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Brooking No Argument that we'll get BFPs from our Easter Eggs

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BeedlesPineNeedles Fri 22-Mar-13 11:17:33

Well done keep I hope its the first of many grin grin

Right who's next with the BFP???

Mon26 Mon 25-Mar-13 12:52:29

Hello Ladies! Happy Easter. I Just logged in again and mainly to seek some help in a different forum. But had to let you know that my BFP turned to be another miscarriage started yesterday... 4th one.

Anyways, I am moving to another thread to see if someone has been where I am before and has some successful story.

Best of luck to all you brooking!

NoMaybeAboutIt Mon 25-Mar-13 14:11:32

I'm so sorry to hear that Mon. Hope you are being well looked after x

Mon26 Mon 25-Mar-13 14:29:33

nomaybeaboutit thank you!
DH is very mice and he is being very supportive. I also try to be strong and support hi , since I know he is also sad and wanting it as much as I want.

Well, nothing else left to do than ... chin up and keep going! hiding the sadness it will hopefully disappear...

Congratulations to all those who have and will soon get B(and super lasting)FP! And those like me, let's put a smile in our faces and never never give up (I am really typing a script here to convince myself.... but hey, if we don't create a happy habit to become happier who will do it for us?!)

greetings from the pit of despair and crying moments.

Withalittlesparkle Mon 25-Mar-13 14:45:06

So sorry for your loss, be kind to yourself! No one expects you to bounce back straight away so don't bottle your emotions up.

Mon26 Mon 25-Mar-13 14:52:11

Whitalittlespark thank you! the idea of me bouncing like a bouncing ball as disheveled as I feel and I probably am, made me laugh! You are right.. but i am afraid to become monUnchained if I let all my emotions go at once... perhaps, umh.. i thought that some counseling or similar could do me good. The gym will help guess but not sure how soon I can go back to swimming pool et cetera to avoid infections? ... anyways, again waiting for better times.

Let's better off leave space here for all those happy ones who soon will be bringing happier news!

Thanks for listening and for your support.

cartoontrickster Mon 25-Mar-13 14:54:00

sorry to hear that mon
I had a missed miscarriage 2weeks ago now at 12weeks. I'm still miserable. want to be sad together?

Mon26 Mon 25-Mar-13 15:25:32

cartoontrickster yes! let's get over soon crying our hearts out!
smile trying to make you smile.
Perhaps this can make you laugh at me... just came back from the scan (futile use of time because i told him I knew it was a miscarriage but he wanted anyways - he is a great doctor at Viveka, he was in charge of the Monitored Cycle - i seem to ovulate well...) and after lunch with all my sillyness in me I thought I could try some of the whisky collection my husband keeps at home, ha! I had a big sip and no more! It made me laugh and cry afterwards. But here we are trying. Trying to inspire myself back to work I even thought about stopping to get advise from a psychic ... ahahah! i am lost, gone.

But dear cartoontrickster cheer up and lean towards the positive thoughts. Hang in there, cry if you must, but don't forget that there two little angels (or more if they end up being twins one day) that are up there waiting to become our son/daughters. We find it difficult to believe it, but they say we will get there and many have, so... never never give up.

If I try any more whiskey I will let you know guys, but although Islay are good whiskeys, I definitively have not the body to drink it... smile I will have to get my self to a spa or a Mediterranean vacation, or something cheap...or perhaps, I will just sleep tight to my husband to cheer up....

cartoontrickster let's cry if we need to, but let's not over worry. i think that if we overworry too much we send wrong info to our body, mind and hormones. Let's go to the hairdresser....? why don't you go? a new haircut a new colour? let's get a new something? do you think it will help (because whenever anyone of my family calls, I start crying.

I am actually going to an Hipnotherapy session this evening to see if I can stop worrying. booked it when I was pregnant (last week...) thinking that it would help to overcome my worries,.. and now I will use it to feel secure and in tune with my body....

But, please, hang in there and be happy. know how hard it is. so, let's try to be put and cry if we have to, but let's try to be positive.

cartoontrickster Mon 25-Mar-13 15:36:00

mon you have made me laugh, perhaps step away from the whisky.
I feel good knowing that the NHS will help now as this is my 3rd loss. so at least next time I won't be paying for private treatment. I'm just so frustrated now and want to get on with trying again.
you know what mon one of my first thoughts was to drastically change something, hair is always what springs to mind first. but I actually had my hair done just before it happened. so I'm going with decorating the spare room after a little saving up as I've booked a holiday so am broke for a bit now!

Mon26 Mon 25-Mar-13 16:33:35

cartonntrickster I am glad I made you laugh,.. and yes, whiskey is left behind.. ahah! I can't say I didn't try.... hehe

That is good to hear that you are in good hands now. In January I had my third miscarriage and I scheduled a visit with a nutritionist specialist in fertility and also got the referral from the NHS, I was referred to the Elizabeth Garrett unit in Euston road but I re-scheduled for personal reasons to the Westminster/Chelsea hospital and I have my appointment on the 2nd week of April. In the meantime the nutritionist recommended me to have a monitored cycle, and I fell pregnant with this 4th, the ultrasound dr said it could be a progesterone issue... but then today mentioned that perhaps could be something else. Anyway, short story, we seem to be in the same path to the NHS so let's see how it goes for us.

I just booked a hairdresser (organic colouring in High Barnet Daniel Field) for Wednesday morning,... ! I felt compelled to it. Well, in your case another hairdresser isn't necessary and you are all set for a holiday, that is good. You have plenty in your hand: enjoy the creativity of redecorating that room, and the holiday! I envy you! see? "Always look at the bright side of life, tara tarara tararara!"

At the end of the day, though, I dread the moment of going to bed and having all those thoughts jumping on me... that's why I insist we need to keep positive!

I should try to book a vacation,... I long for a warm weather, white sands, cristalline waters... I wish!

cartoontricktser you are doing well! and stay away from the whiskey no matter what! hehehe

cartoontrickster Mon 25-Mar-13 16:52:43

we are waiting for our blood test results now to see if there's a chromosome issue with one of us, should be in about 4wks time now.
I've been having the odd glass of wine I have to admit. but trying not to as being tipsy only makes me feel worse.
glad uve book in to get ur hair done!
I've been feeling a wardrobe overhaul too. I always want to do these sorts of things when I'm upset have no idea why!
part of me wants to sit around and stuff my fave and drink wine, but have put on a stone and barely own any clothes that fit now so not such a good idea.

keepitgoing Tue 26-Mar-13 02:01:32

Mon I'm so sorry for your loss. I was just wondering where you'd got to the other day.. Good on you for the positive, brooking, attitude. You will get there. But don't not grieve as well. X

BeedlesPineNeedles Tue 26-Mar-13 05:30:46

cups so sorry about your friend's baby. I'd like to think I could cut down on the worrying if I had got that far.

Mon sorry about your loss too. I hope you can get some answers, and even better some treatment so it doesn't happen again

I got home last night to two letters from the clinic, 1 saying they had finally put us on the waiting list hmm and the other saying they had tried to call ( they could have tried one more time! ) as they need a few more blood tests before we can start IVF. So I'm off to get those done this morning.

NoMaybeAboutIt Tue 26-Mar-13 08:51:13

Beedle a letter at last! That's brilliant news. What are waiting times like out there?

Morning other brookers. How is everyone? We are very thin on te ground. How dare people go on holiday wink

Hope you're having fun Solars and Sweetie

Cups how are you doing? I can't remember if you said you had a start date for te ICSI yet.

BeedlesPineNeedles Tue 26-Mar-13 09:11:03

maybe I know, finally a letter. I was hoping it would be a date for an appointment, but at least we're getting there. In theory we should get an appointment within 3 months of the referral (which should have been in January) they have backdated us so I'm expecting we'll get the appointment soon. Me going for extra blood tests this morning was because a dr had been looking through our referral and noticed I hadn't had my thyroid levels checked. So I will be even more obsessively checking the post box after Easter and I hope we'll start in May.

keep how is everything with you?

has anyone got anything nice planned for Easter? Other than those people that we're not talking to who are already somewhere hot and sunny grin

Withalittlesparkle Tue 26-Mar-13 09:37:26

Yay a letter beedle, that's a step in the right direction!!

I'm meant to be heading north over Easter but given the current climate I might stay in bed with a hot water bottle

keepitgoing Tue 26-Mar-13 10:30:33

About blooming time, beedle! That's great news. How long's the waiting list? Is it just for the appointment, or for the ivf after that too?

BeedlesPineNeedles Tue 26-Mar-13 11:57:03

keep I think that once we have the appointment we'll start straight away - well at the right point in my cycle. Though if it was delayed so that ET wouldn't be done before the end of June, we probably won't get to start until August as everything stops in July. So fingers crossed for May.

ControlGeek Tue 26-Mar-13 14:08:05

beedle that's excellent news about your appointment, though I agree they could have tried ringing more than once. Brooking for a pre-July IVF for you smile

mon I'm so sorry you've had to go through that again. Be kind to yourself, and I hope you manage to get some answers and your sticky bean soon.

keep Loving your list smile I'm hoping to hear about my ICSI kick-off appointment in about a month.

Sorry, I can't remember anything else that I have just read confused AF landed here with a bang last Saturday and is still going strong. I thought I had painful cramps before the lap, but this first post-op cycle is like something else entirely. I think one of my stitches might have a little infection, too, which is really cheering me up no end. Day 2 of my annual leave and all I've done is lie in bed and played on the laptop.

<waves to maybe keep solars sparks boo jen (ps AF's here, please come and collect her at will) cartoon sweetie cup and leaves MrG's homemade bread out for all>

keepitgoing Wed 27-Mar-13 09:53:28

beedle I remember everything closing down for you last July. But how ridiculous that means June is out basically too. I am brooking for late April, to give us some brooking leeway! smile

Oh geek I'm sorry for AF arriving, and the pain. An infection could be worrying, see the GP if you need to, lovely. Enjoy your a/l!

JenFreggle Wed 27-Mar-13 10:12:47

Geek if I pm you my address can you send AF in the post or something? It's cd36 here now...

Beedle brooking that the July shutdow won't affect you as you will already be pregnant by then

BeedlesPineNeedles Wed 27-Mar-13 11:12:12

jen when AF is late on this fred its considered good manners to POAS - just saying so you know grin

geek hope you feel better soon, perhaps a trip to see the doc if you think it might be an infection.

Is there anyone on here who's not already my friend on FB that plays Candy Crush Saga? The lovely geek has already helped me but my real-life friends that play haven't responded, so I thought there might be some other brookers that play that might like to be my friend <billy-no-mates emoticon>

ScarlettInSpace Wed 27-Mar-13 15:59:22

Just to let you all know AF will be on the hunt somewhere to stay again soon as after 3 horrible painful unusually heavy days I seem to be progressing with her eviction order so may be able to manage some SFF over easter bloody better had do, I just spent £16 in hotel chocolat on easter treats for OH today FREE FROM BOOBACHE YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! I've told the witch that it's much warmer in the SW jen and to get her broomstick down there pronto wink

Now, serious question, do I temp & OPK this month or do I ditch it as its pointless anyway and just try to have a month off from TTC. Despite now taking TWELVE supplimentary tablets of various description per day now blush. My skin has never looked so good though grin

<ignores sweetie sunbathing and generally flaunting big yachts & fast cars on the internet envy >

beedles I have managed to resist candy crush so far...

musicalmrs Wed 27-Mar-13 17:17:53

Beedles are we friends? I'll happily be a Candy Crush friend! (we may be friends already, sorry, losing track!)

<waves at everyone else>

BeedlesPineNeedles Thu 28-Mar-13 07:03:03

Woohoo I have a new friend grin

keep is it your scan tomorrow or Saturday?

scarlett I'd have a month off the opks and temping. In fact I haven't done either for ages, but as my cycle hardly varies at all I don't think it really matters. And my "relaxing" hasn't got me pregnant yet either hmm

Its a half day at work here so I had better get on and do soemthing grin

keepitgoing Thu 28-Mar-13 09:57:06

beedle I have no idea what you're on about... Candy crush?!

My scan's now first thing on Sat, along with repeat blood test for hcg.

Scarlett I'd probably take the cycle off and just shag a lot. Glad your boobs aren't sore at last!

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