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BFP 2013

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KerryJewels Thu 14-Mar-13 15:17:48

I was on a thread already..with my friends RedRobin1,wee,twinkle,Alex...but now I can't find hopefully they will find me!!I'm on my second round of Clomid TTC a third and final child.I have PCOS and one tube due to an eptopic so the trying part has not been so easy!!Just wanting to talk with others going through the same ordeal as me.Wanting to concieve and share the can be a long,difficult road.Hope to char with someone soon!!

Thingymajigs Tue 14-May-13 14:30:56

You'll probably need to c&p that link.
Oh that's great news kerry. I gave up smoking over a year ago as did DP and its the single most difficult thing I've done but so worth the initial struggle.

resipsa Tue 14-May-13 14:56:00

Thingy - thanks for that, spot on! I know that to test will not affect the outcome but I'm desparate not to find out the truth for as long as I can!

twinklestar2 Tue 14-May-13 18:19:55

Good luck res, have everything crossed for you (apart from legs as its shag week).

resipsa Wed 15-May-13 07:26:10

TMI but who'd ever have thought I'd be grateful for haemorrhoids (sp?). Saw blood this morning, felt instantly depressed until I realised it was from the back not front! Another TTC madness!

auntiemoo Wed 15-May-13 08:18:29

Not something I had ever thought I would say res but yay for piles!!! Lol. Hoping that af stays the hell away from you!!!!

twinklestar2 Wed 15-May-13 10:28:55

Sorry res but that made me laugh!

I'm on cd15 here and monitor still saying high. Have dtd cd11, 13 and 14. Have to abstain now till Friday as OH does his SA then and you can't ejaculate for 2-3 days. He's going for a couple of well deserved drinks afterwards!

I've been using Preseed and drinking grapefruit juice after dtd - I'm trying everything at the moment!

Thingymajigs Wed 15-May-13 13:50:44

oh god you lot do make me laugh. grin
I always feel bad for the men who have to go for SA's. Even my DP who is a very confident person felt a little odd and scared when he walked into the hospital for his SA. Apparently he couldn't look the nurse in the eye afterwards. Hope you get those results through quickly.
CD13 here and we are doing the SMEP again so DP is going to need a well deserved rest after this week. CM just appearing so I guess its a bit delayed this cycle.

resipsa Thu 16-May-13 16:28:14

Life is a shit. My friend buried her 3 week old daughter today hmm.

Adsum Thu 16-May-13 16:42:33

Oh res that is absolutely awful - what happened? How utterly tragic and unfair - a parents' worst fear and nightmare sadsadsad

Thingymajigs Thu 16-May-13 16:59:10

That is awful. sad I can't imagine anything worse. A family friend lost her much loved (IVF conceived) daughter at 6 months due to a tragic accident. I wonder how its possible to go back to any sense of normality after that. So sorry res, you must be feeling the loss too. thanks

twinklestar2 Thu 16-May-13 18:28:13

I'm so sorry res xx

auntiemoo Thu 16-May-13 19:32:24

Oh god that's awful!!! I'm looking after a lady who lost her daughter suddenly just yesterday. She was 49 but was absolutely fine on Tuesday. The lady I look after has dementia too so she keeps forgetting who has died. My heart breaks every time we have to tell her. These tales put things firmly into perspective don't they. Life is so cruel and sad sometimes. It feels like there is no justice at all sad sad sad

resipsa Thu 16-May-13 19:48:27

Sorry guys, that was a bit dramatic but I was on a train listening to many people moaning about such inconsequential things and I just had to get it out.
It was cot death; PM revealed no abnormality. So so so sad, particularly as another friend had DS3 on the same day so there will be a day by day reminder of what will never be.
Truly, at times, I wish that the desire for DC had never hit me. So much heartache.
Sorry for misery!!!

KerryJewels Fri 17-May-13 01:20:09

Nothing worse than the loss of a child...I only know from the experience of losing a baby at 12 weeks gestation...and that was very hard.I can't imagine losing a child later than that or already bornsad When my baby was born 11 weeks early at two lbs I never was faced with more fear...when she had emergency surgery at one week..time stopped,felt like I held my breath for all those we went on a fieldtrip with her preschool to our local is all about good times and bad,happy and sad,but always grateful for what we havesmile

twinklestar2 Fri 17-May-13 11:05:09

Husband has just done his jizz in a cup routine. Please pray for good results. He just rung me saying he feels crap. Gosh this journey really is a rollercoaster and it's really hard picking the other one up when they're feeling down. Sigh.

Thingymajigs Fri 17-May-13 13:45:58

Thinking of you both winkle I know how hard that wait is. Its tricky to pretend that the results won't matter and say everything will be ok when you know the results are really important. Hope you can enjoy the weekend. When will you get the results? What were the previous SA results?
I got a +OPK yesterday so we've got to go at it like rabbits... somehow, we are really busy all day as we're going to watch Walking with dinosaurs. So excited! More so than the kids actually.
Hows everyone doing?

resipsa Fri 17-May-13 19:09:13

winkle let us know the SA results. DH's last two were OK on number and motility but poor on morph - 4% and 3%. As you know, we have DD already and 3 of 5 eggs fertilised with ICSI so you'll have a good shot whatever his results. Easy for me to say, I know, but keep that PMA.

KerryJewels Sat 18-May-13 00:26:27

My husband will be in the same boat as your husband next month wink...I'm hoping the results are not too bad,I'm sure it has a way of breaking them down if if we are not broken enough by our feelings of inadequate DD's bassinet is at the bottom of the steps and everytime I do laundry I look at it and sigh just wondering if it will ever be filled again..we have two actually but that would just be wishful thinking;) Best of luck friends.. AF is due tomorrow..I presume she will be here....

resipsa Sat 18-May-13 06:03:15

Kerry hope it's a no show.

Thingymajigs Sat 18-May-13 06:26:13

Yes kerry, I really hope it doesn't show up. My fingers are crossed for you. I work as a volunteer in a charity shop for baby and children's items and all day I sort through newborn clothes and see mothers with their tiny little babies. The reminders are constantly there like with your bassinet. But again, I'm so lucky to have had two already. I never forget that and I refuse to put my life on hold during the TTC process because I'd end up missing the enjoyment of the family I already have.
Hey, how are you doing res?

Thingymajigs Sat 18-May-13 06:29:14

oh, btw, its my son's birthday today, he's 13! shock I can't believe I'm a parent of a teenager. Best get on with baking a cake really.

twinklestar2 Sat 18-May-13 14:19:25

Happy birthday to your son Thingy!

Adsum Sat 18-May-13 16:20:03

Happy birthday thingys ds!! Bet that's flown by! Mine is 3 next month and I can't believe that!! grin

Thingymajigs Sat 18-May-13 19:00:02

aw, thank you. He had a lovely day. It honestly does fly by. I was looking up at him (all 6ft of him) wondering how a tiny baby had turned into a fully grown person in such a small amount of time. I remember him turning 3 like it was just a few weeks ago. Hope your dc has a lovely third birthday ads. smile

Adsum Sat 18-May-13 23:38:59

Thanks thingy!

And good luck res - it must almost be testing time...???

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