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Emmsys Weebles - moving to the Greenhouse for spring and summer!

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4everhopeful Fri 08-Mar-13 00:09:16

Onwards and upwards lovelies... Bfp's, bumps, babies and young graduates, growing nicely back in the warmth of the greenhouse...

moonmrs Tue 16-Jul-13 20:26:39

shroom grin so so pleased for you! The best news what a lovely day today has been. Am smiling away here.

bluesatinsash Tue 16-Jul-13 22:00:14

Huge congratulations 4ever and welcome Teddy. You've joined the most loving and amazingly close family, you're a very lucky boy smile

Fantastic news shroom you must be so relieved and can now concentrate on becoming excited and planning for the pitter patter smile. BTW my DS1 is a huge Skylanders fan, his favourite character TreeRex grin

What a great day xx

Rumours Tue 16-Jul-13 23:25:15

blue my ds1 loves skylanders too, will take a look at them tomorrow and find these characters.

Loueytb3 Tue 16-Jul-13 23:26:23

Fantastic news Shroom. You must be so so relieved!!! What an amazing day for the Emmsys grin

Neeko Wed 17-Jul-13 07:59:10

Just landed and had a quick lurk. Congrats 4ever and shroom grin grin grin

Back later

4everhopeful Wed 17-Jul-13 14:59:37

Hello my lovelies! Thank you so much for all your congratulations! smile

Well what an amazing experience! Teddy is absolutely gorgeous and lovely and adorable and we are all totally in love with each other, and Summers been soooo sweet and understanding and loving! <melt>

Still in hospital after a rather spectacular birth! Came in monday, packed busy delivery suite meant us shunted to end of the queue and not looking like it would even happen that night, monitor was picking up contractions however, so thought it might of already started though exam showed no dilation, so at 10pm DH and I already discussed that he'd go home to be with Summer if it was looking slow moving... Bizarrely we had the same midwife we had through the night with Summer, by the appropriate name of Angel! Just realised think I've said this part! Anyway, he came in at midnight to say highly unlikely id get my pessary that night as was so busy and a bit understaffed, was thoroughly apologetic and said it may change but get some sleep... I was pretty disappointed, couldn't really sleep, then at 1ish he came back to say all change, monitor for 30mins, then would proceed with pessary! grin I actually high fived him! So it went in at 1.45am, was monitored til 2.45am with mild contractions, and he suggested I try to sleep, knowing it took so long with Summer I wasn't expecting anything to really happen for several hours, however woke at 4ish, feeling incredibly uncomfortable, more thinking uncomfy bed and spd, went loo and felt so uncomfortable, again thinking spd pressure, got back in bed and felt awful, teeth started chattering uncontrollably, so buzzzed him in, he put me on monitor, gave me co dydromol, and sure enough contractions coming thick and fast, and really strong, went to gas and air, and asked for exam in case needed to get DH back & get antibiotic drip in, was so shocked to only be 1cm, as the pain was getting excruciating, I asked for an epidural, and he said at that stage was too early as could all slow down again and waters not broken, that only option really was pethidine, but Dh and I had both previously discussed and agreed we didn't want that, as goes over to the baby making him drugged and drowsy up to 24hrs after the birth, and we needed him fully complus mentis for the obs and monitoring for the diabetes and group b strep after birth... We discussed through the dips of the now constant contractions while I sucked on the gas and air, on the phone to Dh, and Angel said he would actually check whether to remove the pesssry as it was causing the contractions to be too strong and constant, but the consultant said keep it in. So, by this point at the peak of each contraction I'm now in so much pain I can't even keep the gas and air in for screaming, think Angel just thought I was really bad with pain, as only 1cm, but explained 4 days of contractions with Summer, and a lot of false labour starts in past weeks, and I can take contractions, but these were like no other! Anyway by now it was probably about 4.45am, DH had phoned his parents to come back round so he could get back, and we agreed to the pethidine... So now I'm screaming in agony, the contractions are coming constantly, barely any dip between the peaks, took til about 5am for him to get the pethidine, I was in an agony induced blur, on my own in the room, screaming and scared, and I felt my hind waters go! Now about 5.30am, screaming and sobbing down phone to Dh to help me who was getting ready to leave, Angel back in room and rather shocked as rest of waters burst out as I screamed 'My waters have gone, I f***ing told you! Get me my f***ing epidural!' He was trying to say he needed to examine me, by which point Id rolled on my side, head off the bed, biting and pulling at the sheet screaming constantly in agony, still waiting on Dh and a blurry recollection of intermittent calls, while Angel ends up just examining me anyway, now about 6ish I think, and tells me 'your fully dilated, babys there and ready to come now!'shock Cue, a rush of other midwives in room wheeling my bed with me hanging over the side screaming my head off, to the delivery suite, such a blur, was screaming I needed to poo! Now realising it was actually baby I was trying to push out, which I didnt realise I actually was, as they were trying to get my upper body back on the bed, and I was holding onto a midwifes waist confused while my leg was held up and I realised his head was coming out, I was screaming so hard I didn't hear any instruction, just the huge release of pressure, and just heard that babys body was coming out! Was such an intensive pain induced blur, was vaguely conscious of watching the door as I lay on my side hanging off the bed screaming and pushing, and not even fully aware whether DH was there or not, which really sadly, he was not! Then this incredible relief of pressure, as I realised baby was out, and looked down to see our son! grin They took him to clean him, I wailed my husbands missed it and they passed my phone from the floor, and DH was literally running through the corridors and totally flabberghasted as I said 'he's here!' he ran in as Teddy was being handed back to me I think! He did see me deliver the placenta though! grin
So, there you have it! A very long explanation of the quickest induction process midwife had ever seen! Of course its disappointing Dh missed it, but was so intense a herd of elephants could of been in the room and I wouldn't of known! Dh says the outcome is all that matters for him, so we aren't getting hung up on it... smile

So, the speed meant no chance for my antibiotics, so Teddys had 2hrly obs, which god willing, are so far fine, as are his sugars, they reckon babys only at risk once waters are gone, and as was only about 15mins between that and birth, we are praying he's going to be ok and unaffected, just waiting to see paeditrician now, and possibly might even get to go tonight!

Wow that was long, and Teddys now stirring!

Just leaves me to say a huge hurrah and grin to shroom & I'm so relieved and grin for you! I was. lurking for your news! just fabulous!

Shroomboom Wed 17-Jul-13 16:59:28

Oh my goodness 4ever, wow! What an amazing birth story, and I'm so impressed that you've managed to come on so soon to share it with us! At least your dh managed to get there to see Teddy handed back to you, that's such a special moment. Well done you! Can't believe you did it without an epidural!! Did you ever think you'd be able to do that?
You must be so thrilled that your gorgeous boy is finally with you, and that your family is complete. Does he look like Summer did when she was born?
How are you feeling? Exhausted and elated I would imagine!

Thanks for the messages, we are so very relieved although the panic about the next scan actually started before we'd even got to the car after the scan y'day. The dr took ages looking at the baby's heartbeat and has booked us a 16 week scan which I didn't think they did confused. We're trying to just focus on the fact that for the moment everything is fine, and we'll face the next scan when we get to it.

Sorry for lack of more personals, but moon glad your boy has turned and is getting himself ready! Bet you can't believe you're nearly there!

4everhopeful Wed 17-Jul-13 18:43:51

Ah shroom lovely lady, I so relate to your scan angst and each milestone you need to get past, but you will my sweet, you will, I have every faith! wink

Yes, Teddy and Summer are so alike, but he is also very like his Daddy! grin I am very proud of going without pain relief! Obviously he never got to give the pethidine thank god and said I was right to have stood my ground and kept apologising for not realising how quick it was moving! I couldn't keep the gas & air in for screaming either, so yes, a true pain relief free birth, I keep saying it was primal! Sooooooo different to Summers!

Anyway we've been given the green light to go home! grin Just waiting for Dh to come back with carseat, and to be shown how to do the daily heparin injection confused

Shroomboom Wed 17-Jul-13 18:55:14

Oh how exciting to be going home! I remember that trip with ds, we were so nervous of taking him out in the big wide world smile Enjoy that special moment of getting him home!
Good luck with the injections, but I'm sure you'll be fine - the idea is so much worse than the reality! If you need any advice then just shout - they don't call me 'pincushion shroomboom' for nothing you know wink

littlebellsmum Wed 17-Jul-13 19:56:49

Lovely story, 4ever and hope you are now home with your family of 4 and enjoying seeing Summer with Teddy. We did say second time round it could be much quicker and you certainly proved that! Lots of hugs to you all

Rumours Wed 17-Jul-13 22:07:32

Awwww 4ever thanks for sharing your amazing story, I did smile at the first words you said to your dh "he's here" as they were the exact same words I said to my dh when ds2 was born smile
Enjoy those newborn snuggles smile

CloudOfStarlings Thu 18-Jul-13 08:20:54

Awww 4ever what an amazing story! Wow I can't believe how fast it happened, sounds v similar to my ds2's birth, v v quick & intense at the end and yes, the word primal definitely resonates! It's amazing isn't it?! (moon ignore all the bits about screaming her head off and the pain, haha! Honestly you're in such a 'birth zone' when you're in it you just get on with it!) I assume no tears or stitches then 4ever?! Amazing if so! I remember your troubles after summer (again, similar to mine with ds1!) so will be a completely different post-natal experience for you!

Oh shroom we all know about the immediate panic post scan. Less than 4 weeks to wait though & baby doesn't need the scan!

Welcome back neeko! And hello all lovely ladies x

CurlyLikesShortShorts Thu 18-Jul-13 22:11:49

Amazing birth story 4ever I feel like I was there with you grin congrats on the birth of little teddy. My god, what an arrival. He will no doubt be the most chilled baby in the world - he's put his poor mum through enough already smile I bet he is gorgeous. Well done lovely lady and what a gorgeous name xxx

And shroom I am grinning like mad at your news grin

big waves to cloud and everyone smile

How are you doing lovely moon?

Rumours Mon 22-Jul-13 20:44:50

Awwww it's a boy!!! crown

Anyone else been excitedly watching the news today? smile

4everhopeful Tue 23-Jul-13 02:34:00

Hello Rumours! grin Yes! I was tuned in on & off awaiting news and feeling empathic of my pregnancy buddy! grin Congrats to the royal family! crown

I'm awake feeding my lovely little man! grin Its been rather surreal watching the news today, knowing exactly this time last week, Id just been given my pessary, and my little Teddy arrived just
4&1/2 hrs later! grin Been quite emotional as his 1wk birthday approaches.. He is adorable, feeding well, (slightly sore nips as he latches on, but soon eases, according to MIL Dh nickname was jaws!) He's sleeping well too, we are very blessed, Summer has adapted, after initially being very sensitive & a bit wary, getting really upset when he cried, holding her ears and crying too bless her, although from the offset continually declaring 'he's so cute' and gently stroking & kissing him! <melt> Yes, truly all deeply in love & very much still in our babymoon!

Thank you all so much for your lovely posts of congratulations! It means the world from my lovely supportive fellow weebles on our long journeys! Love you all xxxxxxxx

Might try posting a pic...

Am a bit wired reliving this time last weeks events in my head, can't believe it was all so incredibly quick, gutted Dh missed it, have tried to piece it all together by times of calls & tx we made, there's just no way we could of known, especially being only 1cm at 4.45am-5am, trying not to be hung up on it, but do feel a bit sad obviously for all 3 of us, though Dh is very much of the thinking that the main thing is a healthy outcome & that's all that matters, which is right of course... smile

4everhopeful Tue 23-Jul-13 02:50:26

Have just posted pics! Must now sleep! Re read last post, head is all over the place! Off to register birth tomorrow! First outing!

Rumours Tue 23-Jul-13 08:14:13

Oh 4ever he is absorbable smile, love the one with his arms behind his head, just chillin grin

Rumours Tue 23-Jul-13 08:14:52

Adorable!!!!! My phone does funny things confused

Shroomboom Tue 23-Jul-13 11:38:56

Lovely photo's 4ever, especially love the one of Teddy and Summer together, so sweet! Sounds like you are all thoroughly blissed out, and long may it continue smile

Hi rumours, yes I was watching the news too, all terribly exciting!

4everhopeful Tue 23-Jul-13 13:16:22

Thanks girls! He is absorbable too! grin

Got a question, how do I update my number of children on my profile? Anyone know?

CloudOfStarlings Tue 23-Jul-13 15:16:54

Ahh 4ever he's lush! Also love the one of your TWO CHILDREN together! Can you believe you're now a mummy of 2?! So glad feeding going well...lather on the lansinoh for those sore nips! Sorry no clue re profile!

And yay to royal baby boy! I was so convinced she'd have a girl.. and I was surprised at 8lbs 6oz as she's sooo tiny! I reckon something like Arthur for the name smile can't wait to hear it!

shroom, moon how are you both? moon this heat must be making you uncomfortable (shroom not sure if you're getting a heatwave too over there?!) it's just sooo muggy today, feeling very sorry for anyone pregnant!

moonmrs Tue 23-Jul-13 19:33:33

Aww 4ever lovely photos, doesn't he have long legs?! He looks very contented and summer looks like the proud big sister. Can totally understand you feeling a bit sad at your dh missing the birth, but as you say you couldn't have known and I bet sod's law if he'd stayed nothing would have happened! As you rightly say, the safe arrival of your ds is the important thing smile

I was excited at the royal birth too, and I also thought it would be a girl. How did she fit such a big baby in there when she is so slight?! Just seen them leaving the hospital, they were very good with the reporters, I'm not so sure I'd have been so co-operative!

Yes tis bloody hot here, I don't cope with heat well at the best of times, but this is very challenging! We had a massive storm this morning so I was hoping it would clear the air, but it hasn't at all. I have brilliant cankles atm grin But only 8 weeks to go shock so anything is bearable now, good job as I've twisted my back to add to my list of aches and pains! Half way through sorting out my hospital bag, just in case.... I am so excited grin Dh just said to me whilst watching the royals on the news, that'll be us babe in a few weeks, minus the paparazzi!

littlebellsmum Fri 26-Jul-13 21:37:26

Loving the photos, 4ever and your lovely excited post, moon SO lovely to hear that you are getting ready to be a mum and after all the pain and discomfort are excited again grin

4ever I remember my dd1 crying when ever ds cried, it was harder to deal with than his crying!! I did get a little sad when I say the Mumset swears by was baby stuff as we're not having any more. But I'm sure I will get over it quickly!!

Just been away camping for a few days as the kids finished school on Tuesday and are starting to try to sort out BB's attitude and temper - she is a right little madam and is being quite unpleasant, however, I did discover that if you give her some attention, she can then be quite nice blush, so clearly need to try and spend a little more time with her and doing things if we are to tame the monster she is becoming! Hope it is still sunny with everyone and that we are having fun smile

4everhopeful Sun 28-Jul-13 04:05:32

Glad you like the photos my lovely ladies! grin Doing night feed so just added another! V. proud of its semi professional look! grin Think will put on a canvas!

Big waves to all

Been a tough few days, developed terrible excruciating mastitis, agony, sky high temperature, fever & chills confused thankfully antibiotics now kicked in and feeling much better....

4everhopeful Sun 28-Jul-13 04:23:21

Emailed MN re updating children on profile!

Been meaning to proudly reply to cloud, yes, managed to get away with no stitches or tearing! Only took about 5mins & 2 pushes! smile Keep thinking of that song 'Rocket man!' grin

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