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Trying to conceive after mc? Pregnant after MC and seeking somewhere safe to hide? Recently graduated from the mosh pit? Come on down to the mosh pit for some serious metalling and cake part 5

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MrsHerculePoirot Tue 12-Mar-13 11:50:40

Hoping the new thread brings a plethora of BFPs and lots of healthy arrivals!

Jollyb Fri 14-Jun-13 19:14:47

Cooeeee pixie I'm still here. You must be very excited about your wedding. I've been engaged for nearly 4 years!!

Totally normal to feel sad/angry about others' pregnancies. I still get a stab of jealousy when I hear of friends' straightforward pregnancies (though I suppose there's always the chance that they may have had problems too ).

34 weeks tomorrow. Stopping work at end of next week - feel a bit of a fraud as feeling pretty good.

Really can't believe that I might end up with another baby this time

oo00PIXIE00oo Sun 16-Jun-13 13:32:31

34 weeks?!? Where has the time gone smile well done x

Anyone else out there lol x

LCR77 Mon 17-Jun-13 12:59:44

Hello ladies

Good to see a little activity on here. Have been wondering how people are getting along.

Very belated congratulations tas you must be so happy your baby has finally arrived.

pixie bet you're excited about the wedding. How long now? Maybe having a little break from TTC will do the trick. Fingers crossed for a honeymoon conception!

Feeling mixed emotions at the moment as I start my third trimester today. 28 weeks where has the time gone??!! But in 3 weeks it would have been my original due date from my miscarriage in November, as it would have been for my sister who was due the same week but had a MMC. Had the sad news at the weekend she has now suffered a second mc - this time a chemical mc. My heart breaks for her and I can't help feeling guilty and worrying about how she feels about my pregnancy. Anyone got any advice or info on chemical miscarriages?

Much love to you all x

Jollyb Mon 17-Jun-13 17:59:14

Hi LCR glad you're doing well. Welcome to the third trimester.

So sorry to hear about your sister. My first MC was a chemical pregnancy ie positive test, started bleeding a few days later and then by the time I was seen in the EPU my test was negative. I think I dealt with it by not thinking if it as a 'real' miscarriage. ' It was only a few cells that hadn't even implanted' 'if I hadn't tested so early I'd never have known' etc. I assumed that everything would be fine next time. it was only when I went on to have a further 2 MC's that the significance of my chemical pregnancy increased, and I suspect your sister having had a previous MC won't be minimising it either.

If she is a facts and figures type of person she may want to hear that with even after 2 MCs , the chances of her going on to have a successful pregnancy are still very high- about the same as someone pregnant for the first time.

It may be that the only thing you can say is 'I'm sorry'.

Jollyb Mon 17-Jun-13 18:09:12

Sorry posted too soon. As for your pregnancy I think the best thing you can do is just acknowledge her feelings. Don't avoid the subject. Don't say 'it will be your turn next' (unless you're going to back up this comment with the stats mentioned in previous paragraph)

Several of my close friends got pregnant and had babies whilst I was struggling with my MCs and some of them were far easier to be around than others. The good ones that asked how I was and took and interest in my TTC 'journey ' , the bad ones either avoided me or completely ignored the subject.

My sister behaved quite insensitively in that as soon as I had had my 12 week scan she brought all my DD1's newborn clothing back round to our house. She just didn't grasp that I might still be anxious about the baby surviving.

Anyhow enough rambling from me.

HJBeans Tue 18-Jun-13 07:54:49

Hello - I'm still here too and 34 weeks today. Amazingly still having some degree of metalling. Thought I'd passed it as it's been a while, but have been really anxious the last several days. Think, like you jolly, that I really can't believe this will end in our having a baby. Am getting to the point where I'm quite uncomfortable and really looking forward to the pregnancy being over so I can meet him and know he's alright.

Happy third trimester, lcr, and happy wedding prep, pixie. Exciting times!

LCR77 Tue 18-Jun-13 11:06:04

Thanks jolly for the words of advice, especially the stats I think my sister will find that reassuring. She's quite pragmatic this time around and especially after the first time finding out at 12 wk scan. She said she just felt a little embarrassed because they'd told our parents and had done so many tests. I think she's just a little concerned because of her age (38) and they won't be entitled to free IVF if there are any underlying problems because her partner already has a child.

Wow beans not long to go for you at all. Understand the continued metalling especially as have had little movement due to low lying anterior placenta - have been convinced something is wrong. Fortunately this also means have another scan at 32 wks which means I get to see if she's ok.I don't think the metalling goes away - just hope people seek reassurance from threads like these and to get support from mw no matter how trivial the concern.

Dorita75 Tue 18-Jun-13 19:53:50

Exciting wedding planning pixie!

I've started metalling now, have been fine after getting past landmarks like the 20 week scan but suddenly at 27 weeks, am worrying about the downs risk which came back 1:770

I'm sorry about your sister LCR I don't have any words of wisdom I'm afraid so just sending hugs.

Redbird12 Wed 19-Jun-13 20:43:50

Hi all, sorry lost the thread and couldn't remember if it was in pregnancy, miscarriage or conception but finally found it again!

All ok with me, 27 weeks and baby now a lot more active. This is making me feel a bit more relaxed that everything ok but I don't think worry goes away entirely. We are now finally buying stuff for the baby and occasionally I do still think 'what if something goes wrong' but mostly am more excited and nervous about how our lives are about to change!

Just had Gestational Diabetes test this morning so crossing fingers all ok (family history of diabetes). Anyone else had this?

DH and I are off to Turkey on Sat for a week for our last adult only holiday so looking forward to relaxing. Then only 6 weeks left at work when I get back.

Jollyb Mon 15-Jul-13 16:35:29

All ok? Hope everyone's surviving the heat.

38+2 here . . Section booked for Friday eeeek!

Beans did you go for the ECV or are you having a section too?

pizzaqueen Mon 15-Jul-13 20:24:21

can I join on this thread? I just got my bfn at the weekend after starting to mc 5 weeks ago. I am so glad it is over.

Can't wait to get back to ttc but not the waiting around for ov and af and the worry that will come with another pg. I just cant go through another mc.

today was my first day back at work too and it doesn't help my boss is 7 months pg.

Jollyb Tue 16-Jul-13 09:08:20

Hi Pizza queen - welcome to the thread though sorry you have reason to be here. I must admit the thread has been a little quiet of late - which you could look on as a good thing!

Take it easy. I still felt very raw 5 weeks post MC. Getting my BFN came with mixed emotions.

This is a good place to vent and provide support when you get your BFP - which WILL happen.

Hope your return to work isn't too stressful x

Polka2 Tue 16-Jul-13 09:26:55

Hi ladies - have been dipping in and out of this thread of late and humungous congrats to LCR, Beans, Dorita and Red....not too long now and I hope the heat isn't causing you too much hassle!

Welcome to Pizza so sorry that you find yourself on this thread too.

I had my 3rd mc about a month ago, completely devasted as thought the magic Cyclogest would do the trick this time. I am now booked in to see Raj Rai at St Mary's tomorrow so I'm really hoping they will be able to give us some hope as DH is losing the will on this and I'm losing my patience with him - weird, our first 2 mc's seemed to bring us closer together this one has made us both very angry with each other - I'm hoping it'll pass...

Jollyb Tue 16-Jul-13 15:50:40

Oh Polka I remember you from earlier threads. So sorry to hear about your recent MC. How many weeks were you?

I hope your appointment with Dr Raj goes well.

If any consolation number 4 was my lucky number (assuming everything goes well later this week). Apart from taking 75mg aspirin for the first 6 weeks I didn't do anything differently this time.

Polka2 Tue 16-Jul-13 19:29:50

Hi Jolly - congrats that's great news and nice to hear some positive news!

I was 6 wks but taking aspirin and cyclogest so thought it would work it's magic, lets see what tomorrow brings and VERY good luck for your scan wink

pizzaqueen Wed 17-Jul-13 12:23:11

Talk to me about periods after mc...i got my BFN on Friday after MCing, i had bled for about 4 weeks althogether stopped last week.

Monday night afte dtd i bled a little bit, bled a little last night and a little today. Just pink spotting though. Is this a period? Tail end of mc? Or something else? I'm so confused. It doesn't feel like a period as it's so on/off and mine are usually pretty heavy...

Jollyb Thu 18-Jul-13 08:07:02

No sure pizza queen. It's probably a little too soon after your BFN for it to be a period - though if you hadn't tested for a while beforehand it could be. It's not called the WTF cycle for nothing!

Keep an eye on the bleeding and if you get any pain or discharge see someone to rule out an infection.

Jollyb Fri 19-Jul-13 16:07:07

She's here! Emily Frances born today by elective section. All fine. Can't believe it

buzzybeetop Fri 19-Jul-13 21:58:29

Congratulations Jolly. Hope you enjoy every minute with your long awaited second little girl x

LCR77 Wed 24-Jul-13 11:22:37

Massive congrats jolly that's wonderful news. Bet you're still in a little bubble of happiness.

Hi to pizza and polka hope you're both feeling ok after your recent mcs. pizza the bleeding is most likely tail end of your mc - your body can take a while to get back to 'normal', I remember bleeding for quite a long time afterwards. If you're still experiencing some bleeding/spotting I'd agree with jolly, go to the docs.

Hope third trimesters are going well for beans, dorita and red

pixie and MrsHP hope you're doing ok - been thinking about you and wondering how you're getting on....

pizzaqueen Wed 24-Jul-13 16:20:10

Thanks LCR I had forgotten I'd posted here I think it was definitely my period as got a lot heavier for a few days and is just tailing off now.

at least that means I can ttc again smile

no idea when I will ov though.

oo00PIXIE00oo Sun 04-Aug-13 23:10:26

Congratulations jollyb xx

Redbird12 Sat 10-Aug-13 21:15:16

Sorry I've not been on here for a while. Finished work yesterday, 35 weeks on Mon so hoping to have a bit more time now to catch up and get myself sorted.

pizza and polka sorry you find yourselves here, hope you are getting some support and starting to recover from your recent m/c's. After 2 MMC's last year with no real explanation, I was quite despondent and even for the first few months of this pg, couldn't relax but finally starting to believe it is happening this time!

Jolly many congrats on the birth of your little girl, so glad to hear that everything went well. Lovely name as well, we were considering Emily for a girl but after we found out it was a boy at 20 week scan decided on George and believe it or not, with Alexander as a middle name. So was gutted when I heard the royal baby name as didn't want everyone to think we had just copied them. We did have a 2nd choice first name but someone else in the family has just used it so we're a bit stuck now, DH thinks we should just stick with our original choice and not worry about the royal connection. May wait to see what he looks like before making final decision.

Good to hear from you lcr, hope you, beans & dorita are ok and have managed through the recent warm weather. I have just struggled with swollen feet and not finding any shoes to fit me! Starting to get more tired now as well so glad to be finally finished at work. Midwife thinks baby is breech so have a scan in about 10 days to check and see if he has moved yet, I know there is still time but he hasn't moved in the last few weeks.

Anyway, hope everyone is ok this weekend, when is wedding pixie? Agree that taking a break from TTC can be good for you anyway just to relax and enjoy the wedding and give yourself a break from the stress of the 2ww every month.

Jollyb Tue 13-Aug-13 09:42:56

Hope you're enjoying your mat leave Redbird. I had 4 weeks before Emily arrived and the time whizzed by. Then again I can't believe she's nearly 4 weeks already.

Hope everyone else is ok. Pixie - it must be your wedding v soon - best of luck.

Jollyb Tue 13-Aug-13 09:44:04

Ps Redbird - think it's fine to use George and even George Alexander. In a short while the Royal baby will be old news

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