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Can I have some help please? Day 21 test showed I didn't ovulate

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QuietNinjaTardis Tue 12-Mar-13 10:45:09

Ok got my results today. Everything normal apart from progesterone which indicated I didn't ovulate. Thyroid fine. All the other hormones fine. I normally get what I believe is ovulation pain and I must admit I didn't last month so I'm hoping its just an abnormal month for me. Obviously she wants me to repeat the day 21 tests this month and next month to check.
If it happens that I'm not ovulating then what could it be? She doesn't suspect pcos as the other hormones were fine and I don't have any symptoms of that anyway.
Dh gotta give a sample next but might take a couple of months for appointment to come through. So bit in limbo at the mo for a bit now. Still dtd. Trying to keep calm and keep shagging smile feeling a bit blue though.

QuietNinjaTardis Wed 13-Mar-13 08:57:09

Ah congrats bluer. I'd love that to happen but its not likely. Not having much luck with anything at the mo. aargh <positive mental thoughts> <positive mental thoughts>

bluer Wed 13-Mar-13 09:25:20

Everything crossed for you! We were starting to get despondent...referred for testing etc and ironically it was when if more or less given up that it happened. If there's no obvious cause it may be just luck. One thing I think is that we dtd much later in the cycle than usual...I think previous months I'd burnt dh out in the week I'd ov and then pretty much stop for the we weren't trying we were being much more random.

Mummytothearkbuilder Wed 13-Mar-13 09:28:59

Bluer - it's great to hear a positive outcome!! Congrats on your pregnancy! X

QuietNinjaTardis Thu 14-Mar-13 11:33:58

Ok just bumping to say I got a positive opk just now so if we dtd today, tomorrow and Saturday we should have it covered yes? We can't do Sunday as having friends over but if we dtd mon and possibly Tuesday then if I do ovulate we should have it pretty much covered do you think? I'm Determined this month will be it! I don't want loads of tests so I am gonna get pregnant this month. <positive mental thoughts> wish me luck ladies! And good luck to al those still trying too x

Mummytothearkbuilder Thu 14-Mar-13 17:50:34

That's fab news!! So chuffed - that sounds like a good plan - I think following a positive OPK you should dtd for at least the next 3 days so tonight tomorrow and Saturday then have a little break when your friends are over and a cheeky dtd on Monday should have you covered wink - please report back as I need to hear some positive stories - I'm 27 days into my cycle and still no positive OPK.

Good luck hun smile xx

QuietNinjaTardis Thu 14-Mar-13 18:19:30

Thanks mummy. You might have just missed the surge? It's easily done I've heard. Fingers crossed for you and for me. How long have you been ttc?

Mummytothearkbuilder Thu 14-Mar-13 21:30:43

We have been trying since may last year - I went to the doctors just before Christmas and they said I wasn't ovulating (based in day 21 test) but then got a positive pregnancy test on 13th Jan so I must have ovulated at some point!!

After my last post I did my OPK and got a second line but it is lighter than the control line so don't think it's a positive - going to dtd tonight anyway - hopefully ovulation is on the way - it's a month tomorrow since my miscarriage so ovulation would be a step in the right direction!! X

QuietNinjaTardis Fri 15-Mar-13 08:35:03

Think weve been trying since may or june. Feels like forever. Fingers crossed youre on your way to a positive opk too.

Mummytothearkbuilder Fri 15-Mar-13 08:44:21

Thanks hun - keep me posted on how you are going. Good luck xx

QuietNinjaTardis Fri 15-Mar-13 09:19:36

You too mummy xx

Mummytothearkbuilder Fri 15-Mar-13 13:10:34

Got a darker 2nd line today - yay!! At least my body is working after the miscarriage x

QuietNinjaTardis Fri 15-Mar-13 14:14:45

Whoop whoop. Get shagging! X

Mummytothearkbuilder Fri 15-Mar-13 14:19:04

I've text DH and told him what to expect this weekend wink

Mummytothearkbuilder Mon 18-Mar-13 20:29:58

Hey ninja - how was your weekend?

We managed to DTD, thurs, fri, sat and tonight - fingers crossed!! X

QuietNinjaTardis Mon 18-Mar-13 20:44:49

Weekend ok. Dh ill though so only dtd weds,thurs and fri nothing since then so I really hope I ovulated quickly after getting the positive opk. Got my next day 21 blood test on Thursday to check I did actually ovulate. Fingers crossed for you.

Mummytothearkbuilder Mon 18-Mar-13 21:30:48

I've read that DTD the day before positive opk, day you got the positive and day after all stand you a good chance so sounds like you have covered the bases!!

Good luck with the bloods - let me know. I'm giving it a couple of cycles and then going back to the drs - I'm not waiting another year!! X

QuietNinjaTardis Tue 19-Mar-13 13:15:31

No definitely don't wait a year that's madness! Insist on a referral. They can't make you wait another year, they just can't. Fingers crossed for you.

Mummytothearkbuilder Thu 21-Mar-13 07:06:20

Good luck with the bloods today ninja x

QuietNinjaTardis Thu 21-Mar-13 07:21:05

Thanks mummy. I've been getting one sided pains like I do before af comes so either I'm gonna come on really early or something's going wrong. So fed up with this all. If I get pregnant this month ds will be 4 when the baby's born. I don't want the gap bigger than that, I never wanted it as big as this anyway. I hate this.
Sorry for doom and gloom but that's how af has started the last few months with pain on one side and then moves to the middle when I start spotting/bleeding so feeling a bit miserable again
How's the tww going for you?

Mummytothearkbuilder Thu 21-Mar-13 12:38:39

Hey ninja - we have such similar situations - my DS is 4 in April and I never wanted such a huge age gap - at this rate it looks like he will be 5 before another baby comes along.

I'm not too bad - I'm worried about getting AF too early too - one month it came 8 days after a positive OPK and I know that anything shorter than 10 isn't viable to sustain a pregnancy - that was a crazy cycle though (65 days and very hormonal) so hoping its a one off. I just want to get a positive pregnancy test (although a new set of worrying will start then!). Sometime I get frustrated as we fell within 3 months of ttc DS and I was so much more relaxed.

Keep me posted on how the bloods go xx

QuietNinjaTardis Thu 21-Mar-13 14:07:02

Oh god we conceived ds within 3 months too so its that much harder now its taking so bloody long. Hope your cycles have settled down a bit. I know what you mean about the positive test. I just want that too. Fx for us both xx

Mummytothearkbuilder Fri 22-Mar-13 18:58:08

Hi ninja - when do you get your bloods back - hope they don't keep you waiting too long.

I have a horrible feeling I'm out for this cycle hmm I have had back ache for the past 2 days. I'm getting worried about my luteal (not sure of spelling) phase as I'm only 7dpo - I don't need lengthen that on top of trying to regulate my cycles!! Xx

QuietNinjaTardis Sun 24-Mar-13 20:50:56

Hi mummy. Ill find out thurs I think. The nurse said to call in a week. I've had backache for several days and I've now got slight spotting and period type pain so I'm out. Not due on till thurs so starting earlier which is fab hmm
This is pants! Absolute pants.

Mummytothearkbuilder Sun 24-Mar-13 21:21:52

Ah ninja sorry to hear that hun - get yourself a glass of something lovely and a big bar of chocolate!! I really hope your results give you an idea of what's going on - please let me know.

I'm 8dpo still having back ache so think its a matter of time before the dreaded period arrives - I'm keeping my fingers crossed though x

QuietNinjaTardis Sun 24-Mar-13 22:23:41

Keeping my fingers crossed for you too. It's not over till the biatch arrives as we know. Keep me updated x

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