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TTC 10 + months, part 14 (eek)

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GinSoaked Fri 15-Mar-13 10:03:26

A friendly, supportive thread for lovely ladies taking waaay longer than they ever expected to win their babies

mrsden Mon 29-Apr-13 14:35:16

that sounds all good sar how amazing was it to see the teeny baby? At least if you have a bleed now you'll know not to panic. I'm sorry that you're feeling pukey though. How many weeks are you now? Will the next scan be at 12 weeks?

euro I don't know her well, she's my mum's cousin's daughter. I think that makes her my second cousin confused she must be an instaduffer because the eldest of the 5 children is only just 9 I think. I suppose if you've never had a hard time ttc or had children with health issues then you have a very different set of wishes and expectations. I was just a bit shocked that they seem to think they've had some sort of struggle to get what they want ie a girl and don't just count their blessings. According to my mum they're very wealthy too so I suspect there is a little bit of always getting what you want.

Poutintrout Mon 29-Apr-13 14:43:56

So glad that the scan went well sar. It's good that you got a heads up about possible bleeding. Sorry that you are feeling poorly.

mrsd TBH If I was fertility challenged I reckon that I would have been one of those people who would have favoured having one sex over the other (obviously knowing that a healthy child was the most important thing). I just think that for most people the idea of but for the grace of God go I & that they are simply very blessed to have a child of any sex doesn't enter their orbit.
I have no idea when the FET might be. Next appointment is mid May so I reckon it might be a while yet. The delay might actually be a good thing. I have horrendous tooth & gum pain at the moment from a cracked tooth root. It looks like the tooth has finally given up the ghost. My dentist at the time of discovering the fracture said that when it started giving me problems it would need to be extracted. I am a total wuss about the dentist and there is no way I would consider extraction without serious pain relief so being PUPO(!) would be a problem. Sobs....

Poutintrout Mon 29-Apr-13 14:44:46

obviously mean't wasn't fertility challenged! I wish the opposite was true smile

CritterPants Mon 29-Apr-13 15:18:24

Hi all,

sar how wonderful to see a heartbeat. I'm so sorry you're feeling rotten - a haematoma doesn't sound fun at all. Quite cute that the embie is burrowing though, trying to get all comfy! smile

gin I agree that you can't leave! grin

euro sorry about the stressful ovulation situation. I agree that it sounds like you did ov and you may just need a new thermometer - I found mine only lasted about 9 months and then gave up the ghost.

sea good news that you will have an IVF appointment soon. I always think of art and her IVF diff - it may be a sledgehammer to crack a nut but at least the nut is cracked, if you see what I mean. You've been very brave about the long wait you've had to endure.

mrsd I wouldn't worry about lack of symptoms, I clearly remember sar saying she 'didn't feel remotely preggo* in early April and look at the result!

madness hope today went ok - am firmly clutching your paw! Did you put in two or one?

sweet I am so thrilled for you. Keep us updated!

pout ouchie about the tooth - that sounds miserable. Good to get it seen now as mid-May is not far away now. LOVE the name Colin for your frostie. grin

buzzy when do you leave for Brno?

lemon it sounds like your weekend was beautiful, if very sad. Sowing seeds is a really lovely thing to do. Thinking of you and wishing you peace and an end to this misery soon.

nelly I love that you're talking to your embie. I have absolutely everything crossed for you, I so hope this is the lucky one.

Waves to rabbit, joy, zippy and ramona, and anyone else I have missed.

Had another scan and blood test today. The doctor said I might coast for one more day - it will depend on the state of my estradiol level and they will tell me when they get the results of my blood test back this afternoon. If I coast again tonight, I'll trigger tomorrow and EC will be Thursday. I actually really hope that I can trigger tonight. I read that coasting can affect egg quality and I also just want to get done and get the eggs out, as I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable now. I feel like a giant sturgeon! grin

EuroShaggleton Mon 29-Apr-13 15:29:00

sar how amazing to see the heartbeat, and it's great that you have some warning of a possible bleed.

pout the painful tooth sounds miserable.

critter you are doing amazingly well. I'm not surprised that you are feeling a bit uncomfortable by this point! Is the lovely Mr C looking after you?

CritterPants Mon 29-Apr-13 15:41:15

euro yes he is - he's been great. He even vacuumed our apartment and cleaned the floors post-party yesterday! His birthday party went really well on Saturday - it was very relaxed, we served Pimms, the weather was beautiful, and everyone left by 10pm so I got an early night and was able to do my jabs in peace... MrC was calling me 'Jabba the Hut' and 'the Jabberwocky' hmm grin! I didn't do anything yesterday apart from a Pilates class and baking muffins and it was really nice. Going to hide this week as per gin's advice - quite nice to lay low for a bit.

ThatWayMadnessLies Mon 29-Apr-13 15:56:49

Congrats sweet!!!! So pleased for you. I agree we need more details grin

So pleased for a heartbeat sar and I am very pleased despite it sounding bad that you are getting lots of early pregnancy symptoms xx

Not name checking really as I am still a bit groggy. Not the best result for us today. On the positive side, we do have eggs. The negative is that most of my 'follicles' look to have been cysts and we only got two eggs, both from the left. They drained all of the 'follicles' and the embryologists said that there weren't any cells in the fluid so cysts the most likely explanation. Feel like i was prepared for a very small haul after he first scan and then my hopes were raised by my subsequent scans. Oh well. I know two eggs can be more than enough. Just feeling quite deflated apt given what just happened to my ovaries. Off for a rest but will check in again later.

joycep Mon 29-Apr-13 16:02:52

Woop woop to Sar. That’s just wonderful news. So thrilled for you. At least you have a warning about a possible bleed though. It kind of explains why some women bleed in pregnancy.
Mrsd – pay no attention to boob soreness. It all means nothing. Mine went up and down. Massive sigh at your cousin. We are just so sensitive to attitudes like that because of what we’ve been through and we know we would cut off one of our limbs for any sex. . I feel sorry for any of their friends who may have had problems. Imagine having to read that on FB. I live opposite a z list schleb and i read an interview with her last year where she said she would have been disappointed if her 3rd child had been another boy. It still annoys me to this day and i find myself giving her the evil. Very cute kids but I just thought it was such a self indulgent and rapacious thing to say. But again i think if pregnancy has come as easily as falling off a chair then they just don’t realise. Everything in life is relative.
Pout – it’s weird i’ve had things that i thought were bad omens and were jinxing  our fertility. i still have lots of my books from when i was a child and they always make me feel a bit glum. So sorry to hear about your tooth. Dentist work scares the hell out of me. I think the key is to take in music because it’s the noise that is so horrible.
Critter – i was about to say you must be so uncomfortable. I hope you get to trigger soon. Why do they make people coast?
I don’t really know what is going on with me lately but i’ve been in a permanent state of irritability for the last months or so. I thought it was period related but that’s well and truly gone now. It’s very out of character for me to be getting so wound up about petty things and there has been a lot of cursing under my breath. I seem to be in a permanent state of agro and I have found myself snapping at Roy, Manager , bus drivers, general people who knock into me blush. Every time i see a picture of Middy and her bump I curse. It’s just so ridiculous. Exercise doesn’t seem to be helping either. I hate feeling out of character. I wonder if my hormones are messed up or something. I just hope it all settles down. 

joycep Mon 29-Apr-13 16:12:05

Mad - oh my goodness, I am really sorry to hear that. We know from others on here that you only need one but Of course you are deflated. Obviously now is not the time to search for answers as it may not be relevant but I am sure they will be able to give you a reason as to why that has happened in due course. For now though have belief that these 2 will one day turn into grotty teenagers. Rest up. Drink plenty. Massive hug. I have everything crossed.

mrsden Mon 29-Apr-13 16:22:51

As everyone said to me last week mad it only takes one! I know how frustrating and disappointing it is. When you go through IVF you sort of assume (and are led to believe) that there will be lots of eggs and ones left over to freeze. Now that I've been through it and only had two I wonder how true that is. Hopefully both yours will be good ones and you'll get good news tomorrow. Are you having ICSI? Have a good rest tonight and take it easy x

joy I'm curious to know who your sleb neighbour is. I think considering what you've been through the last couple of months that feeling angry and short tempered is normal. Is counselling a possibility, sometimes it really does help to talk.

rabbitonthemoon Mon 29-Apr-13 17:17:54

Woo hoo sweet!! Do you think it was the clomid?

madness big squeeze. Two eggs is good though so focus on the next bits and we will all be here to hold your hands through the waits.

joycep I get months where my period doesn't alleviate my PMT! I think when the oestrogen finally kicks in properly I feel better? But you have every right to feel cross. I know you have had acu in the past but I wonder of that or a reflexology or something might be useful? When I was an angry teenager I used to go the beach and scream into the wind!

pout ouch about the tooth, I hate teeth things. It's good you can be treated though. I used to think pet was averse to smokey kitchens. But then I realised it was specific to bacon and pork. I try not to think about what is going through his little brain confused but it must smell really horrible to him.

critter grin at sturgeon. What is coasting?

doll how are things going?

den gawd about the cousin. I will never have five babies and that is a fact!

sar a heartbeat! Yay! It is really good you are forewarned about the hematoma. Sorry you are feeling grotty. Ten plussers should be immune from sicky feelings.

It is freezing. I need sunshine and heat sad critter and doll please send me some.

GinSoaked Mon 29-Apr-13 18:18:35

OMG grouch gringrin that is amazing! Congrats! The hsg really does seem to work wonders for some ladies. How are you feeling? Fred 14 has been doing pretty well.

joy what you describe re anger does sound very much like me with pmt, so maybe your hormones are just sorting themselves out? However, you have been through pretty much the worst thing someone can go through and so are v. much allowed to be a bit out of sorts.

critter have they spoken about doing a bureselin (sp?) trigger rather than a HCG one? I was sent away with some in case my e2 levels were too high to do the hsg shot. It would have meant freezing everything, but with hindsight, it may have been better for me if they had! You still sound in great spirits and I hope you aren’t feeling too bloated. Make sure you take plenty of time after EC to recover. You will need it with that many eggs!

Aww mad sorry to hear that your haul wasn’t quite what we all hoped it would be. It does only take one, but it must be bloody annoying. Take care of yourself and here’s hoping Mr M’s sperm is getting it onnnn at the mo.x

Ignore the boobs mrsd. Mine were massively sore about 3 days after transfer and then the soreness disappeared and only reappeared around test day. Even now the soreness seems to come and go making me totally mental Jesus, 5 babies?! Maybe we could steal one of the boys and she wouldn’t notice?

euro sounds like the thermometer is buggered. Also, I am a bit suspicious of charting, although it sounds like you've got it down to a t. If you had the EWCM it is v. likely that you did ov. But I know how bloody annoying it is when your cycle starts playing silly buggers in the run up to treatment.

Yay Sar, I’m so so pleased all is well! <has embie size envy> Thank god they warned you about the possible bleed. It’s be incredible worrying otherwise.

pout my wisdom tooth keeps playing up and I wish I’d been brave and got it sorted. Apparently tooth infections are not good if you’re pregnant. They are making you wait a long time for the FET!

rabbit I wonder if my fur baby has a cooking pork aversion too? I think she’s too stupid to notice tbh!

Waves to everyone else

buzzybee123 Mon 29-Apr-13 18:35:14

Evening ladies

sweet congrats that is great news smile

sar yay to a heartbeat smile

madness sorry about the cysts but two eggs will hopefully be all you need, rest up my lovely

mrsd I wouldn't worry about symptoms, not everyone gets them, when is OTD

pout ouch to teeth and gums sad when would you like to start FET I assume the cycle after your appointment??/ So hopefully a June BFP for you

joy I think its natural to feel out of sorts although I can understand that you don't like it. I agree with mrsd I had counselling after my second mc and it did help talking to someone about it all, I know its not for everyone but I found it helped me as I could go cry and talk and say what I wanted to/felt etc without feeling judged, it takes time to get over a miscarriage, big hugs

critter I can understand you just want to get on with it, roll on Thursday smile

nelly How are you doing??? Can I ask did you have one of those Feliway things in each room, ours is in the hallway which is kind of central in our flat

mrsd the insurance does cover cancellation if anything was to happen between now and getting there, Barry is very thorough with these sorts of things and it does make sense as we are paying alot of money for it.

Well I got to work this morning and one of the care staff came in and said 'you're not pregnant already are you Denise' who the feck is Denise confused I said 'not yet', she said good but best to avoid patient in room 27 anyway as he has some weird rash grin good to know people will be looking out for me, my other colleague who tried IVF and then adopted starting talking about her IVF treatment years ago, between us I think we have scarred the poor young aussie male phsyio forever grin

I have confirmed my appointment for next Monday with the clinic and asked for a few details about my donor smile they have confirmed that my donor is responding to the stimms.

I have been a bit worried about Barry having performance troubles and have told him what they will have to do if he does, I think he might have a practice tonight grin I am also worried that his sperm will be lazy and not fertilize the eggs and it will all be wasted so I might ask about doing an IVF/ICSI round just to be sure hmm

Yesterday I got a snake on a lead thing for a £1, really just a bit of fake fur on a wire but it seems to be keeping Barry and Kayla quite amused

sweetgrouch Mon 29-Apr-13 19:16:29

Critter - That’s fantastic to hear Mr.C is taking such great care of you. Take it easy!

Nelly - We’re all cheering for your embie!

Rabbit - smile at your furry friend having a pork aversion.

MrsD - I’m also a bit shock about your cousins wanting a girl so badly. They aren’t alone though. My aunts neighbours had 7 kids before getting the boy they always wanted. A lack of symptoms doesn’t mean nothing has happened. I had 0 symptoms of being pregnant until I took the test. I told DH we might as well enjoy our booze after spending hours outdoors this weekend because there was no way I was pregnant.

Madness - I’m so sorry your haul wasn’t what you were expecting. But you now have two beautiful eggs! Let’s hope that these are the golden ones.

Pout - Oh I’m so sorry to hear about your toothache! I am such a wimp when it comes to dental procedures I completely understand wanting to delay the inevitable

Joy - The lingering PMT symptoms sound hard to deal with. I had some issues with being hormonal and a bit irritable after my m/c that resolved themselves after a bit of time. I think it was just my body getting back to normal.

Sar - Sorry for the yucky symptoms. Congrats on the fantastic scan results! When will you get the next one?

Waves and hello to everyone I missed.

I got a BFP after my HSG (no drugs yet) yesterday tested again today and I am terrified that it won’t last. I keep looking for positive signs that this pregnancy is different. So far I have almost no symptoms (last time I was so sick I could barely function from 2 dpo onwards). The biggest indicator of me being diffed is that the dog doesn’t jump on me and snarls at strangers, she did that last time I was preggo and stopped two days before my m/c. Here’s to hoping it’s a sticky, healthier bean than last time.

sweetgrouch Mon 29-Apr-13 19:18:46


Buzzy - That is fantastic to hear that the donor is responding well. I hope everything goes well for Barry.

CritterPants Mon 29-Apr-13 20:49:55

sweet how interesting about the dog. I do think HSGs seem to do the trick for a lot of women, anecdotally - just heard of another friend who is pregnant after having had an HSG. Fingers tightly crossed now for a great scan. So pleased for you! grin

buzzy grin at the snake on a lead. Great news that your donor is responding so well to the meds! And good to stay away from the patient with the weird rash!

gin I actually just heard back from them - my trigger is at 8.15 tonight and it's HCG (novarel) in the bum so I don't think they are too worried - my estradiol level was at 4794. Hopefully that is ok.

rabbit it's actually rainy and grey here today, although not too cold. Coasting is when you stop taking stimming meds for a night or two, but don't yet trigger - so you stop ramping things up and just cruise for a bit before releasing the eggs... it's to bring down your oestrogen levels I think and reduce the risk of OHSS.

mrsd hang in there, I have everything crossed for you. I'm sure this wait is really hard. Go easy on yourself and try to find whatever distractions possible <hollow laugh> smile

joy I am not surprised you're feeling out of sorts. What you went through was absolutely dreadful and incredibly cruel. It must be bloody hard. I am so sorry, you are such a lovely person and you don't deserve to have had this horrible experience. sad

mad I am so sorry about the disappointment. I can imagine it would feel terrible to wake up from ER and have the news that they got fewer eggs than expected. But remember, you only need one egg, as the ladies on this board have shown. These two might end up being your twins! Keep an open heart, as our lovely sar would say.

So EC for me is going to be Wednesday - quite a relief! Now I just have to scramble to get my work done before then.... I'm also sh*t scared of nervous about the HCG intramuscular injection tonight, so will be happy to have that over with. One more blood test tomorrow morning, and then it will be go time.

TheRealRamona Mon 29-Apr-13 21:05:07

Evening everyone

Congratulations sweet! Lovely news, I so hope it's a sticky bean.

pout sorry af got you too over the weekend. It's enough of a nightmare when you know it's coming, worse when it mucks you around a bit first. Sorry to hear about the tooth pain - you have my sympathies, it's horrid. I hope you get it sorted soon.

lemons thanks for your kind offer to talk me through iui. As you've probably gathered from my posts so far, I am a proper newbie to the world of ac, so any advice/info is massively appreciated. I hope you are ok after such a tough weekend.

mrsd both times my sister was diffed, she had zero symptoms until the missed af. She now has two brilliant and hilarious little ones.

buzzy great to hear that donor is responding well.

I am in agreement with the broken thermometer theory euro - would be strange if you don't usually find the travel affects you in this way.

Sorry to hear you are feeling so rough sar, take care of yourself.

A clomid buddy zippy! I've only taken one tablet for cycle 2 and I've already had night flushes and insomnia. I'm starting to think I'm being over-dramatic and reading too much about the side-effects! How are you getting on so far?

Hello rabbit, lovely to meet you. I hope you are doing well? It was sunny here today but the wind was chuffing cold. Lots of flip flops and vest tops out and about regardless hmm

I think talking to your embie makes perfect sense nelly. If it's proven to help plants grow, then it can only be a good idea smile. If I was diffed I would be speaking to the bean all the time; at the moment I make do with pep talks to my ovaries instead!

Thinking of you and the two eggs madness. Sorry to hear you are feeling groggy, but I hope you are being looked after.

joy like gin says, do you think it is still the hormones settling down? I know you have been through such a lot, with so much going on physically as well as emotionally it must be impossible to know which is causing you to feel the way you do.

Yay for Wednesday critter, and good luck with the scary injection tonight

I made a decision today to try acu again. I had a half arsed attempt at acu about a year ago, but it didn't seem to do anything for me. Having done a bit more research and being another year on, I need to feel I am doing something positive. I'd be interested to know if anyone has any thoughts or advice.

Enjoy the rest of your evenings, and waves to anyone I've missed.

Froggy2013 Mon 29-Apr-13 21:18:18

Can I join please? TTC about 1 year, I miscarriage at 6 weeks. 1 DD, took a year to conceive (the month we were referred for IVF).

MuddyWellyNelly Mon 29-Apr-13 22:51:39

Hello Froggy, yes of course, this is a nice place to hang out. Sorry you find yourself here though.

Mad I am so sorry about the number of eggs. This whole journey is such a rollercoaster. I can understand the dissapointment after thinking you'd get several more; but just take things one step at a time. As you know I don't exactly score high on the egg front but have done ok on getting decent embies. Obviously no guarantees, but don't lose hope yet. Huge fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Critter I hope you manage the trigger shot ok. It's weird how different the various protocols are. My HCG was just the same as all my other shots.

Joy just wanted to say hang in there. You have had a really horrid, miserable, rough time of it. No wonder you feel grumpy. It's allowed, and it will pass.

Ramona I didn't find much happened when I did acu but I might try it again with someone different. For me the hard part was getting to all the appointments and it just ended up adding more stress.

Buzzy we have one plugged in between our kitchen and dining room as it's they pass by that spot so often every day. Can't say for sure it will sort Kayla out but we certainly notice with one of ours at least, when the spray runs out. Make sure you shop around though as they get very expensive shock.

I had a bit of a reality check today, to interrupt my daydreaming and crazy embie chats. I imagined the dreaded results phone call, and just can't imagine that call starting with "we have good news". I've tried to banish that and stick to choosing names the positive vibes, but it's hard. I think this is due to the rather manic day I've had, so on that note I better get to bed. Sorry once again for rubbish name checking.

Oh but Sar - hurrah on the heartbeat, that is so unbelievably exciting. And I also echo the others to Gin to say please don't leave us yet smile

ThatWayMadnessLies Tue 30-Apr-13 08:51:02

Morning all,

Thanks so much for all of the positive thoughts. I do know that. Two is enough, but feeling like I had a mini surplus had helped me relax about fertilisation. Now I am panicked that it might all have been for nought..... That said, I can feel myself already starting to thnk about what this could tell us for next time so that's probably a healthy approach. 2 1/2 hours until I can call the clnic for results.

joy irritability completely understandable!! Good for you for emailing all of your questions. We all need to make sure that we are advocating for ourselves in this process and if you have questions, then you need to make sure that you get answers. I wish we could all sit down for a chat with sar's Dr. Tubes grin

nelly hang in there. I know art and gin were both convinced that it hadn't worked even though it had. Just because we can't imagine getting the call doesn't mean that it won't happen. My fingers are crossed that. Manage to get fertilisation like yours. Right now all I can hear is the nurse saying "I'm really sorry but nothing has happened....."

critter hooray for Wednesday EC!!! You really must be feeling so bloated and uncomfortable. Keep drinking that water [stern and bossy emoticon]. My trigger was into the stomach as well.

mrsd did I miss you saying when otd is? Are you going to poas or go in for a blood test?

buzzy so nice that your colleagues are thinking of you smile. We had one of those snake things when we had a cat (Pre MrM university days). Hours of fun!! I am sure that kayla will forgive you for going away. Being usurped by a baby in your affections might be a bigger ask wink. I am so pleased to hear that the donor is responding well.

sea was it you who asked about the anti biotics??? I have severe endometriosis so using a needle to. Collect eggs means risking piercing cysts (as it turns out loads of them) and causing infection. They start me on the antibs before collection, give me some through the IV during the the procedure, and then I have to finish the course this week. Ihad one tube removed due to infection and adhesions so really keen to avoid a repeat performance.

Big waves to all I've missed. Off to sort breakfast. Clinic recommended today off (not allowed to drive or look after small children so kind of impossible anyway but I do feel cheeky!!) so will keep checking in.

seaviewasia Tue 30-Apr-13 08:53:41

A quick phone post to say I'm really happy for sar and your heartbeat. Think sticky thoughts. Sorry about the pregnancy symptoms. I hope they ease off soon.

Gin. Hope you are feeling good too.

Mad. I'm sorry about the disappointing egg harvest but try to focus on the 2 you have. It's plenty if it works.

Welcome froggy. Hope your stay is a short one.

Joy sorry you are feeling bad. Totally understandable considering what you have been through. I think you have v sensible sending your list of questions in before your meeting. You deserve answers.
I know you are right about the mixed race thing. I have to stop focussing on the wrong things. I have heard that story from Ana Maria. I have stopped going to her and thinking of going back to the other place where we both used to go. Are you still doing acu?

Critter. Good luck for tomorrow. Sounds like you are being well looked after.

Buzzy. Are you ready for you trip? I can't believe you can get ivf insurance but sounds wise and good to have.

Sweet - still v happy from your news! Loving Fred 14 so far.

Will try to catch up properly later

seaviewasia Tue 30-Apr-13 08:55:50

Nelly just to say I'm sending positive vibes that you get good news. I know the wait must be horrid. Try to do something to take your mind off it.

sarlat Tue 30-Apr-13 08:57:14

Mad -youvhave a really good attitude to all this which I admire. 2 good eggs couldreally be all you need. Big big hugs.

Joy -gosh I wish I could meet up for tea and cakes, I am so sorry you feel this sad and mad, I think it is to be expected but I know that wont take the pain away. Xxxx

Buzz -delighted to hear the donor is responding well.

MuddyWellyNelly Tue 30-Apr-13 10:15:27

Sea work is keeping me very busy! But every so often the doubt creeps in.

Mad how kind of you to reassure me when you are in your own scary world. I so hope you get good news later. The waiting is rubbish. Fingers massively crossed.

Buzzy I forgot to say how pleased I am that your donor is responding well. I liked MrsD's idea about ivf insurance paying out if it doesn't work grin

So today I got my first ever stripy pee stick. Before anyone gets too excited (I'm only 6DPO after all!) this is either due to the trigger shot last week or, more likely, due to the hcg injection I took last night wink. But hey, I've never seen one before so it was exciting nonetheless. Now I know what I'm looking for. I've proved the sticks work. I know my body has the hcg in it. And Now all I need is one of those later next week....I actually think I'll test again on Friday to see if its back to arctic.

Busy again today so better get back to it, luffs to all.

mrsden Tue 30-Apr-13 10:54:36

mad hoping for good news for you today. I was lucky that my clinic rang me at 8.15am so I didn't have to wait too long but I'd been awake early worrying about it.

nelly I too can't imagine a good news phone call. I've got so used to only bad news when it comes to fertility stuff. I did think about poas because I've never seen a positive before. I think it's probably too late now and I don't think I could face seeing an arctic one just yet.

I have to go in for a blood test on the 8th. I think I'll poas before then though because I'd rather know what to expect before the official results. How many days post ec are you supposed to wait before testing?

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