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Anyone used the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor?

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auntiemoo Mon 25-Mar-13 10:55:09

Just bought a Clear Blue Fertility Monitor after ttc for almost eight (yes 8) years with no luck. I perhaps am a little lazy when it comes to BBT monitoring and most nights my sleep is disturbed with one thing or another. DH and I have both been tested a while ago and no problems with either of us, we did attend an appointment at St Mary's in Manchester to start the process for IVF however despite them being fully aware of my weight at the time via completed forms I was basically told to go away and lose weight and to recontact my GP when I had, which absolutely devastated me and now I have lost weight I don't want to go back as I still feel truly devastated by the way I was spoken to at that time, I know this seems silly and I get cross with myself about it all the time, anyway....that's the history so I have just bought a CBFM and can't use it until the next cycle as I'm still waiting for it to arrive (online order) just wondered if anyone who had struggled previously had had any success with one of these?

bonzo77 Mon 25-Mar-13 11:28:30

Well done on your weight loss.

Tbh I found CBFM a bit rubbish. Even with erratic timings I find charting + cheap ovulation test strips off amazon worked better.

KatAndKit Mon 25-Mar-13 18:11:53

I found it useful but in conjunction with the cheapo strips too. CBFM demands first morning urine whereas I found that I would get a positive on a opk cheapie the previous afternoon. With the CBFM alone I might have missed one of the best shag evenings. To be fair, the cbfm would identify that day as "high" but not a "peak".
Since you have been trying so long I would use the cbfm, the cheapie ov sticks that you can use in the afternoon but definitely also see the doctor again.
Congratulations on the weight loss and good luck with the ttc.

blondebaby111 Mon 25-Mar-13 18:28:38

Hi there, I'm on my first month using the cbfm and like you we have been trying for a while ( 5 years). Can't give u much info on how useful it is at the moment but one thing that shocked me is it gave me a high fertility reading on cycle day 6 (which is the first day you test) and I've reached my peak at day 12 (today). Have heard mixed reactions on opk's, I used to use them and let's face it I've never had a BFP so willing to try anything.
Sorry you've been upset about the weight comments, we had ivf last year which failed, due to try again soon and unfortunately their is a criteria you have to meet at our clinic too, they like you to be within a certain weight range. Just don't give up but also don't be too disheartened..if u want to lose weight do it in your own time and not because someones nagging you too, good lucj with the monitor xx

ChocolateCremeEggBag Mon 25-Mar-13 23:24:31

Hi I got DS's BFP the first time if using mine, now ttc-ing number 2 and on third cycle after MC in Dec. I like that it gives you the high days before the peak 2 ov days. But at the same time, don't restrict yourself to DTD just then, you could ov later than 24 hours after you peak.

kirrinIsland Tue 26-Mar-13 00:11:18

I used this both times and really like. Got a bfp on the third cycle with DC1 and on the 1st with DC2. Like chocolate said, don't just dtd when it says to, use it as a guide but don't be a slave to it!

blonde that happened to me first cycle I used it - think I had about 10 days of high before I got a peak. It's because it doesn't 'know' you so it's guessing as well as reading the sticks. The second cycle will be more accurate.

Good luck to you all.

auntiemoo Sun 31-Mar-13 22:33:01

thanks everyone, both positive and not so positive feelings about this bit of kit, blonde, i get the willing to try anything bit have been there for a while now, if I thought it would help I'd show my backside on the town hall steps if it got me a bfp. Monitor has arrived and sticks are on the way, here's hoping huh. Hope you have all had a nice easter too.....bunny didn't bring me any easter eggs so I baked biscuits instead hahaha. Thanks again for all your experiences/opinions on this, just need me ma to stop asking me if anything has happened yet and then we'll be all good lol, bless her I now she only cares but could do without it sometimes, especially when she asks on day one of cycle (which of course she doesn't know she is doing) Did anyone else find this frustrating or is just me being a whiney get lol.

blondebaby111 Mon 01-Apr-13 09:46:43

Happy easter to u too, my mum doesn't question at all, in fact she's pushing me to forget about it all for a while but I did tell quite a few people we are ttc a few years back and all I get now is 'any news' it drives me mad!!!

auntiemoo Tue 02-Apr-13 08:08:08

Lol "any news" is exactly the phrase my mum uses too it must be common. I know she doesn't mean any harm by it and neither does anyone else haha. I've started saying now if there was you would know because I'd be shouting it naked from the rooftops lol. I really thought that as time went on it would be easier to forget about it but it just gets worse. It's impossible for me to not think about it at the minute but I have a number of friends who have had their bfp's and are either progressing well or as in the case if one friend having their baby today!!! I'm very excited for her!!! And I'm busting to know whether I'll be buying blue or pink coz we don't know yet. smile

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