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Stopped Microgynon after 17 years and now ttc1 - feeling bit bewildered!

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essie81 Wed 27-Mar-13 15:22:59

Hi I'm new and in need of some encouragement!

I started taking Microgynon when I was 15 due to crippling painful periods. I stopped taking it last December after 17 years, I'd have stopped sooner only I was terrified of the painful periods returning as they were so bad in my teens I couldn't move for days. Miraculously my cycle has been pretty regular from the moment I came off the pill. My painful periods seem to be a thing of the past now as well which is a mega bonus!

I'm just terrified now that after all these years on the pill. I know it shouldn't make any difference if I'd taken it for a year or 17, but I can't help feeling a bit anxious about it now. My Mum doesn't help, she had me at 27, my brother at 29, started the menopause at 36, though went on to have my sister at 39, then had a hysterectomy at 43 due to fibroids. She keeps on at me that I'm leaving it too late as I know she's worried about me going through what she did, which is a distinct possibility. I just need some hand holding from you lovely people!

Bearface Wed 27-Mar-13 15:36:24

Hi Essie,

Welcome to TTC! I was on Microgynon for 13 years and I too had painful periods when younger, but I didn't go on the pill for that reason. Mine are still a bit painful but not as bad as when I was younger. I came off it to TTC #1 about 18 months ago and I've not had any problems with cycles or anything like that. We still haven't managed to conceieve yet, but there are other problems behind my story which aren't down to Microgynon. I'm sure you will be fine.

I guess the only thing to watch oput for is whether the pill was masking any underlying problems. You need to give it a few months for your cycle to sort itself out from what I've heard from others, although mine sorted itself out straight away.

You don't say how old you are. Perhaps with your family history and age being a possible factor you could approach your GP just to check you out with blood tests to check you are ovulating etc., but I would wait a few months to do this, because obviously your body might need some time to adjust.

Why not join one of the lovely threads on here for some support while you get started? That helped me loads and I've learnt so much.

Anyway, best of luck and I hope this helps.

essie81 Wed 27-Mar-13 15:50:55

Thanks bearface, thats good to hear things got back to normal quickly for you, sorry to hear no BFP yet though.

I'm 32 (birthday last week!), sorry should have put that on OP. I have been to GP, she's a bit old school though and just said to crack on and come back in a year if no luck. She didn't seem to think I needed to worry about Mum's issues just yet. My maternal gmother also had my uncle in her late 30's and she didn't have an early menopause (sorry there is probably shortcut for that word but don't know what it is yet!), so it doesn't exactly run in my family, even though Mum experienced it.

Thanks for the warm welcome though and advice, its really helpful, loads of luck to you too, I will join one of the threads when I unravel how it all works! grin

Bearface Wed 27-Mar-13 16:20:02

Happy birthday for last week! thanks and wine for you!

You could always go and get a second opinion from a different GP if it's bothering you, but if not, then just do what she says and sweat it out. grin

I'm on several threads and there are lots of lovely folks on here, but I'd recommend Just Shagging which was the first one I joined:

Anyway, hopefully see you around. Good luck!

Dowk31 Wed 27-Mar-13 16:26:14

Hi Essie I'm a newbie also smile been on birth control (all different pills, implant) for 14 yrs and got my implant removed in November. I was also on these due to extreme periods! Unfortunately I'm having painful ones again but feel able to cope more now! I'm 28 and mum had kids in early 20's. I was very worried about what all these pills and hormones had done to my body over the years but have looked into lots of info and there is nothing to say it would affect concieving. I didn't get a period for 10 weeks after stopping control so went for a scan last week and should get results tomorrow. There are lots of stories on here with ladies that have became preg very quickly after stopping pill and some who take a little longer. Everyone is different I suppose. So fingers crossed for y

Dowk31 Wed 27-Mar-13 16:27:11

Oops posted before finishing! Fingers crossed for you,.. Are u going to track and use anything to help? X

essie81 Wed 27-Mar-13 16:42:25

Hi Dowk smile
Tracking with an app on my phone but only so I know when to expect AF and to enable me to see if cycle is regulating, other than that, going to try and resist obsessing if poss as don't want to scare myself! How about you?

AF was late this time though, only by 4 days, but still late for me which freaked me out, which made me relaise I need to get my act together and work out how this all works and get some support. DH is totally clueless bless him. He didn't even realise the cycle had much relevance and thought women were fertile 24/7 with an inconvenient visit from AF for a few days every now and then! He has now attended my crash course on the birds and the bees! Useless all boys boarding school education!

Good luck with your scan results tomorrow. Hope its all ok and fingers x'd for you too. See you around! :D x

essie81 Wed 27-Mar-13 16:50:00

Thanks bearface for birthday wishes! grin and for link to other thread, will go and have a look! See you there!

fedupwithdeployment Wed 27-Mar-13 16:50:08

I was on microgynon for about 14 years from 19 to 33 when I had DS1. It took about 6 months from coming off the pill to conception, but I think that had more to DH being away on and off than anything to do with the pill.

good luck!

Dowk31 Wed 27-Mar-13 16:51:16

I'm using fertility friend to track, this is my first month using it and its so good to see your cycle and hopefully start to see a regular pattern. I'm a day late though, tested and BFN but expected it. I'm using ovulation strips as don't feel different throughout this time so they are really handy. Think it's too easy to fall into obsessing over it!

Ha ha your DH sounds similar to mine - doesn't have a scooby doo! He's read up on it now so he knows all about it smile

Thanks very much - sure it will all be fine. Will look out for any news from you on boards x

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