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Has anyone been pregnant on implanon?

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LoveRhiannon Wed 27-Mar-13 02:44:52

Okay so here's my story please help!

I am on my second implanon. First implanon I had no periods at all. I got it replaced when it was due and am now two years into my second. All throughout the last 2 years I have had many pregnancy scares due to a couple of pregnancy symptoms that could also have been pre period symptoms.. Which they usually were to the point where I had to have ultrasounds etc. my doctor here in sydney is convinced nobody can get pregnant on the implanon.

For the last 6 months I always get my period on time. This month about 2 weeks ago I started getting all of the pregnancy symptoms in the list instead of just a few, from lots of white discharge, change in nipples, boobs sore and growing, nausea, headaches, so hot,gassy, off food, exhausted, so so so thirsty (I hate drinking water but I'm obsessed) etc. both my housemate and my boyfriend agree this time is different. Due to get my period on the 19th, yesterday (6 days late) I had brown jelly like discharge then light bleeding that was basically only on toilet paper. I went to the doctor and faked that I no longer wanted the implanon in, so they would take it out. Regardless I don't want to have it in any longer it's doing my head in. They did a pg test and said it was negative but possibly a faint positive, but that it was probably negative. I have started bleeding a little heavier today, but not as heavy as a period, and have had gastro a little bit plus felt even more sick. I took a hpt tonight but it came up negative. Has anyone had similar experiences and should I just wait to test again or am I not pregnant?

I know that was long I'm sorry. I'm almost 24 and financially stable and happy so it wouldn't be the worst thing, now I'm getting upset because I genuinely think that I am and I don't know what's happening!



exlee Sat 06-Apr-13 01:46:40

You cna get pregnant if you got sick and had to take antibiotics. The antibiotics can mess the birth control up and you end up pregnant. But even if you were like you said you're financially stable. so there's no problem there. A friend of mine got pregnant while on birth control because she got sick and had to take antibiotics.

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