-Jul-13 18:33:01

AF arrived early for me today, not due till Thursday..... irritating in a way but means I can go for the next tests Wed/ Thur rather than missing them yet again!! And after that I should have the results in a week or so, so HOPEFULLY by the end of next week I'll know whether everything is (relatively) ok, or whether I should be asking my GP for further tests sad I agree, 18 months is a ridiculously long amount of time to wait when the NHS website actually says 6 months for women over 35, I'm guessing that it goes by your local authority or whoever complains the loudest as to who gets treatment.

I have heard before that it takes a few months for AF to settle down once you come off the pill, and although light it's still regular which can only be a good thing!

Completely understand about the holiday, OH is thinking of taking us to Thailand in Sept which would be amazing, but then I'm guessing we'd run into problems if I had to have various inoculations whilst TTC so we might have to put everything on hold till after that. In the meantime we are at least going to Barcelona in a few weeks' time so I really need to make an effort to not look like a piggy in a summer frock by the time I go. Of course, I can then fully justify lots of yummy food and wine by the time I get there grin

I did have a lovely weekend thank you and hope you did with the celeb-spotting excitement too!! Don't know why but I was a bit down today, probably with the arrival of AF to put an end to another month's hopes, and also because I know how much OH would love us to have kids. We're only on month 4 of TTC but already it seems like forever sad sad

BartBaby Tue 09-Jul-13 00:01:05

Sorry AF got you sad i do think its slightly better for her to arrive early though rather than late. Being late and getting the hopes up even more, although i know its no consolation. As you said though it is at least good about the tests. The sooner they are done the better then you can at least plan your next move. It may be worth pressing your gp further for some quicker action? it may just be that the waiting lists in your area is longer. Sometimes there is a difference in the local authorities with what they will and wont do with things like IVF and surgeries etc. Have you looked at private tests? Im not sure on costings or anything but it cant hurt looking into it.

Thailand will be amazing! not that i am at all jealous envy lol. And barcelona aswell grin Hopefully you will have a lovely relaxing time and it will take your mind off things for a bit. I doubt my holiday will be even slightly relaxing with ds but i cant wait for it all the same. And people always say that they get upduffed when they decide to have a break, so maybe this will be the case for us?! I hope it happens at the most inconveniant time for us!

I hope you start feeling better soon flowers Ive had a DH free and DS free evening so ive enjoyed a couple of blue wkd's and toast with nutella for my tea grin just because i can!

RubySlippers77 Tue 09-Jul-13 19:30:20

Ah thank you BartBaby. I was so poorly yesterday after going running, think the heat got to me. Who says this getting fit is good for you, eh?!

Depending on the results of the blood tests I may push my GP to do something more quickly - if everything comes back ok I'm sure he'll say we have to wait it out till the new year, if not perhaps he'll authorise more tests. I did look at going private but it's £200+ for the initial tests at both of the places I tried. OH is desperate for a baby BUT irritatingly reluctant to go for tests after his last girlfriend lied to him about it for so long. Ho hum, at least once I have the results I can go from there - even a "it all looks ok" result would be encouraging at the moment.

I realised that as AF has happened along early again this month, it looks like I'm down to a 25 day cycle and hence it will happen during my trip to Barcelona next time, how annoying!! Of course there's the chance that it won't happen at all but I don't think I'll be relying on that when packing all my, er, requirements for the trip.....

Toast and Nutella - yum yum!! And thank you for the good wishes, it means a lot! x

BartBaby Thu 11-Jul-13 19:56:14

Im sure you will still enjoy your holiday ruby even if af tags along. It will be a good distraction smile i think she will turn up towards the end of my holiday aswell, but as long as we are prepared just incase we will be fine! Positive thinking though and she may not be there at all grin

When will you get the results back? Everything crossed for you.

I actually dont know what cycle day im on! Im not looking at calenders, and although i know im due to ov at the weekend or early next week im not going to do any opk's. I'm rather pleased with myself for sticking to my more relaxed approach this month. And i do feel a lot better for it. But dh still better put out over the weekend or i might not be as happy! grin

I hope you have a good weekend.

RubySlippers77 Wed 17-Jul-13 20:46:24

Well done on avoiding the OPKs!! I'm still using the CBFM and I do find it helpful (although not helpful enough to give me a BFP yet!). In yet another display of cracking timing, OH is away this weekend which I'm sure will coincide with peak fertility..... sigh.

I should have my blood test results soon, might ring up tomorrow actually to see if they're in yet, they did say about a week so hopefully I'm not being too optimistic..... fingers crossed that all will be well, but if not hopefully the GP will be able to do more for us after that.

Oh and at least the smug pregnant cow at work is sodding off on maternity leave soon, although not without daily references to not being able to do this, that and the other because she's pregnant, don't you know. Grrrrrr. I'm probably being a bit oversensitive, but she IS very smug and annoying at the best of times, so this doesn't help!

How are things on your TTC journey? I'm still going between being ridiculously broody and being happy to wait whilst we go on holiday, have nice meals out etc. But mostly I am ridiculously broody, if worried that it will never happen sad

BartBaby Fri 19-Jul-13 21:59:52

Only 1 successful dtd this weekend! Not looking good for this month i suspect.

Did you manage to get your results back? I really hope its all good for you flowers have you had your peak fertility thingy yet? Its a pain if it coincides with the oh being away. My dh works away sometimes during the week so im normally hoping it happens on a weekend! Or at least the beginning of the week.

I know what you mean about other pg women. My best friend and my step sister are both pg. It took my friend a long while to ttc aswell so she isnt smug. She knows how it is. But with my step sister is was just an accident, she didnt even know how far along she was. She's not been smug but i cant help feeling bah!! I wish it was that easy for all of us!

Anyways im a few dpo. Trying and failing not to symptom spot. Been a bit sicky today, and really itchy. Probably the heat as its way way to early for it to be anything else. No sore boobs as yet thats normally my first confusing tell tale sign af is on the way.

Oh and me and dh habe decided no alcohol until we go on our holiday (well maybe the odd cheeky one) not so much for ttc purposes but to try and look a bit better on the beach! So part of me is thinking im really looking forward to drinks on holiday!

RubySlippers77 Sun 21-Jul-13 19:39:06

No DTD for me for a week or so and OH is still away this weekend, so unless the immaculate conception is repeated it's looking unlikely for me too sad on the other hand, my CBFM monitor tells me that I'm on day 13 and still no high or peak readings, so you never know - I may not have missed my chance if I haven't OV'd yet..... I think I've been so busy with normal work, evening work (for extra money) and bar work this weekend (for charity) that my body has said enough is enough!! OH should be back tomorrow evening so if that coincides with OV time then I may have to pounce on him, although I'll wait for him to take his sweaty and horrible motorbike leathers off and have a shower first.....

My blood tests all came back fine thank you!! grin The official verdict from the GP was all satisfactory, they didn't give me the actual results but will if I specifically ask.

Fingers crossed for both of us this month. OH is away with his (horrible, evil cow) of a female friend and her (nightmare) children who he unaccountably thinks are great. I popped up to see them yesterday and to be fair the demon children were ok but she was the usual lying, scheming selfish witch she always is. Can you tell I don't like her?! TBH I think he is aware of her faults but turns a blind eye as he sees the kids as his surrogate ones, they'd be the same age as the ones he was trying for with his ex. I'm really hoping that if we do manage to have a baby, he won't think of her as a suitable babysitter confused

RubySlippers77 Sun 21-Jul-13 19:46:09

Forgot to say, I'm also hoping that the delayed OV means that AF will join me post-holiday!!

BartBaby Sun 21-Jul-13 22:57:48

Great news about the test results!! hopefully your mind will be a mind will be a bit more settled now. And you can get on to dh for his checks as you already did your part. its much better to find out sooner rather than later then at least something can be done if needs be.

Sounds like you havent ov yet so will be in with a fighting chance once dh comes back. Even if you get a peak tomorrow there will still be when he gets home wink or even tuesday might just catch aswell. And bonus if af missed your holiday! I still think that she might just get me towards the end of mine. But they've only been lasting 2 says anyway so it shouldnt be too bad.

And it sounds like you need a break! flowers all that working.... It will be a well earned holiday. Ive been a stay at home mum since august. Worked in a call centre and totally hated the job! And dh was working away alot so we were lucky enough at the time to be in a position where i could just stay at home and look after ds. Rather than him having to go to nursery and relying on my auntie to look after him. And im glad to be out of the benefits system! not sure if you have any experience with them and hoping you dont work for them!! but the people at tax credits and child benefit etc are useless! or at least the ones ive dealt with. Especially since the new child benefit rules have changed this year. What a faff about. (Sorry about the rant on this can you tell i had to call them this weekend?!) hmm

Anyway he's starting full time school in september so im probably going to look for something else then. Dh isnt away quite as much now, and thats where the money is! So the extra pennies would be useful. Obviously thats if im not upduffed by then grin

Im about 6 or 7dpo maybe? And have no symptoms yet this month. Not even my sore boobs that normally arrive on or just after ov. Not that im complaining! Its nice to be able to walk down stairs without holding on to them! Lol.

I hope you have a good week smile

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