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IVF experts please spill the beans

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namechangesforthehardstuff Sat 09-Mar-13 17:01:19

Decided we'll start with ARGC in London which is going to cost the best part of dh's arm and leg and possibly a couple of my limbs too sad.

BUT have seen lots of cryptic messages on here about where you can get the drugs cheapish. I need to pm someone for the good stuff or will someone tell me where to get them? Please? smile

And also ARGC say your GP 'might' let you get the incredible battery of tests done on the NHS. So - bearing in mind that many of ours were done more than a year ago - does anyone have any advice on how best to convince my GP to do that?

All advice very gratefully received. Cannot believe how much this is going to cost...

EuroShaggleton Mon 11-Mar-13 09:55:33

So true. When Mr euro has grumbled a bit about his contribution I have said that I would much rather be having a less than ideal vvank than knocked out while a room full of people shove things up my foof!

namechangesforthehardstuff Mon 11-Mar-13 13:02:42

Dh is wondering whether there will be a small room containing some 'well thumbed gentlemen's publications' and whether that'll make it worse...

And yes, my 'friend' also invented took pains to tell me about a woman at work who was having difficulty ttc and how she asked friend how long it had taken her to get pregnant and how she 'just had to tell her it only took us a couple of days literally' <giggles> and how this 'poor woman's face dropped a mile', then she turned to me and put on a sympathy face and said 'so what about you guys?'

And that's when I hit her with the le creuset frying pan...

EuroShaggleton Mon 11-Mar-13 13:14:05

Pretty much. I asked Mr Euro after our IVF if he had taken his own "material" on a tablet. He said it hadn't ocurred to him.

I'm surprised you were so restrained.

chummy1 Mon 11-Mar-13 13:18:54

...LOL! namechangesforthehardstuff ........ did the frying pan bounce???
Some people really do live in their own little worlds and consider only themselves! In fairness, until I tried, failed, tried, failed (x24) I probably didn't really understand the angst that a friend of mine was going thru. She wore her pain on her sleeve........ but i didn't 'really' get it! Now I do!!!!

My sister (who conceived 5 times naturally!)has told me that they do have well leafed publications available and movies to help the chaps on their way!!!! My DH was even more mortified at the thought of this and then started to giggle.......... oh lordy.....

At the end of the day. We want to be parents. We need help. Therefore we either give up or get on with it! (knitting needles and all!!!! smile We mustn't give up girls .... we will be poor !!! LOL! but we will be happy! anyone else have their first appointment in April??

keepitgoing Mon 11-Mar-13 13:29:38

Some DVDs here as well... Sheikh porn, was what they put on for my dh...?! He brought his own most times.

chummy1 Mon 11-Mar-13 13:58:49

sheikh porn! it gets better and better big grin:

How far into the process are you keepitgoing?

We DTD yesterday (clearblue ovulation test had smiley face)
May as well try this month and next, before we head up to the ARGC .. a miracle may happen!!! We normally DTD immediately after my ov test reads smile but often struggle to do it again the following day....... pressure pressure pressure!

Apologies in advance for TMI but yesterday for the first time, I had a clear (as in glass clear) discharge. Clump. bit sticky but not overly so. it was like a clear gel. I have heard others talk of this........ but this is the first time that I have experienced/noticed it. Is this the tubes getting ready to help the best spermie swimmers to the top?????

chummy1 Mon 11-Mar-13 13:59:05


chummy1 Mon 11-Mar-13 13:59:50


chummy1 Mon 11-Mar-13 14:00:39

oh dear........ trying to work out how I get the smileys list onto a message but as you can see.......... struggling!!! any tips?!?!

EuroShaggleton Mon 11-Mar-13 14:08:21

Use square brackets. There is a list of available smilies at the bottom of the thread.

Mr Euro mentioned one of the options at our clinic was gay pron. Not his cup of tea...

namechangesforthehardstuff Mon 11-Mar-13 14:17:56

Poor but fecund! And dh poor, humiliated and fecund. Here's to that grin

namechangesforthehardstuff Mon 11-Mar-13 14:19:47

OPKs don't work for me. Clinic say I am ovulating but you can see why I'd be sceptical...

Solars Mon 11-Mar-13 14:32:03

Namechange & Chummy DH told me the jiaj room at Argc is pretty grim, a few well thumbed magazines available and apparently the hot water from the taps didn't work! DH said he couldn't bear to touch the magazines and thought of me hmm head in bucket puke

keepitgoing Mon 11-Mar-13 15:02:58

At least he says the right thing solars

chummy have done two iuis and on first ivf cycle, embryo transfer is on Wednesday!

namechangesforthehardstuff Mon 11-Mar-13 16:26:18

Good luck keepitgoing smile

Bearface Mon 11-Mar-13 23:18:43


Thanks for this - has been most informative! We may have to go down the IVF route so I'm squirreling away the info in my info pouch.

Good luck Keepitgoing!

What the heck is Sheikh porn? <feels very naive blush>

BTW namechange - I've nearly frying-panned a few people too. DH is at a conference with work and although conference only strted this pm he's been accosted about having children several ties already he told me. hmm

Keep up the good chat everyone!


keepitgoing Tue 12-Mar-13 01:57:52

What is sheikh porn? <faints>
;) just porn involving sheikhs, and hareems...

Hope you don't need ivf bear but if you do once you get going it's fine ignores fact of massive rages at dh over last 12 hours

Bearface Tue 12-Mar-13 08:07:11

Oh right! grin I had a fleeting thought that that was what it might be! Eek!

Thanks - am trying to prepare myself. Got my IVF life jacket masses of chocolate to hand.

namechangesforthehardstuff Tue 12-Mar-13 08:54:09

Hi bearface <waves> glad to be of service smile

And I also didn't know what sheikh porn was...can't say that bit's been edifying... wink

chummy1 Tue 12-Mar-13 18:39:29

HUGE WAVES OF GOODLUCK TO keepitgoing today!!!

This could be it for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


namechangesforthehardstuff Tue 12-Mar-13 19:19:39

Yes - good luck keepitgoing grin

keepitgoing Wed 13-Mar-13 08:58:47

Thanks! I have one blast on board! Excited and freaking out...

Bearface Wed 13-Mar-13 10:21:21

That's amazing Keepitgoing! Fingers crossed it carries on going well for you. x

EuroShaggleton Wed 13-Mar-13 14:36:59

Bear I got my knickers in a complete twist about IVF last year. I didn't want to get pg that way, I was scared of the drugs, I was worried about the ethical issues (left over embies, etc). I was right in my case to be scared of the drugs (i've always "overreacted" to drugs and the Pill made me depressed, so it wasn't a huge surprise when downregging sent me a bit loopy, to the extent we quit the cycle). But I've now done one cycle of natural IVF and it was really fine. I can't wait to get going on the second - after all this trying we have found something that works for us (I got a positive on the first cycle, but mc'd).

chummy1 Wed 13-Mar-13 18:34:29

OOOhhhh thinking of you Keepitgoing I have everything crossed for you (until I ovulate lol!)

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